The Hidden She-Wolf

The Hidden She-Wolf

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
14 ratings
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My name is Salem Harpen. I'm eighteen years old. And I am the last member of my pack. The day I was born, my pack was secretly attacked, and many of them were killed. My grandmother was lucky enough to escape with me into the depths of the forest. For eighteen years, my grandmother and I have been dwelling secretly in the forest. Old age had soon taken over her, and she was not strong anymore. The day she was taking her last breath She made me make a promise to never leave our secret place. One day, I had to. There was no more prey to hunt, and I was slowly dying of hunger. I had to leave our secret place to survive. Seeing the outside world of the forest for the first time, I was scared. I swiftly searched for enough food to return to my safe place, but unexpectedly, I was captured by a pack of wolves for hunting on their land without any permission. As someone new to the outside world, I was clueless about such a rule. They chained me up and carried me away to be punished by their alpha. I cried. Was I the end of my entire pack?

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user avatar
is this a stand alone book or is the rest of the series available here?
2023-10-26 19:04:14
default avatar
Glory Johnson
Beautiful story
2023-09-08 13:49:32
user avatar
Pearls Wrld
Great book
2023-07-14 18:56:24
user avatar
Judy Hirtle
It's a very good story. It's well written. It's an interesting take on werewolves.
2023-07-12 06:28:56
user avatar
A really great read! This author always has an interesting perspective and it always gets really dark before the light comes.
2023-07-12 06:09:58
user avatar
Christine Owings
79 chapters 7/9/23
2023-07-10 07:54:13
user avatar
Annabella Omorodion
Nice book and a great read
2023-06-18 01:08:47
user avatar
Bella Cupid
This book is great, really great. But it's frustrating waiting for updates. Please update on time A.K. I love your books. Your books are what I read when I take a break from writing mine. Just update quickly.
2023-03-23 21:49:58
user avatar
Juicy Miss
I'm very happy there's been so many updates in the past week!!
2023-04-24 10:08:31
user avatar
Derena Marie
The book is interesting, but it seems so much happens or is implied but never gets to any point. Probably pregnant, and that is unfortunate because it is another complication to compound the rest of the complications.. definitely doesn't need a product of rape with her child like mind
2023-03-20 14:16:09
default avatar
Good so far
2023-09-16 22:43:10
user avatar
Seems like it’s written by an amateur writer. Many grammatical errors. Some sentences don’t make any sense. Still at the beginning of the book so maybe it gets better!? If it is written by an amateur then it’s great! So far the story line tracks and I can’t wait to keep reading!
2023-07-08 11:46:41
user avatar
Misty Plant
I'm sorry, but that's a lot of violence in the first 10 chapters. I feel sick to my stomach right now, having read about her tail being bitten off. Imagine, someone taking half of your spine.
2023-11-24 23:15:04
user avatar
I finished the book and it sucked. It started ok w grammar errors and shit. I started getting into it, then all of a sudden a lot happened too soon and shit went downhill for me. Still a good book if you’re not picky and don’t mind amateurs. Very disappointed w the ending and who she mated w.
