The Mafia Man's Deal

The Mafia Man's Deal

By:  Cc Lopez  Ongoing
Language: English
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Bristol Maccabee's father is in danger. She sacrifices something dear to her to save him, but the mafia man has other plans for her.

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Delinda Schumacher
23 chapters 3-5-23
2023-03-06 02:14:15
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Twala Roan
I love this book and this author. I can't wait to to see where this story finishs.
2022-05-24 02:53:42
user avatar
Love this Author! Her style of writing will take you to a place you’ve never imagined
2022-02-06 08:49:42
user avatar
I like this book! I hope it be a part 2.
2022-01-12 03:50:53
default avatar
Great book, love that it keeps you on the edge of your seats wanting more!
2021-11-05 06:34:46
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Lauri Martin
OK another awesome book by this fantastic writer!!! I can't wait for the next update! these two are amazing ...
2021-10-24 01:51:48
23 Chapters
Chapter 1
*Warning Graphic Content* It's the last day of senior year, and I spend the day with my friends Camari and Brinley, cleaning out the last of our things. Today is also my eighteenth birthday, and we have plans to hit up a popular nightclub with our fake IDs. "So Bristol, how are things with Cole?" I glanced at Brinley while pulling my books out and shrugged. "I don't know at this point. He keeps pressuring me, and I'm just not ready." "Oh, come on, Bristol, it's just sex." Camari butted in. "Not to me. It's sacred." I replied, irritated. Camari rolled her eyes, going back to grab her things. Since elementary school, Brinley has been my friend, and Camari started at our school in ninth grade, so she doesn't understand my reasons for waiting. "Camari, don't act like that. It's her choice. Some of us aren't sluts." Brinley said, irritated. "Whatever, I'll see you guys tonight. I have to
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Chapter 2
I rushed out of the club, bypassing my friends. "Bristol? Where are you going?" Brinley shouted over the music, but I ignored her as I kept running. Going straight to my house, taking the stairs two at a time. In my dad's room, I glance around, looking for his safe. Fining it in the closet behind his hung clothes. As I approached the safe, I kneeled. Trying several codes, but they are all wrong until I punched in today's date, realizing he used my birthday. Ring... Ring... Ring. My phone blared, and I swiped it to answer. "Hello?" I spoke. "Where did you go?" I've been texting you non-stop," Brinley said, worried. "I'm sorry something came up," I explained. "What's wrong?" Brinley questioned. Not wanting to involve my best friend, I avoided the question. "Nothing, I have to go." and I hung up the phone without another word. After opening the safe, there was a stack of cash and some jewelry. I grabbed it
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Chapter 3
Unable to comprehend what this man is saying, I can only stare at him, baffled. "What does that even mean?" I asked. The man lifted a brow. "Exactly the way it sounds."  My heart raced in my chest. Was this man saying he wanted me and not the money? But for what? "No, absolutely not!" My father chimed in. "Shoot me. I know precisely how your girls turn out. They all end up pregnant and spend the rest of their lives as mob wives." He said, shaking his head in refusal.  My eyes grew wide.  "If you don't shut up, I'm going to shoot you and still keep her." The tattooed man proclaimed in a deep voice.   "What exactly does this entail?" I asked hesitantly. "What do you want me for?" I added.  "Bristol, don't do this." My father pleaded with me.  "I SAID SHUT THE FUCK UP!" The man sent a right hook to my father's head, knocking him out of the chair.  "DADDY!" I screamed
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Chapter 4
I slowly faced Brinley. "What are you doing here?" Brinley's expression was full of disappointment. "I could ask you the same thing." I came around the bar, pulling her away towards the dance floor. "You need to leave. It's not safe here. Please, just trust me," I said, placing my hands on her shoulders. "I don't understand," she expressed, confused. "Hello, ladies," Alek said as he approached, and my heart sank into the pit of my stomach. "Um, next time, don't be afraid to ask. That's what I'm here for." I played it off, hoping he wouldn't find out Brinley was my best friend. "What the hell are you talking about, Bristol?" Brinley asked, looking at me as if I'd gone crazy. All my efforts at trying to save everyone from this man weren't working. They just kept showing up. Who would be next? "Who are you?" Alek asked, glancing at my friend. Brinley cocked her head, try
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Chapter 5
