The Mafia’s Pet

The Mafia’s Pet

By:  Destiny B  Ongoing
Language: English
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BOOK 1: COMPLETED BOOK 2: ONGOING TW: DARK DESIRES, VIOLENCE, FORCED AND EXPLICIT SCENES Diego Reyes is the Mexican mafia lord in Las Vegas running a sex club. After finding out one of his most trusted men, Antonio Davis, stole money from him, he kills him and plans to do the same to his entire family. That is until he meets Vanessa, Antonio’s youngest daughter. He makes a deal with her that if she and her sister work for him for six months, he’ll let them go, but he wants her all to himself. He’s determined to make her his little pet and consume her mind, body, and spirit. As disgusted as Vanessa should be that she belongs to her father’s murderer, she finds herself enjoying the lifestyle and wanting more.

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Chastity Sa'ssie Collins
How often do you update?
2024-06-16 22:49:19
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Tsholo Matjila
absolutely love this book, I'm hooked because the storyline keeps building and I just have to know what happens next. amazing work!
2024-06-04 09:14:59
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Derryl Williams
ok I love this book and the sex scenes are amazing. when I saw the writer I was very excited. I will definitely be reading all of her books and referring to my friends!!! Come on part 2!!!!!
2024-06-03 10:29:37
default avatar
Tina Walton McCoy
I’m enjoying your style of writing. I’ve read 3 of your books, I simply can’t get enough.
2024-05-06 02:51:37
86 Chapters
Chapter 1
DiegoBANG! BANG! BANG!Bullets fly from my gun, ricocheting through the chest of the bastard who betrayed me. "What a fucking waste," I sigh, watching blood pool onto the floor. I shove the gun back into my waistband holster, inhaling the addictive scent of gun powder and revenge.Turning to my second-in-command, Leonardo stands near the door, gazing down at the body with a stoic expression. "Leo, get somebody to clean this up!" I bark.With a curt nod, he's on the phone with the "cleaning" crew. They'll have this piece of shit in a body bag within the hour, ensuring there's no trace of him left behind.I storm back into the club, where loud music fills the building, drowning out the sounds of sex. I head straight to the bar and order a shot of tequila. Axel places it in front of me, worry etched on his countenance. "Is it done, Jefe (Boss)?" he asks, his voice tight with emotion.This has deeply affected each of my men, whether they admit it or not. We're supposed to be a familia,
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Chapter 2
Diego Ripping the tape from her mouth, she winces. "It looks like you want to say something, Mama. What is it?" I ask, abandoning my native tongue, as I doubt they speak Spanish. She spits in my face, and I chuckle as I wipe it away. "A feisty one, I like that. What's your name?""Fuck you!" she seethes, "where is my father? What did you do to him, you monster!"A dark chuckle escapes my lips. "He's maggot food, and you and the rest of your family are going to join him shortly."I'm actually considering another idea, but I say that just to see her reaction. Is she truly as tough as she presents herself, or is she just another weak, sheltered princess crying for her daddy?Her eyes widen, but she doesn't dissolve into tears like her mother, whose wailing has become obnoxiously louder. I grit my teeth, the sound grating against my skull. "Shut the fuck up before I send you to hell with your husband!" I growl. She sobs even harder, and I'm two seconds from actually considering putting a
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Chapter 3
Diego I cock my head to the side. "And you think you have a say in that? Once we make this deal, I'll own you."Fuck. The idea of owning her ignites a fire in me that I've never felt before. Who gives a fuck about her sister, she's just coming along because I can tell she cares for her, and I'll use that to my advantage."S-Sir, please don't pimp us out," the sister whimpers.Ah, she speaks. I was starting to wonder if the only thing she can do is cry and get on my fucking nerves.They both look at me, but only one pair of eyes does anything for me. I hum, stroking my chin thoughtfully. "There's only one way to get out of that." My attention is only on my feisty mama now.She swallows hard, jutting her chin out in defiance. "What the fuck do you want from me?" she bites out.Mmm, I can't wait to punish that bratty mouth of hers."Be my pet. I'll be allowed to do whatever I want to you for the duration of the six months."Their expressions twist in shock, but I keep my gaze fixed on
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Chapter 4
VanessaAfter being yanked from my bed in the middle of the night, I find myself sitting in a black SUV beside a psychopathic, egocentric monster.He has fair skin, a chiseled jawline, piercing, sky blue eyes, and a rugged allure that makes him appear both sexy and terrifying. His hair is a gorgeous waterfall of black curls, gracefully framing his face. Dressed in an all-black ensemble, tattoos subtly peek out from beneath his jacket sleeves and adorn his neck, adding to his dangerous persona.We've been driving for at least an hour. My senses are on high alert, my blood pounding in my ears so loudly, I can't hear anything else. I scan the car for a way out, but there isn't one. Even if I manage to find a way to knock this asshole out, I would still have to deal with the man who's driving, and my sister, Alicia, is trapped in the other car. I have no doubt that his men would kill her in an instant if I actually made a move. How could my father do this to us? Five million fucking doll
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Chapter 5
