The Impact of Her (ALL SEASONS)

The Impact of Her (ALL SEASONS)

By:  Nicole Marcina  Ongoing
Language: English
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Robert was the Prince of the Kingdom of Western Wind. And he had everything. The crown. The adoration of the people. The utmost respect of noblemen inside and out of their borders. But amidst all the riches and privileges given to him by birth, Robert was unhappy with his life. Shackled to an arranged marriage and struggling with his estranged father, Robert wanted more from life. But at the same time, he didn't want to disturb the peace of everyone surrounding him. That was until she arrived.

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Lester Viles
Good storyline
2020-09-13 22:54:23
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Nikka Anne
The way the author write the story is very descriptive. I love the clarity of words and on how she describes the uniqueness of her characters. I love this royalty story. Keep it up dear! :)
2020-07-09 10:36:55
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Michael Shelby
Awesome book you have going . keep up the good work❤❤❤
2020-06-30 18:41:11
180 Chapters
Prologue - Season One
A kingdom was covered by dark, heavy clouds that carried a millennium’s amount of rain. Along with the loudest thunders, the strongest bolts of lightning stretched across the dim sky. All because of a king and his heir – his only son – lying in bed, currently in a deep sleep. The time for them to regain consciousness? Nobody could say for sure. All the members of the court could do was to bargain with the ancient gods to spare one of them. The queen has been running the kingdom whilst worrying about the state of her family. She knew she was close to losing sanity, but she would remind herself to hold onto it a bit longer. ‘The kingdom cannot afford to lose another appointed ruler,’ she would often tell herself. Her husband and son were already at the brink of death. She couldn’t be swept away by this diplomatic crisis. ~*~*~*~ T’was in the middle of the day – springtime, to be exact – and it has rained continuously for weeks. People lost track of time because they’ve been submer
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~ One - Season I ~
When you have everything in life, what more could you ask for? There is one thing I have in mind: FREEDOM. The freedom of speech, of expression. To be able to enjoy life as it is; to meet interesting people. Most importantly, the freedom to love. Freedom of finding someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. To be able to marry the one you desire. Unfortunately, the hope of finding love is considered a luxury. As the sole heir to the kingdom of the Western Wind, I have everything a person could possibly ask for. Yet, my life is my own prison and one of the things that keeps me shackled is my marriage arrangement. Somehow, I've learned to accept the standards of living the kind of life I was given. However, not a single day has passed that I wished I could marry the person I'm supposed to fall in love with. The reason why I'm in an arranged marriage is for an alliance with the kingdom of Middle Earth. My marriage to their princess was considered the best way to
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~ Two - Season I ~
“Is this a bad time to visit you, little brother?” she asked with a soothing voice as she walked towards me. Her hands were folded together in front of her elaborate skirt that was fashioned with frills that led from the torso, down to the hem of the dress. Elizabeth never failed to dazzle and catch the attention of various men of the court. She never shied away from the glamour of the court. I, on the other hand, was always content on how I presented myself. On a usual day, I would allow my brown, wavy hair to be free as a contrast to the stretched and firm hair that I would wear during a ball. I preferred to wear loose shirts that Mother made over the posh and overdone suits that were needed for special festivities. “There is no such thing as bad timing for my beloved sister,” I walked towards her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as I reached her. “Would you like to join me on the balcony?” I asked as I laid out my hand. She nodded as she clung onto my arm and held my hand with he
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~ Three - Season I ~
As I made my way to the kitchen - which was located in the basement - I greeted every servant that I came across with. More and more servants greeted me as I got closer to the kitchen. The kitchen has a direct - almost secret - passage to the stables. So, since I was on my way there, I thought it would be a good idea to pay someone a visit in the kitchen. “Good morning, everybody,” I greeted as I entered the kitchen with a smile on my face. “Good morning, Your Highness,” they all greeted with their usual cheerful tone. As I continued to smile at everyone within the room, I headed straight for Nana Olsa. “Good morning, Nana,” I hugged her from behind without any sort of warning. “Oh!” she exclaimed out of shock, her hand landed on her chest as she calmed herself. “Oh, my dear boy, it is good to see you,” she giggled as she turned around to return a hug. “You gave me such a fright,” she remarked. Nana Olsa was my nanny when I was little. She, however, was removed by James when I re
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~ Four - Season I ~