At the mansion, I follow Alek through the halls, demanding he talk to me. "Alek, please don't force me to stay here." He only glances over at me. Annoyed, I keep talking, hoping it will get him to give me some answers. "I don't see what the problem is if the men look at me? That's what you made the deal for, right? So I can help your club make money?" Alek stood from the couch quickly, making me flinch. "You do not know why I made the deal.""No, I don't. That's why I'm asking." I replied in a sarcastic tone. Alek came towards me, gripping my hair, pulling my head back, exposing my neck. His lips grazed my skin, and electricity surged through me. Something I never felt before. I closed my eyes, taking in this moment to the fullest, and for the first time, my core was wet from his touch. I felt guilty for liking it. Alek's scent engulfed my senses, encouraging my arousal further. With my eyes closed, not realizing I let my mouth part from pleasure, a
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Chapter 6
After the mafia doctor took Alek back to the examination room, the thought of running crossed my mind. I saved him. Maybe he wouldn't come after me. I sat in the front room of this tiny house, which I'm guessing, was just for these purposes. My leg bouncing anxiously as I bit my nails, trying to figure out what I should do. Would he kill my father? Would he kill us both? Or worse, would he kill everyone I've ever loved and leave me alone for the rest of my life? All these thoughts coursed through my brain. "Hey, he wants to see you." I glanced up to the doctor who stood in the doorway, then stood walking towards him. "How long have you been the doctor for his mafia?" I questioned. "We grew up together. I only chose a different path." He answered. I shook my head, disappointed. "Not really. They still involve you in their lies and murderous ways." I retorted. The doctor only l
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Chapter 7
A WEEK LATER...I have been in this freaking mansion for a week, and I would literally do anything just to work at the club to get the hell out of here, but since I won't even speak to Alek, there's no way he will let me. Plus, he's afraid I’ll run. I stood from the bed and went down to the kitchen. To my surprise, Alek is here instead of his new goon to watch me. And by the way, he was almost as much of an asshole as Damon was. Alek glanced up from whatever he was writing, and his eyes followed me across the kitchen. I glared in his direction, then rolled my eyes. My outfit of choice was an oversized sweater that slumped off my shoulder. And I completely forgot to put on shorts because I thought Alek would have left already. I bent down awkwardly, trying to grab the juice. “Why the hell are you bending like that?” Alek starred, confused. “Are you broken?” 
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Chapter 8
We pulled into a fancy restaurant in downtown LA. Alek came around, opened my door, and helped me out.As we entered, a friendly server approached. “Mr. Nabokav, welcome. We have your usual table.” A smile formed on my lips, and a giggle almost escaped me. “Don’t even,” Alek whispered as we followed the server. I pretended to zip my lip. “Your secret is safe with me.” Alek chuckled under his breath. At the table, Alek pulled out my chair, and I accepted. Then he sat across from me. “What can I get you to drink?” The server asked, looking between the two of us. “Whiskey,” Alek answered. I looked up from the menu at the server. “The same.” Alek lifted a brow. “You sure?”“I’m not as innocent as you think.” And I nodded for the
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Chapter 9
NEXT DAY...Walking down the stairs ready for the day, I find myself alone, except for my bodyguard, or should I say, prison guard. Drake sat at the table, reading something on his phone. “Where is Alek?” I asked. Drake looked up. “He had a meeting.” “How am I going to get to the club?” I questioned. Drake grinned. “Me sweetheart.” The way he looked at me gave me creeper vibes. Annoyed, I glare at him. “It’s Bristol,” I stated with my hand on my hip. “Whatever hotcakes,” Drake laughed, looking back at his phone. Anger bubbled up. I slammed my hand on the counter. “I said my name is Bristol!” I shouted, repeating myself. He stood. “Watch it. That pretty little mouth shouldn’t talk like that. I have a few ideas about how I should be used.”&
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Chapter 10
It stunned Alek for a second, but quickly comprehended what I said. His lips forcefully smashed into mine. His hands cupped my face as he deepened our kiss. Alek tasted so good. I wanted him to ravish every part of me. We pulled apart, breathless. "I want you so damn bad," Alek whispered as he placed his forehead against mine. "Then do it. Take me now Alek," I teased.  There was a rumble in his chest when he gripped the back of my thighs and lifted me to straddle him. He held me effortlessly as he walked towards the hall. "No, I can't wait. I want you now," I said with urgency. Alek slammed me against the wall, and I wrappe
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