Ellie Parkinson and The Realm of Evil

Ellie Parkinson and The Realm of Evil

By:  NAJ Ali Khan  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ellie Parkinson, a seemingly ordinary teenage girl is tormented by nightmares about a particular castle since childhood. In the nightmares, she finds herself walking across a pitch-black forest in freezing weather and the nightmare ends after the castle is seen. On reaching her eighteenth birthday, the nightmares become more frequent along with the appearance of a repulsive hooded figure who seems to be following her, and in turn, causes her loved ones to fall into grave peril. Moreover, Ellie discovers miraculous abilities and powers which she utilizes in an attempt to protect her loved ones against the forces of evil. Eventually, she goes on a road trip with her friends, Alex, Judy, and Matt to a forest, where the castle that has been appearing in her nightmares nearly her whole life emerges. Upon entering the creepy place, she unravels dark and groovy secrets about the place which provide her with a link to the nightmares, the hooded creature as well as her horrifying past.

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43 Chapters
The two women appeared out of nowhere and stood in a clearing in the woods, their jet black robes camouflaged in the blackness and illuminated only by the radiance of the prevalent moon which was at its largest. For a few moments, they stood still, eyeing each other with immense interest as though lovers reconciling after years. Then, they started walking towards each other and stood a few inches away.  “What’s the news?” inquired the first witch, in a soft and silky tone, raising her hood to reveal the face of utmost glamour and youth. “The best of a kind,” the other responded in a t
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The Nightmare
I walked across the dense forest, the unusually ruthless wind piercing my throat and my legs felt numb, as though they hadn’t moved in ages. The moonlight guided me towards a path I was magnetically attracted to. With absolutely no idea in the world where I was heading, I was merely a puppet in motion, whose strings were controlled by an unknown force. Shivers ran down my body, the heart was palpitating as though a bulky rock had been attached to it, which was oscillating and banging it. I felt like a cactus, as prickly goose pimples wrapped me up. Time seemed to have just halted, and I felt I had travelled a million miles across the forest when suddenly a luminous ray of light punctured through the moonlight filled darkness. I pushed aside the le
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The image of the medieval king struck my iris and blurred Black and white images flashed across my mind of something that appeared to be a party, a group dancing on the dance floor, and the same king sitting on a throne. The images had barely ended when a name formed across my lips effortlessly.   “King Eric the third, of Windsor Castle, who was mainly famous for his unique style of fighting with his trusted dagger and rarely a sword,” I blabbered automatically, without even realizing what words escaped my mouth, it was as though someone had forced the words out of me. The entire class gazed at me in absolute shock, with their mouths wide open as though they had just discovered a horrifying alien lurking inside me.
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A Break from Fear
“Ellie don’t fall, Ellie concentrate, no matter how hard he hits you, just stay put,” shouted Judy from the stands in the empty gymnasium, as I stood on top of a pyramid made by the school's cheerleaders and the black hooded figure kept hovering above, attempting to push me down but I moved sideways cautiously, maintaining my balance.  The figure made a dozen more attempts but in vain. In the end, it sped towards me at a rocket's speed and unveiled his face, exposing the spiky incisors and bloodshot pupil-less eyes. The fiend gave its best this time and I swerved to avoid its attack, hence, losing my balance and causing the pyramid of cheerleaders to tumble, and I fell terribly through never-ending blackness….with a scream which could prob
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The Tent of Wonders
New Year’s Eve seemed to be unnaturally sunny and a lot less cold as compared to the previous year. Was that a result of g1obal warming? Or the mass air pollution that spread across the city due to the endless fumes emitted by cars? No one could figure out, nevertheless, the weather was pleasantly snowy. The plaster on my leg had been finally removed and I could walk normally and I had been strictly prohibited by the doctor against and physically straining activity, hence, Alex and Matt postponed our trip to the Forest of Dracon to the end of January, or at least till the time my leg got completely healed and I could run.            In the meantime, the three d
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The Foretelling
Despite his serene words, I started getting gravitated towards it out of sheer inquisitiveness. The stall guy’s smile dissipated instantaneously as he watched me walk away from the stall, and in the direction of the tent. I reached the entrance and felt warm air blowing from inside the place. The interior appeared dark from the entrance, intimidating me slightly, nonetheless, I still plucked up the courage to enter it purely to satisfy my insatiable curiosity. I walked through the darkness, no idea in the world what I would discover at the end. A distinctly strong, but arousing essence of lavender diffused through the warm air, teasing my sense of smell. Abruptly, a massive glow of light punctured through the blackness, and a large clearing came into view, causing
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Evil Strikes Again
The sun had concealed back in the clouds and the temperature seemed to drop drastically as evening fell. Astonishingly, three hours had passed since I entered the tent. I had lost track of time inside the mystical place and gotten so engrossed in the future that I nearly overlooked the present. Shoving all the events that occurred in the tent to the back of my mind, and adrenaline rushing through my blood, I ran as fast as my barely healed legs could take me, my brain thundering and heart pounding like a pendulum. I reached the place where I had left Matt, panting atrociously I looked hither thither but discovered no sign of the three anywhere. I took out my mobile from my handbag hoping to call them but the battery had been completely drained.  Clenching my teeth
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The Power Lurking Within
The rest of the day passed ordinarily exuberant as well as relieving, as I returned to the hustle and bustle of school and felt born ready to shift my focus back to academics which had gotten substantially neglected as a result of the dreadful events of the last few weeks. The last hour was Psychology for Judy and me, which was predominantly my favourite subject, while Judy loathed it and thus, was pretty terrible at it. Miss Clarissa, who along with being an erudite professor of the subject was also quite an amiable and fortunately lenient teacher who genuinely cared about the students and their grasp on the subject.  “Good morning everyone!” Miss Clarissa greeted zestfully, with a dynamic beam that radiated the face of every student and they all
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Gaining Control over Gifts
My eyes shuddered open, wet due to a sprinkle of water on my face. And the face I noticed was of Holden, bending down on me. Immediately, I attempted to punch him but he held my hands as I struggled like a fish out of water to hurt him.           “Ellie, please relax, I am not going to hurt you,” he assured, holding my hands, in the fit of fury I spat on his face desperately, and he backed off with disgust.  “Ellie just calm down!” shouted Judy, as she entered the room carrying another glass of water. A splash of relief broke ove
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The Horror of Lethal Laughter
The arrival of March marked the end of gloomily snowy weather, as spring took over, bringing with it a vow of joy and a picturesque scenario. The streets of London seemed to illuminate with breathtaking beauty as the local trees blossomed with an exotically motley bunch of flowers of variant colours. Mum appeared to be rejoicing heartily at the change of season, as she busied herself in watering the ravishing bunch of flowers in our backyard. I helped her mow the lawn while dad brought out the gardener in him and skilfully chopped the plants using his trusted pruning shears, thus, resizing them efficiently.  James and
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