Chapter 32: Awkward Conversations

Chapter 32: Awkward Conversations


Kit stood next to his sister on his balcony that overlooked the vast gardens of the Ayutthaya mansion.

It should’ve been a joyous reunion, after all Kit had been through a life and death scenario not too long ago and meeting his sister after a long time, even though it had been only a few days, after that incident…it felt surreal.

However, now it just felt awkward.

He hadn't expected to come home to find her kissing P’Kim’s older brother…

And it was only after the thought had passed that he realized that he had just considered P’Kim’s mansion as his ‘home’.

“So…it’s been a while…hasn’t it?” P’Kanya asked him hesitantly, rubbing her hands together constantly. “Sabai dee mai?” (How are you?)

“Sabai dee khab,” (I’m fine) Kit nodded awkwardly. “How…”

“Karthot…” Kanya lowered her head, feeling embarrassed. “I didn’t…I honestly don’t even know what I was thinking…but I was wrong…”

“Mai pen rai na phi,” Kit shook his head, not wanting his sister to feel
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