The Girl Across the street

The Girl Across the street

By:  Zara ovis  Completed
Language: English
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I have never been so certain about my sexuality, it has always been a spectrum for me. But with the arrival of our neighbors and most especially just Annie Who happens to enroll in same school as me .. God!! I can't help but will affirm the truth that am actually gay. Yes I'm gay and am in love with this girl .. it was a love at first sight , and I can't just help but I want to spend every minutes of my life glancing at her face . She is the most gorgeous and most beautiful being I have ever set my eyes on Her electric blue-eyes just suits her perfectly. Am so nervous right now, am about to ask this girl that has changed my heart beat, out on a date and I hope and pray that I don't f**t it up. **So help me God ! I really love this girl so much

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Beautifully written
2023-01-07 22:03:22
user avatar
Zara ovis
Thank y’all so much for 100k followers and more>>3 I’m so happy
2022-10-12 02:43:54
user avatar
Ansh Marie Toperz
nice one author..
2022-07-03 01:49:07
user avatar
Zara ovis
Thank you all so much for contributing..>3
2022-06-08 16:41:09
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Presh Kamsi
This is an interesting story,I'm so enjoying it.
2022-05-30 16:11:01
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Ifeh Amara
I like it the book
2022-05-11 20:07:50
user avatar
Nice story, Hun. Keep it up! <3
2022-05-11 09:43:17
user avatar
Zara ovis
Thanks you all for reading ...
2022-05-10 16:15:22
user avatar
Cyril Augustina
very nice and intriguing. I so much love it..thumbs up
2022-05-07 01:18:13
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John Fredrick
very nice and intriguing, it really was a good book and I hope to see more from you.
2022-04-30 05:30:53
45 Chapters
Chapter 1: Neighbors
Betty!!" I yelled while looking around for her (him) "Betty can you hear me?,where are you?" I asked in a really loud voice and made to run up the stairs "Betty!!" I called out again but this time I bumped into a very annoyed Betty, who was glaring at me *goddamn it*"Jay what's your problem,why are you yelling?" She asked in a pissed off tone and I held up my hands in surrender and took two steps back"Hey I didn't mean to, but you have to see this" I said and grabbed her hands "what's that?" She asked as I dragged her behind me"It's the new neighbors""New neighbors?" She whisper yelled in shock and I turned to her and nodded, it truly is shocking because no one has moved into that apartment for years now."Yes, a family just moved in a while ago, and I think they're really cool." we both stopped by the window that allows us see the next compound, "I mean check it out" I said excitedly and pointed at their compound.Betty rolled her eyes at me and the
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Chapter 2: cupcakes!
It's been about three-four hours the neighbors moved in, a woman around her her late thirties if am guessing right to be the mother of two kids "not really kids kids. . The girl who is probably same age as me and the boy that of jay's age."Betty". You gotta get used to this sight" I sighed as I turned my gaze away from the house which the door keeps opening and closing as they where still trying to settle in theirs new house . I just couldn't stop wondering why this people decided to Move into such a house I mean not that it's bad, but it just. looked so abandoned and the fact that's it's been empty for years made it look hunted and somewhat creepy. I stood up to make my way down stairs, mum has literally been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember this. afternoon and... wait!!!... what's that smell?, oh!! Holy molly!!! Are those strawberry muffins? .. "Mum?! " I yelled out as I rushed down the stairs to the kitchen where the delicious smell is
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Chapter 3: Christmas ain’t for me!
IT was the first day after the Christmas holiday and the new year,and I felt like I finally have everything I never wished for, not actually certain about that,I mean after the last session which went a high of a wrecking ball especially the prom,"parties are totally zero fun for me "Yeah I know what you thinking You thinking right tho, am the type that will be labeled a nerd"but basically not a complete one but the fact that Christmas was now done and dusted brings a grin to my face.Not having to see or hear merry Christmas here and there was quite a relief to me .. well I know what's going through your mind now "like what the f**k who doesn't love Christmas!!I, come on !!, it's the best holiday ever? "oh betty doesn't fancy Christmas not for the slightest, I literally got sick of it all with those ranting and banging all over the streets,school, church, most especially school. the whole school was literally filled up with some shady green white and red col
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Chapter 4: ANNiE
The clashing at the door brought back my wandering mind back to steady, .ITS actually the principal and right beside her was a girl, we all could guessed it's a new student, "damn it!!" I cursed silently, covering my face with both hands , being in this boring maths class and having this Christmas chi chat with Lexi made me totally forget that we actually had a new neighbor back home.Lexi leaned a little closer to me "Betty a new girl? In school!? She asked with all her serious and questioning face , I know what that really meant "I just wasn't in any position to say a thing right now". The principal Mrs Maria, a blond hair I don't know if she was born blonde but that has always been her hair color..I care less tho.she's tall the type one could say to be average in a cool way like cool average height always on a cooperate mostly jumpsuits and that's a channel designed clothe, I wonder how she spend that much on herwardrobe I could give a guess on what that d
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Chapter 5: Don’t freak out
