The Hot CEO Love Me

The Hot CEO Love Me

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Daisy is the soft-hearted mother of one with a dark past and an ex husband she's running from. She's spent the past six months building a new life for her and her daughter, Hope, trying to blend into the world around them. Her memories are tainted, her delicate heart is shattered, and her innocence took advantage of. She doesn't want to be found, she doesn't want to be recognised, and she certainly isn't interested in falling in love again. Nate has been heartbroken once before, betrayed by those he loves, and secretly desperate to find that one woman who can turn his world upside down for the better. He's practically a billionaire with his own confectionary company, but he still feels like a damaged puzzle with lost pieces. Until he meets her. Her sapphire blue eyes were mesmerizing pulling him in a trance, her petite curvy body was delicious, and that sweet angelic voice was a melody to his ears. Damn he wanted her, and he intended to make sure he did. However, the closer he gets the more he learns about the fragile Daisy, can they both survive a rollercoaster of events, emotions and get their happy ever after?

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40 Chapters
chapter 1
DaisyThe weekend had finally come. I had spent all week knocked off my feet at work and couldn't wait for these next two days to drag. I strolled along the perfectly laid concrete path, my feet softly hitting the rough gravel, admiring the beautiful view from my house. My garden, at my new, old-fashioned, two storey home, was relatively big in size; it was predominantly grass, but there was a tiny footpath leading to the top. I stepped over onto the lush, freshly cut lawn and let my feet sink through the strands. Watching the insects fly past, and the sun blaze down onto me, I let myself feel free under the heat while Hope slept. It was exhilarating. It was only seven am, surprisingly early for me on a weekend when I had no reason to be up, but once I was awake there was no going back. For some reason, my mind just could not switch off once it came alive. Sometimes it was a blessing in disguise, as it meant I could be up for work in a flash once the first blare of an alarm squealed
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chapter 2
NATE"Fucksakes!" I just landed the biggest deal with top class investors, and I'd never been more angry in my entire life. My new idea was adapting an ice cream range for the new season; it was something I hadn't done before, and as it was March people would be wanting them soon. Only my investors wanted double the intended profits. I opted they have twenty percent - generous if you ask me, it's my company - but they want forty instead. Without their help I couldn't guarantee the range would be as exclusive as our ordinary ranges. They were a worldwide success in ice cream, selling billions of tubs - all with different flavours - each year. They were a famous, well-known brand and I needed them. They gave me the day to think about it. Generous on their half. Business is business, you either want it or you don't. Only they know how difficult this was for me, as forty percent was a lot of profit. I'd still have majority, but they'd have a huge sum. "Do you want my opinion, Mr Cl
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chapter 3
DAISYMy hands were dripping with sweat, and I'm sure Hope could feel it. My cheeks were burning, and I could sense the flushed crimson covering them. It wasn't helping that my heart was erratically beating, and therefore my breathing had become more laboured. I hadn't been attracted to a man since before Robert, and after what he did - and leaving only six months ago - I didn't think I had it in me to gain heart palpitations from the sight of a man because I thought he was attractive, and not because I was scared of him. But the hot, huge, muscly man standing behind me had shifted something inside me, and now my sex was aching for him to take a step closer so I could feel his hard muscles against my back. Or more.I swallowed as I realised what I was feeling, and how unrealistic it was. Even if I was that attracted to him, I could never become intimate and trust a man ever again. My trust in men has been betrayed - corrupted even - and I can't get close without fearing mine and Ho
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chapter 4
The inconsideration for his sleeping daughter caused her to wake suddenly. Good job she was only a baby, I couldn't cope if she saw me like this. Ever since I've sworn to protect her little body, heart, and mind. She needs sunshine and rainbows, not dark sky's and thunderstorms. Which is how I would describe the life endured by Robert. Maybe I looked a little strange running out like that. It was quicker than a switch flicking on or off; I pegged it out the doors as quick as possible. But I needed to keep us safe. Hope needed to be safe. We'd been walking for almost five minutes, and I was looking around to see if he followed us like a wanted criminal on the run. I looked completely, utterly, terrified, and I didn't even have to look at my face to know it. I could see Hopes as I held her in my arms while we walked. Ironically, she was terrified of me trying to protect her from ever having to feel the way she was looking at me now. My heart sunk, and I could feel the tears burning
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chapter 5