2023-07-10 05:10:31
79 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Last River Pack Member
Salem I long to see the outside world and to be around wolves that are my age. Eighteen. It can be tiresome sometimes to dwell on a life in hiding and talk to the only wolf I knew, my grandmother. I yearn for something new to happen in my life. I was born into a pack called The River Pack. All members had supernatural abilities to prevent bodies of water from dying. They could locate any source of water through a spiritual feeling that guided them. My mother, the Luna, had far more powers. She could heal the sick or a dying person with just a droplet of water. She knew when it was going to rain, and when she cried, the sky did too. The river pack felt loved because of their powerful abilities, which seemed godlike. All packs referred to them as descendants of the moon Goddess. But one pack didn't: The Grey Pack. They saw us as a threat and believed we were manipulating the others to become the ruler of all packs. They attacked The River Pack the day I was born, killing them all. My
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Chapter 2: The Alone She-Wolf
Salem There were consequences for crying too much, for my tears were linked to the rain. It could cause a flood and a lot more damage. I had to close my eyes to stop myself from crying, and soon the heavy rain showering outside settled down. The next day, I decided to leave the tree. I was starving after missing out on meals for a week. The ground was so mellowed by the rain that my paws sank into it with each step I took. And raindrops fell from the leaves of the trees above me, diving into my back. My fur was soon wet. I shook my fur dry, and both of my ears perked up, listening for any small prey roaming by. My nose also sniffed for their scent. I was soon disappointed to find none. There was a time I could spot a meal immediately, but now it was taking much longer than I thought. I sauntered along the depths of the forest, trying to find anything to put a stop to my hunger. I found nothing. Not even a rabbit, mice, birds, snakes, or any other small creature. I was not fond of f
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Chapter 3: Leaving My Safe Spot
Salem My four feet were carrying me from the depths of the forest, further away from my home. I could feel how unsafe it was where I was heading. The more I trotted, I glanced behind me until my home was nowhere in my sight. What was I doing? As much as I feared dying of hunger. I, too, could die outside of the depths of the forest. I paused, panting under a large tree, at my troublesome thoughts. My tongue hung from my mouth as I took quick breaths, and my heart palpitated as I observed my new surroundings. The sight of it gave me chills. There was too much light where I was. I was visible and easily seen by other predators, such as wolves, which was not good. I could never feel safe here. My ears and nose were on alert the entire time for any wolf that could possibly spot me. Luckily, I sensed none. I had enough time to quickly catch my prey and hurriedly return. My back rested against the tree, and my body quivered nervously as my eyes closed and my nose raised, sniffing throu
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Chapter 4: Dragged
Salem I was unconscious from the first hit. I found out after awakening from a sharp pain in my side. There I discovered my body was tied from two back feet while I was dragged along a rocky path. I wanted to cry, already knowing my fate. It was difficult not to, knowing that your life was about to come to an end and that there was nothing you could do about it. They hauled my body along the ground like I was nothing. "The filthy scoundrel has finally decided to waken," said one of the wolves behind me, who seemed to be on alert if I should try to escape somehow. The dark brown-haired male who was before me, pulling my body along the path, accompanied by the leader, turned to look at me. "She's awakened for her beating," he said with a laugh, turning back around. They all joined in. I felt a lump form within my throat, and tears slowly formed in my eyes, causing the place to become blurry. As much as I was in a terrible situation, I could never reveal my identity. I blinked bac
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Chapter 5: The Merciless Alpha
Salem "Take her to the meeting Square. I will be with you within a minute," said the alpha as his angry eyes left mine and he hurriedly returned inside his home. My eyes never left him as he did. I was still frightened by his growl. His growl was so powerful. I was again being dragged away from his home. I whined as they did, and I was kicked to the side to shut up. I growled in pain. I felt tears forming in my eyes, but again I managed to fight them back and conceal my identity. They pulled into a strange area. Several wolves were there. In the center of the area, they tied me to a pole. I immediately stood on my feet as they did. I tried to break the chain, but with every attempt, I failed. I was still weak from hunger, and the chain was too strong for me. I looked around terrifyingly at everyone while my heart raced in my chest. They all just stood there, waiting to see what was going to happen. "He's here." I heard a whisper in the crowd. My attention went to what they were
