The Mafia - He rules the evil
The Mafia - He rules the evil
Author: Seerat Kaur

Chapter One


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     It felt, my blood was draining from my body. My mouth widened and my thinking blocked as I tried to comprehend what my mother had just said. I could not believe, but I had heard her right. I blinked my eyes as I saw him standing in front of me. His one hand was in his pocket, he was holding his glass in his second hand. There was a slight smile on his face. He was handsome, but I could smell a bad person who would never mend himself for anyone. His eyes roamed on my body. I wanted to hide myself away from him. My mother pinched me, I glanced at my mother and she glared at me. She smiled to beckon me to smile. I spread my lips in a smile. I was here to attend my eighteen's birthday party which my mother arranged for me. After my father's death, she is the owner of the entire business and our house. My mother always loved money more than my father and me. She was in a black gown which was moulded on her body showing her cleavage. She's a bold and fearless woman. My dad's family was relieved about one thing that my mother at least didn't allow another man to replace my dad. I wasn't worried about it. My uncle who was standing next to my mother. He was still grinning. I wasn't in the stage of saying no to them, to deny this unwanted wedding.

         Unfortunately, they declared the wedding after two days. I looked at the stranger who was going to be my Husband. There was a small smirk tugged on his face, whenever I gazed at him. I found his eyes on me. My mouth was still opened with shock, I should realize it when my mother said she was arranging a party for me. She would never do anything if it would not benefit her. She was using me as a business deal. My eyes filled with water but I didn't leave my smile as I would have to face the consequences later. His intense eyes were still measuring my reaction. I was sure from his look, he wasn't looking surprised with this. All knew it, except me. My aunt stepped closer to me. She wasn't my mother but people always reckoned her as my mother as she took great care of me like her own born.

       " No one told you about this. " She asked in a slow whisper, so it could remain only between us. 

       I slightly nodded my head in yes. She pecked on my cheek while swiping her soft fingers under my eyes, " I should talk to them. " She whispered. 

      " No, " I immediately denied her. I know my mother and uncle very well, they would not hear from anyone especially if they had decided it. 

      " Welcome to the family, " My mother told him. Our head snapped at their direction. 

      " Thanks, " he said with a smile. My uncle shook his hand, gripping it tightly as they were getting millions of dollars after this wedding like their other business deal. 

      " You like this surprise?" My uncle asked me. 

      " Nobody told her." My aunt could not keep the bitterness away from her words. I gulped hard as I knew how cruel these two faces were of my family, my uncle and my mother. 

      " Darling! Olivia! " My uncle clenched arm of her. I had seen him doing this to her since I was a kid. One day my father slapped my uncle for not treating his wife well. After that, he didn't dare to do it. After my father's death, it started again. " It

 won't be a surprise anymore then. " Uncle smirked, looking at us. 

       " Please, don't hurt her. " I whispered.

       " Sure, Thea. Anything for you, darling." He smiled at me and let go of her hand. 

        I blew out a deep breath, " I'm sorry. Are you okay? " I asked her. 

       " Nothing is okay. I wish it would be your uncle Fin instead of your father in the car that day." She grimaced, glaring at her husband. 

      My mouth fell open hearing from her. I didn't like my mother and my uncle' way in many ways. But I never wished them to be dead. Perhaps only the wearer knew where the shoe pinched. After all, it was she who was facing physical violence from him. My cousin, Aunt Olivia's son, Calvin studied at London university away from us, completing his study. I was hoping he would come back soon so he could keep aunt, his mother safe from this cruelty. 

        " Haven't you met your wife yet? " My uncle smiled. He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me closer to him. That bad stranger was inches away from me. I couldn't imagine that he could be a good person. The main reason for such thinking was because my mother and uncle chose him for me. Evil people would always devastate good and weak people as my mother and uncle did. This stranger didn't look weak and a good person from any angle although he was handsome. Anyone could fall for his look, even me too if circumstances weren't like this. 

        " Thea sallow! A pleasure to meet you. " He said softly, taking my hand in his bulky hand. I glanced down at our hand, my hand was looking so small in his hand. 

    ' Obviously, you are 5'3" and fifty kg. ' I told myself. 

        I wanted to look at my mother with pleading eyes. I knew it had no use to expect sympathy from her cruel heart. I hadn't seen a cruel version of a lady but my mother fulfilled it. My father was always good with her, he didn't even raise his voice on her. How could she be so cruel? I am her daughter. Finally, he stepped back from me. I walked with my mother. 

     " Mom, " I nervously said. 

     " Yes, sweetie. " She smiled. 

     " I don't wanna do this marriage. " I bluntly told her. 

     I know she would have slapped me brutally on my cheek if we weren't attending this party. 