Her actions caught me by surprise, rendering me frozen. Questions began to race within my mind. She liked me? In what manner? If she liked me more than a friend, what should I say? Should I pretend that I feel the same, just so I wouldn’t break her heart? Or should I simply acknowledge it, but at the same time, tell her to stop? Mallory was like a sister to me. Breaking her heart would be unthinkable. “Well, I would say that I liked you as well, Mallory,” I said as I hoped that it wouldn’t sound like it had a different meaning to it. “You do?” she asked, her tone showed a hint of hope. I took a deep breath and turned to her. With a smile, I explained, “Of course. We have been friends since we were little. I know who you truly are and you’re a good person.” I continued, “Everyone and anyone would love to have you as their friend.” Her brows furrowed as she heard my answer. “Robert, that is not what I meant,” she said as she walked closer to me. Slowly, her frustration has star
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~ Five - Season I ~
Her green eyes were absolutely mesmerising, you would want to simply drown in them. Her rosy cheeks complimented by a captivating smile. And for a moment - in that specific moment - we got lost in each other’s gaze. But she was the first one to return to reality. Immediately, she pulled her hand back and hid her face further into the hood of her cape. “Forgive me for staring, good sir.” “There is no need to apologise. As a matter of fact, I should be the one who needs to apologise for all the mess I made,” I replied. I continued, “As a man who upholds the belief of being well-mannered, every action that I did has been wrong decision-making on my end.” Once every single fruit was returned to her basket, I stood back up alongside her. She then scanned my entire being. Her eyes travelled from my head, down to my toes and back to my face. “Why are you even in this alley, good sir? By your manner of dressing, you don’t seem to be from around this area.” “I am but a humble traveller. How
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~ Six - Season I ~
Our conversation was interrupted when an old man came out from the bakery. He walked towards Laura’s direction, and he didn’t show any signs of anger. He was merely confused and perhaps curious. “Oh, Grandpa Ben!” Laura ran up to him and pecked his cheek. “I bought the ingredients you told me,” she said as she showed the basket that was filled with different fruits. “Also, I bumped into someone on my way home,” she added before she pointed in my direction. I took a good look at Grandpa Ben, and he didn’t look like a grandfather at all. True, his hair was grey, and it shone underneath the mild sunlight. His overall appearance, however, was too young to be a grandfather. He wore a humble attire: a white shirt with brown pants, brown suspenders, and finished off with a pair of black shoes. His greyish-white beard was beautifully placed on his chin, and on his chin alone. The rest of his face was clean. I could already tell that this man mattered to Laura by her demeanour. For her to
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~ Seven - Season I ~
“I was referring to Laura. And please, there’s no need to call me ‘sir’. I don’t rule over this town,” he replied, shaking his head as he stifled down a chuckle. I returned a smile as his own was contagious. “Sir– I mean, Grandpa Ben, how come you said Laura’s your granddaughter? She said she was an orphan,” I continued, leaning closer as I kept my voice low. “Well, she didn’t lie about that. She was truly an orphan,” he replied, his voice changing to a much more serious tone. He continued, “I was the one who adopted her. At first, I wanted to be her grandfather only. But, since I adopted her, I have treated her as my own, which makes me a father to her as well.” Laura was absolutely fortunate to have both a father and a grandfather in one man. Perhaps, that was the reason she had such a gentle nature. It could be because of how Grandpa Ben treated her. “So, Robert, who are you parents? And where do you live?” he asked, crossing his arms and putting them on the counter. His quest
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~ Eight - Season I ~
I turned my head and saw Laura, racing towards me with a basket in her arm. “Here you are,” she said as she handed it over, covered with a plaid basket. “What’s inside of it?” I asked as I received it. “You didn’t get the chance to finish the pie so Grandpa Ben told me to put it in a basket and give it to you,” she smiled. “It’s still fresh and as I can see, only a small bite was made. It will be a waste if we throw it in the trash,” she continued, putting her hands on her waist. “Oh, thank you, Laura, but there’s no need for this,” I replied as I tried to hand the basket back. “I told Grandpa Ben I will try it on my next visit.” “Don’t fight us back, son,” another voice came from the bakery. Grandpa Ben walked towards us and stood behind Laura. He continued, “Take the pie with you. Share it with your family. Who knows? They may like it, too.” “But, Grandpa Ben–” he then put his hand out, blocking my protest. “It’s all right, son. I don’t want to hear any excuses. You will bring
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~ Nine - Season I ~
I could hear a calm conversation as I approached the dining hall. As I got closer, one of the guards quickly asked, “Shall we announce you, Your Highness?” “There’s no need for that,” I replied as I opened the door without warning. My family was quick to look in my direction. My sudden entrance immediately put them all to silence. Their eyes widened out of surprise, their movements paused. If this was the kind of response that I got every time I entered a room, bursting through doors would be a delight. Like any other feast, Mother was the first to approach me. “Hello, Mother,” I greeted as I gave her a kiss on the forehead. She giggled in response. “Hello, my heart,” she cupped my face with one hand, looking up to meet my gaze. “Dearest Elizabeth,” I smiled as I turned to my sister, laying a gentle peck on her cheek. “Hello, little brother,” she smiled. I wasn’t quick to notice it at first, but there were no spare chairs in between Mother and Elizabeth, which was the place whe
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