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Chapter 6: The Kind Wolf
Salem "You've become such a heartless Alpha, ever since you returned from that strange land. Don't you see you're killing a she-wolf who seemed much younger than your sister?" she complained. "Leave Madison; you have no business here," warned the alpha. "I do." I felt the woman stand before me. "I will not stand here like all the other she-wolves and watch you mistreat her," she protested. "She's not like anyone of the she-wolves in this pack; she's a thief and scoundrel just like her kind." "I don’t care. I will not stand here and watch her die," said the strange wolf, fighting hard to protect me. "Fine. I will leave her to you, but make sure she comes off my land before noon." I heard the alpha grumble as he walked away. "You all go home as well!" yelled the female at the crowd, disappointedly. "I'm so sorry about what happened to you; I wish I was here in time to save you," she then said to me. She was an elderly, dark-haired lady. I wanted to cry, thankful that she had th
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Chapter 7: Attacked
I was still in the same spot from yesterday. The outside was soaked with rain from all my tears and my fur remained smeared in blood, blood that was now dried to my fur, reminding me along with every scar the cruel alpha gave me. My wounds had closed up but they left scars that seemed they were never going to go away.Raindrops found their way into the tree, creating a small puddle. My head looked down into it and tears formed in my eyes seeing the word he wrote on my forehead, nothing. I whimpered, recollecting him saying it. His voice kept repeating in my head and I spun around changing my position.My ears suddenly raised and my nose sniffed, scenting I was not alone. Wolves were near my home. I stood up, frightened, trying to locate their direction. I sensed one not too far from the tree I was but the other I had somehow lost his scent. I had to leave knowing I wasn't safe here.How did they find my territory? I couldn't help thinking I was the one who led them here after leaving
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Chapter 8: Her home.
"I don't care if you're my father's only sister or that you're my aunt, if you disobey me, your alpha, I will see to it that you're kicked out of this pack!"I whimpered and passed fearing what the alpha had said. I know how painful it feels to be alone. I could not allow her to be kicked out of her pack all because of me. I didn't plan to stay with her either. I was not safe here nor with the alpha. I had planned to leave when I feel the two wolves had gone."Come, don't worry about me," said Madisonsensing I wasn't following her."I rather leave this pack than stay with an alpha that is heartless and cruel."I started on my way with her again."Do you hear me, Madison!" I again heard the alpha yell.I glanced behind me and my head quickly turned back around at the deadly stare the alpha gave me.Madison lead me to a strange home away from all the homes. A brown house that was surrounded by tall trees. The place was beautiful and felt peaceful. It somehow reminded me of home, the dep
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Chapter 9: The Tail-less Wolf
I whimpered, frightened and in pain. My tail was bitten off."When I'm through with you, you won't look like a wolf, you scoundrel. You and your kind don't deserve to be called a wolf, you're all low life and a disgusting rogue."Immediately I turned around to flee for my life. He leaped readily to sink his teeth into my neck. My eyes closed preparing for my death. Suddenly my eyes opened hearing a fight. I was surprised to see two wolves from the Dark Moon Pack fighting the Two Grey wolves. Quickly, I turn around and ran away from them. Tears emerged from my eyes. I could not fight back the tears of the great pain I was undergoing. The Grey pack had killed my entire pack, robbing me of a life of happiness and peace I could have had and now one had bitten off my tail.I returned in the same direction I was coming from not having anywhere else to go. My body was now soaked from the rain caused by my tears. I ran for my life and for my safety scared the Grey Pack might somehow know that
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Chapter 10: Testing a new home 1
It felt wrong trusting to stay with a she-wolf I barely know. I understand the reason she was so interested in giving me a home was because of her daughter who was kidnapped from her, and so showing pure kindness towards me was a form of a way for her that if her daughter was to be still alive, the same way she was treating me, her daughter would somehow receive the same treatment."Wow, the breeze is blowing very hard, it seems like it's going to rain soon again," said Madison.My head held straight away from hers."You don't have to stay on the porch all day, remember I gave you a nice and cozy spare room upstairs."I said nothing, still looking away from her. I just gazed at the tree branches as they are blown gently by the wind."Rain."My head finally turned to her."I know you're having doubts about staying here with me, but I assure you, you're in the safest place."My head again turned away, not believing it was."Please shift into your human form and get yourself cleaned up f
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