DAISYAfter my morning from hell, I decided to stay in. Me and hope spent the day in the garden, and I ordered a slide to be delivered tomorrow so she could enjoy herself out here. I needed to order a sand pit too, but that would have to wait. Money wasn't something I could throw around. I was a teacher, and therefore didn't earn much money working in a private nursery. Once bills were paid, the food shop was done, and making sure Hope had everything she needed, there wasn't much left over. However, before I met Robert I was used to budgeting; I never came from an upper class family like Robert. Robert never had to worry about money, even before his business was booming, his parents were also billionaires. They owned several different companies, and what made it so hard for me to leave initially. People with money have an advantage that people like me don't. They can use it to manipulate, and receive what they want, where as I couldn't do that. Yes I was the wife of a rich man, bu
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chapter 6
NATEAfter thinking long and hard about my business decision, I decided to take the investors up on their offer. Jack said I was being ridiculous, and I could afford to lose out on forty percent when I was still receiving the full sixty. He was right, and maybe I was just being a little greedy. Realistically, they deserved it as they were going to make the new range sell. I just hope I'm right about that, and don't regret it. "So, now you've made that huge decision can we talk about what's actually rattled your cage today?" He was good. Maybe that's why he was a counsellor? He could read people perfectly. But the thought of talking about the sweet angel in the coffee shop shook my insides into a ball of nerves. He would laugh, and I would have to face the terrifying thoughts that she has deeper reasons to be scared of me than a current boyfriend. I couldn't get the sadness out of her eyes, and the fear when she turned to the door and ran. I knew fear when I saw it, and I wasn't le
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chapter 7
NATEMy heart had officially broken for a stranger. It had been two days since I met Daisy, and two days since I witnessed her have an ultimate breakdown in the bar after I grabbed her arm. I didn't mean to scare her, hell I didn't even grab her that hard. My fingers barely grasped her tiny arm, yet she flinched. She actually jumped from my touch. It was like an electrical current had sparked her body; scaring her, and preparing her for unexpected death.I couldn't understand why she had jumped so frantically. My thoughts were consumed by the frightened look on her angelic features. The fear I saw in her eyes that morning had spread like tree branches taking over her whole face. Her lips were trembling. Her face was white, and hard as stone. I swallowed the bile in my throat as I imagined her reaction again for the fiftieth time this morning. My heart had jumped straight out of my body when she reacted that way, and I was desperate for answers. Why would my touch scare her so much
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chapter 8
NATE I was lucky to find Daisy. She might not of been there if I'd gone an hour later, or earlier. Maybe that was a sign? Or maybe it meant nothing because she still hadn't text, and it had been over an hour. I know I gave her the option when she was ready, but I was so desperate for a response. I'd been sitting on my king sized bed staring up at the ceiling, and imagining those lush lips, and beautiful curves I could devour. I'd never been so intrigued by a woman, and it made it worse knowing I couldn't have her. My phone vibrating in my back pocket shot my body to standing position. I didn't want to look. What if it was her? What if she said no? What if she said yes? What if it's not her? I shut my eyes, let out a much needed deep breath, and then looked. MomAs much as I love my dear mother, I'm still disappointed it isn't Daisy. Now she was calling. Jesus. "Hey mom, are you okay?" I put on my best happy voice so she knew I wanted to talk."Hello my dear, I was just calling
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chapter 9
DAISYNate: see you Friday xMe: see you Friday too xxA kiss. A simple 'x' that is one line crossed with another. It's used in lots of words. Can be used to identify as something being 'wrong'. All the different ways you can us it, yet the reason he's used it is different. If I put a kiss on the end of a text it's to be nice. Friendly. Only this wasn't to be friendly. It's his way of showing his feelings. That he likes me. Likes me in a more intimate way than a friend, and now we were going on a date. A date that meant potential actual kisses. His mouth on mine. Not a line crossed with a line. An actual, real life, kiss. I was supposed to be panicking, and I sounded like I was. Maybe I was a little. But I was more excited. Deep down I couldn't wait to kiss him. I couldn't wait to roam my hands all over him. I swallowed as I daydreamed over Nate. Realisation hit that me that I wasn't the same woman a few years back that had the freedom to like a man, and pursue him. My stomach su
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chapter 10
NATEWow. Fucking wow. I've not stopped admiring how beautiful Daisy looks in this white, off-the shoulder dress. It's sitting perfectly below her shoulders, and - not that it's important - her breasts look divine. As soon as I saw her in it, I swallowed a needy growl. I couldn't help let my eyes wander up and down, lingering on her stunning face. The face I hadn't been able to forget these past few weeks, and now I definitely wasn't going to lose sight of it. She'd applied a generous amount of makeup, which wasn't needed, but it still enhanced all her features. Her eyes were popping, sparkling even, through her jet black eyelashes which were fanned out on her rosy cheeks. The strawberry red lipstick stood out even more; her lips were as luscious and juicy as a strawberry. I wanted to sink my lips onto them, and redden them even more. I was determined to kiss the hell out of those lips later. I wanted to see them swollen, and smudged; stained with my taste instead of her lipstick.
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