The Impact of Her (ALL SEASONS)

The Impact of Her (ALL SEASONS)

By:  Nicole Marcina  Ongoing
Language: English
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Robert was the Prince of the Kingdom of Western Wind. And he had everything. The crown. The adoration of the people. The utmost respect of noblemen inside and out of their borders. But amidst all the riches and privileges given to him by birth, Robert was unhappy with his life. Shackled to an arranged marriage and struggling with his estranged father, Robert wanted more from life. But at the same time, he didn't want to disturb the peace of everyone surrounding him. That was until she arrived.

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134 Chapters
Prologue - Season One
A kingdom was covered by dark, heavy clouds that carried a millennium’s amount of rain. Along with the loudest thunders, the strongest bolts of lightning stretched across the dim sky.All because of a king and his heir – his only son – lying in bed, currently in a deep sleep.The time for them to regain consciousness? Nobody could say for sure.All the members of the court could do was to bargain with the ancient gods to spare one of them.The queen has been running the kingdom whilst worrying about the state of her family. She knew she was close to losing sanity, but she would remind herself to hold onto it a bit longer.‘The kingdom cannot afford to lose another appointed ruler,’ she would often tell herself. Her husband and son were already at the brink of death. She couldn’t be swept away by this diplomatic crisis.T’was in the middle of the day – springtime, to be exact – and it has rained continuously for weeks. People lost track of time because they’ve been submerged into wet we
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Chapter One, Season One - Prince (a)
When you have everything in life, what more could you ask for? There is one thing I have in mind: FREEDOM. The freedom of speech, of expression. To be able to enjoy life as it is; to meet interesting people. Most importantly, the freedom to love. Freedom of finding someone you want to be with for the rest of your life. To be able to marry the one you desire. Unfortunately, the hope of finding love is considered a luxury. As the sole heir to the kingdom of the Western Wind, I have everything a person could possibly ask for. Yet, my life is my own prison and one of the things that keeps me shackled is my marriage arrangement. Somehow, I've learned to accept the standards of living the kind of life I was given. However, not a single day has passed that I wished I could marry the person I'm supposed to fall in love with. The reason why I'm in an arranged marriage is for an alliance with the kingdom of Middle Earth. My marriage to their princess was considered the best way to show
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Chapter One, Season One - Prince (b)
"There's no such thing as a bad time for my beloved sister," I walked towards her, giving her a kiss on the cheek as I reached her. "Would you like to join me on the balcony?" I laid out my hand. She nodded as she clung onto my arm and held my hand with her other hand. "How are you feeling?" she asked as we reached the balcony. I sighed as we stood beside each other. "If you don't include that disastrous breakfast scenario then yes, I am fine." "James isn't that hard to get along with, if you ask me," Elizabeth started the topic as carefully as she can. "If you do what he wants, you two will get along quite well." "And that's where all our problems start, Elizabeth. I can't do what he wants," I said. "And I don't want that kind of life." "I don't understand why you find that so hard to do. Look at me, I've been doing it for years," she encouraged. "Well, I'm not as perfect as you, Elizabeth. But, I do wonder," I turned my head to her. "How come you do all that James wants
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Chapter One, Season One - Prince (c)
“My dear one, we live in the same castle,” she put her spatula down and walked over to the sink beside her, washing her hands. “Everything that happens inside the castle is being reported to me,” she continued as she wiped her hands dry with her white apron. She then walked towards me. “And besides,” she gently cupped my face with her soft hands. “I know that you and your father don’t have the best of relationships at the moment.” “You know me too well, Nana,” I held her hands tightly as I looked directly in her eyes. “And I’m very grateful to have you as my guardian.” She then giggled as she gave me a light pat on the head. “Now, there are crates of freshly-delivered apples in the stables. And here,” she let go of my face and reached for something from the cupboard above her. “Here is your water container.” In her hands, she revealed my leather water container that’s already been cleaned. “This is already clean,” I replied as I received the leather container in my hands. My brows f
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Chapter Two, Season One - Pedestrian (a)
As I arrived in the outskirts of town, my appearance quickly changed itself from an immortal to an ordinary traveler. My shoulder-length hair is now tied up, my elegant robes turned to a mere monk’s robes. My sword stayed as it is but its sheath changed from a majestic gold appearance to an ordinary wooden one.Entering the gates of the small village, I headed straight for the marketplace where a messy atmosphere greeted me. Buyers and vendors trying to settle on a deal on different goods. All sorts of trading conversations in each store and random people looking into different stalls, hoping they could buy something that they like.As dangerous as it can be, I decided to make Lady go through the crowd with caution and try to keep her calm at the same time. One thing about Lady is she’s somewhat claustrophobic. And when she’s pushed to her limits, she has this tendency to panic and act like a wild animal.As much as possible, this is something I want to avoid along with attracting atte