Vanessa As Alicia gets out of the car, accompanied by two of his men, I make a desperate attempt to get to her, but Dickweed grabs me firmly by the arm. His voice drips with malice, as he warns, "Don't even try it.""Let me go or I'll scream."A mischievous glimmer dances in his eyes. "Try it. Let's see if that helps you at all."I'm tempted to do just that until I glance back at Alicia, who looks like she's about to piss herself, or knowing her...piss herself again. Our eyes lock, and she begins to sob, a new stream of tears cascading down her cheeks."If you fuckers lay a finger on her, I swear I'll kill you! I'll kill you all!" I scream, fighting against his hold, still careful not to drop Mom's urn.He passes me over to the man I heard him call Danny on the way here. Dickweed says something in Spanish that is way too fast for me to even try to decipher, causing panic to grip my chest. I feel my body switch into fight or fight mode as I begin to flail in Danny's arms. But there's
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Chapter 6
Vanessa The second the words leave my mouth, he forces me onto my knees. Grabbing my hair, he yanks my puff almost painfully as he unbuckles his pants with the other hand and yanks out his dick. I've never seen one in real life before, only in porn, and quite honestly, I'm afraid of it. It's long and thick and there's no way it will fit in my mouth."I-I've never done this before," I stammer, feeling tears brimming in my eyes from the painful burn of my scalp. Dickweed grabs my chin, stroking it as he brushes his thumb across my bottom lip. "That's okay, Mama. I knew my pet would need some training." He squeezes my jaw. "Open."I reluctantly obey, feeling a shiver of revulsion crawl down my spine as he spits into my mouth. The thick wad of saliva rests on my tongue, and I fight the urge to gag.Eww, what the fuck? The bodily fluids of other people gross me out, and here this disgusting asshole is spitting into my mouth! How am I supposed to escape this situation, or spit it out wit
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Chapter 7
Vanessa My eyes flutter open, and I see my captor's face peering back at me. I'm still wearing my pajamas from yesterday when he snatched me from my bed. I breathe a sigh of relief. That means he didn't drug and violate me last night. When I signed that contract last night, it was implied several times that he can just take what he wants, so I was afraid he would act on that last night. He appears to be deeply asleep, warm air blowing against my face with his every soft exhale. This is my chance to escape. I wonder if there's a way I can get out of here without him waking. From what I saw, he only has a few bodyguards. I just have to find Alicia in this huge ass house, and we can escape. I know if I make any noise, I'm fucked, so I carefully roll over onto my other side, my heart pounding like a drum. The movement causes the bed to dip, and I freeze, silently praying it hasn't woken him up as I peer over my shoulder. Good, he's still asleep. I attempt to move again,
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Chapter 8
VanessaI feel his powerful presence behind me, and I clutch Mom's urn harder as if it could shield me from him. He yanks my hair back, forcing me against his chest. His hand snakes around my neck, his warm breath hot against my skin. "I'm disappointed you weren't in my bed when I awoke. I hope you weren't trying to escape from me, Mama." His voice is calm and low, as if he's just waiting for me to confess my sins so he can revel in my punishment. But I refuse to give him the satisfaction. "I'm sure she knows better than that, Diego. She probably just wanted something to eat," the green eyed man assures him with a smirk. So our captor's name is Diego. That information will be useful for the police report I'll be filing as soon as I get the hell out of here. "Is that true?" Diego asks, his grip on my neck tightening just enough to assert dominance. "Do you usually bring an urn with you to breakfast?" My body betrays me, trembling with fear and an inexplicable heat that po
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Chapter 9
Vanessa I breathe a sigh of relief, grateful that everyone who witnessed my humiliation is gone. "Stand," Diego commands. I glare into his eyes, letting him know just how much I hate his fucking guts as I rise to my feet. The dickweed just smirks back at me. Leading me over to the table, he gestures for me to sit beside him. The older woman smiles and places a full plate in front of him. "Para mantenerte fuerte y saludable (to keep you strong and healthy)," she says. As he thanks the woman serving him, I resist the urge to scoff at his facade. Grandma must be oblivious to the fact that he's a violent, dangerous murderer. "¿Tiene hambre, Senora (Are you hungry, ma'am)?" Staring at me, she patiently awaits my answer to whatever the hell she just asked me. Diego quickly intervenes in Spanish, and she smiles and nods. For a moment, I anticipate that she'll return to the kitchen and grab me some food, but she simply leaves. Well, I guess just fuck me then. No matter how frie
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Chapter 10
Vanessa "I'm not wearing this," I say defiantly. Unable to hide my grimace, I toss the dress back to him. He chuckles as though I'm merely a tantrum-throwing child. I'm already wearing his stupid collar, now he wants me to put on a stupid dress that is way too short. Dad taught us that only girls asking for trouble wear skirts and dresses. Just imagine if he had seen this one! Diego cocks a dark eyebrow. "Have you never worn a dress before, Mama?" "N-No. And I don't need to wear one. I'm not the whore you're trying to turn me in to!" I assert, feeling my cheeks flush. A shadow crosses over his face. "And who called you a whore?" I ignore the question. "You said you weren't going to pimp us out. So, why are you making me dress like a whore?" I ask, my voice rising in fear and anger. "I already told you that you're all mine, Mascota. My club is upscale, so dressing casually will make you stand out." He rises from the bed and adjusts his black suit jacket. "Why don't yo
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