Lexi? I called her in a very low tune. Almost a whispering "You know the new girl?," the one in the class today sitting right in next to my desk,?"I bet Lexi can't just make a meaning from me explaining all this to her , I can see the look on her face , she was in the same class with me when all this was happening "for Christ's sake !! betty? " She called out my name "are you okay? "because you don't sound like you are if you tell me that you are okay now ? You know I was sitting right beside you when all this was happening so...... okay fine I said in conclusion to what am really about to tell her." she's our new neighbor" I said without looking at her face which I know will have an awe expression, I don't know what she's thinking right now but the fact that I don't even wanna know know makes it worser! "Wait a sec betty you tryna say to me now that the girl is actually coming out from same street as yours this morning? She's living opposite your house?" She asked "isn't
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Chapter 6: Through my window
IT was the last bell for the day that just rang and everyone was just actually on the hall way at same time trying to get through the exit door which was at the extreme end of the Hall way leading to the fields. Damn it! How is that even possible, I stand in completely drown of pose watching the student as they try to squeeze themselves through the door. oh okay now that's f**king annoying.**Lexi and i on usuals will always take the school bus since we almost got into a bad accident earlier last year with her white camera car, oh! Damn that was so fucking scary as hell , for some moments I thought I was already dead , I mean I can't just die yet without breaking my virginity for Christ sake ! ,.. And suddenly a white range rover jeep pulled over right in our front, for a moment I was terrified, am not sure what Lexi felt at that moment but her face was in disguised as I search them for some words or expression. She was just standing there like she alr
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Chapter 7: stalking her ?
It was the long-awaited morning, finally I can see the girl of my dreams again, YeH!!!, but not In my dreams this time . I wasn't so surprised that I dreamt of Ann yesterday. I dreamt of her giving me a pink rose flower , saying it's just for me and am as beautiful and cute as that flower and I just stood there with a pink face, as she leaned closer, and I could feel something soft and wet on my lips, what could that be , .... LIPS !!! . Damn, I can't really believe me now, what charm is she using on me, even in my dreams I'm still falling for her, now I can certainly explain the bad/ good feeling I had when they moved in ... I know she will certainly be the end of me already. She ain't even helping out because she's always smiling, oh and those smiles are so beautiful, no she is so beautiful because it's her smile , I mean not beautiful she is gorgeous and those dark green eyes of hers are so damn captivating. Okay, that's enough for this morning Betty!, you should
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Chapter 8: Goodbye, but No Goodnight
It was lunch break, and we were all sitting in same set of table, I mean Annie, Lexi and I, wasn’t expecting anyone else, though.Today would have been much greater without the history class, Well, it’s all in the past now. Mmm come to think of it I didn’t really have a bad time, I have this gorgeous girl sitting next to me and I can swear it that i, Elizabeth wasn’t understanding anything anymore, wow! Isn’t that great? .The uncanny feelings am having now is that Ann, she’s up to something no good. She has been teasing me with her looks the minute we arrived here to eat, eat? Pfff!! I wonder how that is going now cause am just here with my usuals, hot chocolates and sandwich, Ann was having a sandwich too but with a pineapple juice, I think am gonna switch into that now …. I mean, …. I’m not crazy, right? . Well, Lexi is having ..... “wait a minute, Lexi, why aren’t you having anything to eat”? I asked, looking up at her with my puzzled face. And all she could do w
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Chapter 9: The weekend
This weekend suck a lot, a lot more than I can ever imagine. this is the third week since Annie and her family moved in to our street. My awful weekend started when Ann said that she’s not gonna be around the weekend.She will be visiting her Dad, in wherever that is I just wasn’t interested to know how far or close it is but the feeling that she won’t be staying home across my house, my window, she won’t be saying goodnight, or making fun of me about my head or how shy and nervous I could get while talking to her, I missed those green eyes and her warmth cute smile when she tucks her hair to her ear side, leaving a clear view of her jawline and her perfect face.And her lips, she has the most beautiful lips I have seen, they are… Betty it’s just a weekend off, she will be back already, well, this is me trying to calm myself down ...... okay. “Betty what’s going on with you, oh don’t come at me now with,
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Chapter 10: Blondie
She was leaning on her car with her leg crossed over to the other one. Played around with the car key, swirling it in different directions, her smile was incomparable to any other thing.Her forest-green eyes couldn’t be any brighter than this momentShe was wearing an off-shoulder top which was loose at the shoulder end letting out some of her neck line now, she was stunning.Her hair was fair and pale yellow, the underneath has a brownish pigment.She was looking so different but in a more beautiful way. “Hey miss, are you gonna stand there staring, or you’re coming in”?Her voice brought me out of my trance, cause for a moment I thought this was all a dream, good thing it isn’t.“Hey,” I said smiling at her as I was about using the seat belt, she always makes fun of me about being all too wary on road safety and the rest of the stuff, “You can go give the credits to my dad”, as always, my reply.“You looking...uhm,.. Y
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