     " I don't care if you don't like him, you are doing this wedding no matter what? " She glared at me. 

     " Lilly! " My aunt interrupted us. 

      My mother rolled her eyes and sipped from the wine, " What do you want Olivia? " She rudely asked her. 

     " Shouldn't we give our Thea some time to know him? She's not comfortable talking with him in front of this crowd or I should say in front of us." Aunt paused and smiled at me. I thought. She was putting me in a problem." Our girl is shy. " Aunt beckoned with her hand at the guests. 

      " I'm impressed, Olivia. Our girl will love it after she will get a luxurious life. " Mom smiled. 

       My head was throbbing after hearing them. Aunt winked at me. It was her plan, she was trying to say something to me. I nodded in understanding. If my mother couldn't help, maybe this stranger could. 

       I was in the living room with him. I wanted to claw the door and scooted away. I could not say anything. I made a plan to ask him to deny this marriage but my voice seemed to paralyze me. I was standing like a dumb, even I could not raise my eyes at his direction where he was standing. He cleared his throat, " I can see you don't look interested in this wedding. " He said making me jump. 

      " I um I.. how do you know it? " I could say only this. 

      " I'm a businessman. I can see through people's moves. " He said. 

     He was observing me. I gulped, " Why are you doing this then? " I asked. 

        " Let's take it as a deal. You'll marry me. I'll allow you to complete your degree and you can spend my money. " He said. 

      Like a deal! It can work if he'll not step back from his words. 

     " And? " I looked at him. 

     He strode toward me smirking, " Few days and then divorce. I've my sources. You can trust me. " He said, standing in front of me. 

         " There are a lot of things to think about. " I whispered. 

         " Well! You have one minute for this. " He said. 

         " What? But! " I winced and stared at him. 

         " You look shell-shocked. I can understand the whole situation. Time is over. We are getting married. Believe me, you'll not regret it. " He wickedly said, flashing a devilish smile. He marched out of the room. 

       I was standing there numbed and bewildered. I didn't come here to know this. My judgement could never go wrong. He was pretending to be nice, civil with me. I didn't understand business but I understood good, bad and humanity. He had nothing to do with good and humanity. He was miles away from all this or I should say, no one taught him to be the good one instead of merely pretending. 


       Two days passed like a blink, Dylan and I were married. Our marriage was held in a courtroom. I could not believe it. Everything happened so fast. I pleaded to my mother to decline it. But she refused it instantly. 

      His car stopped in front of his mansion. Our ceremony had been simple and followed by a small reception afterwards including family members. I was expecting a grand marriage. I hadn't seen such a simple wedding before. He held his hand out for me and with no option I extended my hand, placing it in his bulky hand. He led me inside my new coop. He showed me my room and went out immediately. I blew out the hot breath and was relieved. I looked around the room. There was everything. I needed and of course, expensive stuff. After exploring my new room, I paced at the washroom. I bathed with hot water and put on my pyjamas and full sleeves loose top. I don't want him to run his eyes on me. The far he stayed away from me, the better my life would be. I locked the door. Plopping on the mattress, I switch off the light. 

       My eyes were wide opened. I was staring at the ceiling without any thought in my mind. Why did he make such a deal with me? What could be the deal and offer, my family made with him or he made with them? My body jolted with sudden loud screams. I sat on the mattress, with the pounding of my heart in my chest. Screams were pouring in my ears ceaselessly. 

        Fearfully, I put my feet on the mattress. I walked at the door. Screams were melting my heart. There was a pain in her voice. I got the door and stepped out. It was coming from the next third door of my room. It was opened and I could see lights spreading in the dark aisle through it. I meekly walked toward it. I stood near the wall and peeped through the open door. Dylan was towering over a woman. She was crying, screaming and begging from him to stop. First, I could not understand what was happening? He lifted his hand up and hit the girl on her cheek. 

      " I don't want this child, Alisa. " He shouted at the girl. 

     My body felt numb. Before he caught me peeping in. I rushed back to my room and bolted it behind me. I rushed at the bed. I knew it, this man had an evil personality. He said that he didn't want that child. That means the girl was pregnant with his child. Was he going to kill his own child? What kind of devil he was, who was hitting his own blood's mother. Tears filled my eyes. I clasped my mouth. My mother put me in another cage to tolerate his cruelty. Suddenly, her screams ceased. There was only my heartbeat that was drumming in my ear. Most importantly, if he had someone in his life, why did he agree to do this marriage? 

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Bea Martinez
it's very good
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Vicky Moore
The misspellings and punctuation are killing this already. It’s usually a problem with forgotten periods and commas but with this story it’s tons of extra commas and periods all over where they shouldn’t be.
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Nice start up author. I'm already crazy for.your writing. keep it up.

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