The Magnetic Alpha

The Magnetic Alpha

By:  Bellamia  Completed
Language: English
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A night i will never forget... Becca Summer was prepared for a bright future, until a night party and an unknown man ruined everything. As the notorious Alpha of the Moon Shine Pack, Christos Fernandez has everything he wanted. Except the mysterious girl of seven years ago. He is determined to keep searching for her no matter the cost, but his new Head of Design and the mother of two is a distraction from his goal. Will he get to know they are one and the same person?

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Terry Spain Stephens
Such a wonderful story. Thank you for being such a great storyteller.
2023-02-27 01:33:32
default avatar
isabel Ah Wong
2023-02-14 23:08:45
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Joan Vittorelli
I am loving this book. I just hope it will not be a book I start and have to stop because it drags on into the 3 to 400 episode books. if you want to continue writing about the other characters, (please) start another book/sequel .. thank you
2023-01-14 08:31:54
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Brianna Desrosiers
I love the story line and the character development. It’s a very enticing read, I’m curious as to how it ends. If you’re ever looking for help editing I would love to chip in!
2023-01-09 23:38:05
user avatar
Terry Spain Stephens
This beautiful story is fun to read th kids are perfect and funny. Love that they are main characters. In the story. Just love the kids. Hope they get to stay active throughout the story. to the end.
2022-12-24 15:30:09
user avatar
Terry Spain Stephens
This is such a good story. Can’t wait to read more.
2022-11-16 08:34:28
user avatar
good read so far
2022-09-30 10:34:18
287 Chapters
01 The Party
Becca. Putting the last touch to my makeup, I stood upright to check my final look in front of the mirror and satisfied, I picked my purse to walk out of my small but comfortable room. As the only child of my old parents, I considered myself lucky to have my own space. Decorated in pink and purple, the room was a statement on feminism all through and through. Listening to the quiet voice of my parents presently, I paused slightly at the stairs, wondering if I should go forward or not. The thing is, they really do not want me to attend this party. Nope, that’s not how it is. Basic fact is, my parents don’t like me going anywhere outside the house if it’s not school. But, as a twenty year old girl who is now above the legal age, there is nothing much they can do about it. So yea, they are probably downstairs now in the hall, muttering and murmuring to each other about why I have to go to my friend’s birthday party. Truth be told, even though I don't feel much like going, I alrea
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02 The Dream
Christos.Walking nakedly out of the shower some minutes later, Christos swore again with bleary eyes, regretting the impulse to drink. He knew he was drunk which is why he had quickly left his friend’s engagement party to come back to his room for a sleep.Rubbing his head briskly with the white towel in his hand, he walked unsteadily to the door to flick the lock before moving staggeringly to the bed. Dropping the wet towel to the floor, Christos flipped the duvet and was surprised to see the back view of a fair maiden on his bed.‘Oh heavens! Why will Julius arrange a girl for me without informing me when I didn’t ask him for one?And why is she lying there pretending to be asleep? A street vixen pretending shyness? Hmm!’‘I guess I will just have to ignore her. Presently, I need more sleep than I need a siren. She will just have to bear with the disappointment.’ I decided tiredly before moving to the other side of the bed to lie down.But even in my incapacitated state, I can’t he
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03 The Nightmare
Becca.“Ohmygod, I’m a fool. What have I done?” Becca asked herself as she stared at the home test result on the bathroom slab.‘I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. From a night of sex with a man I can hardly remember.’Even though I have tried to move the incident of seven weeks ago behind me and act like everything is normal, especially for the sake of my old parents, it is all I can think of right now, with everything staring me in the face.Allowing myself to face the horror of that day, I slumped to the floor of the bathroom as I got overwhelmed with everything. All I could remember about that night was walking unsteadily into the hotel room and removing my clothes as I fell into the bed that I thought belonged to my friend, Cindy. By the time I knew something was amiss, it was too late.I only woke slightly to the pleasure of something as I felt someone tugging softly on my breast. Groggy from the effect of sleep and tequila, I thought it was a game of love with my boyfriend, James. A
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04 The Homecoming
Becca.Six years and nine months later, our plane landed at the airport and I stepped into my town of birth, with my precious son and daughter beside me.But this time around, with more sophistication and prestige. Waking up one day with this sudden urge to take my kids back to their land of conception, I resigned from my job as a top executive designer of the Leo Guard Company in London.But this urge was not as sudden as I want you all to believe. The truth is, for ages, the twins, now five years and some months old, have been disturbing me about their origins. They knew we ain’t from the London part of the world and truth be told, it never crossed my mind to lie to them.‘Except where their father is concerned.’ A voice prodded but I ignored.Of course I can’t tell them the whole truth about their father as I also don’t know the truth. All I know is that he’s a broad chested bastard who took advantage of an innocent girl, and I can’t tell them that. Can I?So I fabricated some sto
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05 Memories