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Chapter Three, Season One - Introduction (a)
She has mesmerizing green eyes that you just want to look at and for you to drown in. Her rosy cheeks were complemented by an absolutely captivating smile. For that moment, we both got lost in each other's stare.She was the first to snap back to reality. She quickly pulled her hand back. "Forgive me for staring, good sir," she hid her face from me in her hood."Please, I don't mind it all. I should be the one to apologize for the trouble I caused," I replied. "Being a man upholding the belief of being well-mannered, that was wrong decision making on my end." As every single fruit was returned to her basket, I helped her stand.She then scanned my being, her eyes traveled from my head down to my toes and back to my face. "Why are you even in this alley, good sir? By your manner of dressing, you don't seem like you're from this area.""I'm but a humble traveler. However, some men were sent after me and I needed a place to hide me, and my horse as well," I explained, gesturing towards La
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Chapter Three, Season One - Introduction (b)
"Are you a baker?" I asked as I turned to her. "Or do you have a different position?""I don't have a particular job in the bakery. I simply assist everyone with what they do," she replied. "And as you can tell," she briefly raised the basket. "I'm the one who is tasked to buy whatever ingredient is needed."I nodded."Well, I should get back inside. They might be looking for me," she started to slowly walk towards the entrance."Oh, of course," the tone of my voice changed quickly as my emotions changed from being happy to disappointed. For some reason, I didn't want her to go. I wanted to spend more time with her. She seemed so calm and her kindness radiates all over her, which is something that can't be found in my realm. Maybe it's the reason why I find her so intriguing."Are you all right, Robert?" she asked as she walked back to me."Well--""Laura, where have you been?" our conversation was cut short as an old man walked out of the bakery. He headed towards Laura and he wasn't
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Chapter Three, Season One - Introduction (c)
"If you're in an arranged marriage, I assume you came from a rich family, am I correct?" he smirked."I guess we can call it that way," I replied, hesitant. I'm not the kind of person that's proud of his title and parades his wealth outside of the castle. To be completely honest, I prefer to look like a normal being whether I'm inside the castle or not. Boasting what I have was never an attitude of mine."One order of tea and apple pie, ready to be served!" a worker shouted behind Grandpa Ben, putting the meal on the counter behind him.Laura then appeared from the workplace, grabbed the tray, and headed towards me. "Here you are, good sir. Tea and a freshly-baked apple pie," she said as she put my order directly in front of me. "Enjoy!" she smiled and started to head back to the workplace.Grandpa Ben let out a chuckle. "I'm sure he will," he teased Laura.She then turned around and stuck her tongue out to Grandpa Ben. After their little moment of playful banter, Laura headed back to
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Chapter Four, Season One - Fiasco
I could hear a calm conversation as I approached the dining hall. As I got closer, one of the guards was quick to ask, “Shall we announce you, Your Highness?” “There’s no need for that,” I replied as I opened the door without warning. My family was quick to look in my direction. My sudden entrance immediately put them all to silence. Their eyes wide open out of surprise, their movements paused. If this is the kind of response that I get every time I enter a certain room, bursting through doors would be a delight. Like in any other feast, Mother is the first one I approach. “Hello, Mother,” I greeted, giving her a kiss on her forehead. She giggled in response. “Hello, my heart,” she cupped my face with one hand, looking up to meet my gaze. “Dearest Elizabeth,” I smiled as I turned to my sister, laying a gentle peck on her cheek. “Hello, little brother,” she smiled. I wasn’t quick to notice it at first but there were no spare chairs in between Mother and Elizabeth, the place where
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Chapter Five, Season One - Emotions
I’m making my way to the kitchen, the stables as my endpoint. I was passing by through the hallways when I heard someone call out to me. “Robert?”I stopped, turning around immediately. It was Nana Olsa. I walked back, meeting her halfway. “Hello, Nana,” I greeted, taking her into my arms. “What happened during lunch, son?” she asked as we pulled away from our hug. “Nana, I don’t want to have this discussion right now,” I complained. She gently held onto my arm. “Walk with me son,” she requested. I let out a sigh and nodded in defeat. We then made our way to the garden. ♔♔♔ “Son,” she started as we entered the garden. “Your father is an affectionate man. Everything important to him, he holds them with great care. The only problem with him is he doesn’t know how to express it so he rarely shows any kind of emotion.” “How is that the case, Nana?” I asked. “It’s because of what happened to your grandparents. They loved each other with all their hearts,” Nana began to tell a story.
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