Becca.As if Cindy and the kids understood what the moment meant to me, they suddenly went silent. And I was not surprised when I felt a comforting tiny hand slipping into my right hand at the other side of the car.Eric has always been a sensitive boy and of my two adorable children, sometimes I feel closer to him than any other person; more for his show of empathy and maturity at odd hours.Which of course is dangerous for my emotions because every damn time he does that, I can’t help but wonder. ‘Who was that man I slept with that night? Is this his face I’m seeing on my kids? This unique beauty people would not stop telling me can only be from a Greek gene?But one thing is sure, even though the little thing I know about the man stinks, I will never regret the existence of my children. It’s not even strange to say I’m a little glad their father, whoever he is, has a good gene.It would not have helped my situation at all if at the hospital, I was congratulated with less than ador
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06 The CEO
Becca.After Cindy’s bombshell about the company being among the biggest in the country, I had made sure I read more on them and oh mehn, I was surprised to learn that truly, The Fernandez Construction Company was considered to be the biggest and most successful not just in the country of Canada but in other ten business countries. Hmm, their success story was totally impressive and to think the young billionaire CEO single handedly raised the company from nothing to something made it more enjoyable to read.The only child of his parents, his Mum, May Fernandez, was actually a Canadian who grew up in Greece and got married to a Greek millionaire, Anthony Fernandez, and from all the stories about them, it was apparent they were so much in love, the Greece’s press never failed to write about them. Until an anniversary boat ride accident ended the life of Anthony Fernandez and his widow was left alone in the world with only her son to comfort her.As a matter of fact, it was rumoured t
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07 The Beastly Man
Becca.Thinking of that now as I drove steadily down the lane that will take us to Fernandez's Headquarters, I gave my head a hard shake.‘It must have been pure joy, knowing I will be working for such dynamic man.’ I assured myself carelessly. But in the next moment I found myself thinking again.‘Focus, girl, focus.’ I warned myself calmly.“Turn left and go straight to the last junction.’ The voice on the map directed, as if it too was bent on making me focus.Rolling my eyes towards the ceiling of the car, I glanced to the back of the car to check on the twins. They have been quiet for some minutes now which is sometimes unusual. Seeing that they were occupied with their new story books, I smiled softly.The twins are my biggest treasure in life and they never fail to bring a smile to my proud face.Few minutes later, I saw the Fernandez billboard boldly staring at me and I turned off the map. It will no longer be needed, not with this head signal I can see even from a distance.S
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08 A Restless Mind
Christos.Restless for a reason I can’t pinpoint and unable to concentrate on much while sitting there in my spacious office, I allowed my thoughts to flash back to the incident of that morning.Having spent the major part of my night dealing with an emergency at the wolves' pack house, the last thing I wanted was to come to the office that morning. But remembering I had an important meeting fixed with the Minister of Petroleum Resources, I had no choice but to turn up.The last thing I needed though was some spoiled brats messing things up for me. Not that I hated kids, no, usually I paid them no mind as I’m just indifferent towards their existence. In case you are wondering, no, I don’t plan on having a child of mine, at least not in the nearest future, I have enough loyalists around me to inherit my wealth and fortune if it’s about that.But this morning, already feeling tired and irritated, all it took was for that little brat to drain me in water, and everything in me went on fi
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09 Education
Becca.I gave a loud sigh of relief as I opened the door to our new home and dropped my bags on the side table. Of course my little madam heard it and she took me up on it.“Why that sigh Mum? Was the work too much for your small shoulder?” She asked with a serious gaze and I gave a small laugh even as I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling.“No baby, my new job is cool, but that does not mean I am not glad to be home. Sitting all day in a spot ain’t really my thing.” I confessed as I moved towards the kitchen to wash my hands and make us some quick meals.The twins followed behind and I know more questions are coming.“Well, we did not have that problem. We had lots of fun.” My son enlightened me, as if it was not obvious.Really, I almost felt embarrassed today at the way my kids kept telling everyone at work that they had a good time. You would think I derived them from fun and plays at home.But yea, I know. In London, it was only me for company except when they were in school and I
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10 Same Man
Becca.Or so I thought! Until I got invited to the Boss’s office the following morning for a meet and greet and I saw that the evil man was none other than my new boss.Fitting! For a minute, I was so angry I thought of resigning right there and then just to spite this man, but I saw the glint in his eyes after the surprise left his eyes and I knew he could guess at my thought and was in fact expecting it.Well, I ain’t ready to give this man any more satisfaction concerning me and my children. Allowing my long lashes to fall over my eyes as a shield, I glanced at the man with all shades of professionalism.I have met the evil man and put him in his place.Now, it is time to meet my boss. This man right here is another person to me, as far as I am concerned I had not met him before.“Nice to meet you, Mr. Fernandez.” I responded to his first question but it was obvious from my tone that nothing about him was nice at all. Not where I was concerned.‘Obviously I’m much worse at preten
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