The Mates’ Vengeance

The Mates’ Vengeance

By:  Victor Levi  Completed
Language: English
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Fernanda, a resilient girl who got turned into a slave, suffered the tragic loss of her parents, escapes the clutches of her Slavemaster, Alpha Draxler, Alpha of the Midnight Shadow pack and finds solace with Sergio, the Alpha of the Black Moon Pack. Together, they seek justice against the Midnight Shadow Pack, who betrayed Sergio's pack and orchestrated Fernanda's captivity. As they delve deeper into their mission, they uncover shocking secrets, including the revelation that Fernanda possesses a rare and coveted ability granted by the moon goddess. With their love and bond growing stronger, Sergio and Fernanda share an intimate encounter, awakening Fernanda's dormant wolf and unlocking her extraordinary powers. However, their newfound happiness is short-lived as Alpha Draxler becomes obsessed with capturing Fernanda and claiming her abilities for himself. Now aware of the danger they face, Sergio and Fernanda, aided by their loyal allies, embark on a treacherous journey to protect Fernanda and harness her powers. In a climactic showdown, they engage in a fierce battle against the Midnight Shadow Pack, with alliances shifting and sacrifices made. Will their love and newfound abilities be enough to overcome Alpha Draxler and his cohorts, or will the unmastered ability lead to their ultimate downfall?

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Kristelle Joyce Meniano
I love it, I also have my favorite story now.
2024-01-26 08:07:11
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Jonathan Blues
Good story, please update more frequently.
2023-08-04 16:16:00
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Disgusting s assault. Sadism etc.
2023-11-17 00:11:20
107 Chapters
Chapter One
**Twelve Years Ago**Fernanda’s POV"Mom, Dad, look!" I shouted, halfway up a tree. From my vantage point, I could see the vast expanse of our pack lands. My dad warned me to come down before he had to fetch me, teasingly implying that I had climbed too high.Suddenly, everything changed. In a matter of seconds, a group of rogue wolves encircled my parents, snapping and growling menacingly. My parents swiftly shifted into their wolf forms, trying to fend off the attackers. My dad courageously leaped onto the largest rogue, engaging in a fierce battle. But in that crucial moment, two of the rogues diverted their attention to my defenseless mom. Instinctively, my dad turned to protect her, momentarily diverting his focus.That split second became the turning point in my life, forever altering its course. The shattered bond of the mates overwhelmed my mom, leaving her vulnerable. Surrendering to the anguish, she allowed the two wolves to attack her, knowing that her soulmate was gone. "
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Chapter Two
**Fernanda’s POV**My alarm blares with its piercing sound, a reminder that it's already 4 am. If I don't rise promptly, I won't have time for my morning shower.As the designated caretaker for the pack, I bear the responsibility of cooking, cleaning, and any other tasks the Alpha and Luna deem necessary. If I let a slip of the tongue escape or fail to complete my duties, punishment awaits. The pack members hold nothing but animosity towards me, except for Helen, an Omega. Omegas, positioned at the bottom of the hierarchy, perform the same chores as I do but receive compensation and are spared from punishment. Some warriors safeguard the pack, including a Gamma and a Beta, who work closely with the Alpha and Luna.I swiftly shed my clothes and step under the comforting stream of hot water. Aware of the potential intrusion, I hurriedly shampoo my hair with the meager amount provided, rinsing it out before applying conditioner, allowing it to soak briefly. Hastily, I cleanse my body, an
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Chapter Three
**Sergio’s POV**I focused on the pleasurable sensations with the blonde beneath me, though her loud and needy demeanor grated on my nerves. She had been a childhood friend, always lingering around, and I occasionally indulged in her company. In her misguided belief, she thought she would become my mate and Luna, but little did she know that I had no interest in such a role. As the Alpha of a formidable pack in the Northeast of Las Noches, I neither sought nor needed a Luna by my side. When I came of age at 18, my father handed over the leadership of our pack to me, expecting that I would find a suitable mate who would assume the role of Luna. However, fate had a different plan in store, as my true mate turned out to be someone unexpected.My parents were remarkable individuals who raised me with wisdom and instilled strength within our pack. Building upon their foundation, I took our pack's power and influence to unprecedented heights. We commanded respect, and other packs sought al
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Chapter Four
**Fernanda’s POV**Alpha Draxler and his son Damian stormed into the room, instantly filling it with an oppressive atmosphere. I couldn't help but curse under my breath. This dreadful place had become a haunting nightmare for me, with its dark brown walls and a stained gray carpet that bore witness to my pain. It seemed like I was the only one who ever set foot in this room, enduring punishments that were meant only for me."Slave, your incompetence knows no bounds. You dare to create a mess at my breakfast table? Will you ever learn your place? I have no tolerance for lazy and useless slaves," Alpha Draxler bellowed, his voice dripping with disdain. The weight of his words hung heavily in the air, and I braced myself for the impending punishment."As your penalty, and perhaps to satisfy my sadistic desires, you will receive five lashes. In a rare act of mercy, I will allow you to choose the instrument of your torment. But make no mistake, Damian will be the one to administer your pun
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Chapter Five
**Sergio’s POV**After finishing my training session, which I enjoyed despite not being obligatory since Gamma Kevin handled it well, I made my way back to my room to shower before attending a party I had no interest in. My mother saw it as an opportunity for me to find a potential mate, but my ambitions lay elsewhere. I was determined to lead our pack to great heights and establish our dominance among all others.Upon opening the door to my room, I caught a familiar scent. It was Felicia. Surprised, I asked her, "What brings you here?"She replied, her voice filled with desire, "There's something about you when you return from training, all sweaty and powerful. It turns me on. I want to explore every inch of your sculpted abs, tracing my way down to your already aroused manhood."She approached me, dressed provocatively in a white see-through bra, matching thong, and elegant black stilettos. She knew exactly how to captivate me, and I could feel myself growing more excited. Allowing
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Chapter Six
*Fernanda's POV**I wiped my sweaty hands on my apron. There was a lot to do today and it wasn't over yet. Every single day was exhausting and I worked to my bones.The official announcement was yet to be made but I had something bigger to look forward to. I have been enduring everything while waiting patiently for this very day.Today, I would put an end to my suffering and become free. It wouldn't be easy, but I was prepared. I have waited 12 years for this day.I picked up a towel and cleaned my face. I was drenched in sweat. The heat from the fire made it unbearable and standing in front of it for a full day made it like being in hell.The Omegas were of great help as they served the dishes while I remained in the kitchen, attending to other things. At this point I was done cooking, as I was the head chef.We have been busy, tediously preparing for this party. I could feel my energy draining as I have not slept a wink since last night. I had not even eaten anything as I was forbidd
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Chapter Seven
Aiden. What is he doing out here? This is all shades of bad. I didn't even have time to think. Why does it have to be him, if all persons? Suddenly I wished I was still with that stranger. "Come over here" he said. I didn't want to to this. We were the only ones here and I knew what he would do to me if I got closer. I didn't want to relive that pain over again."I- " I tried talking but the words weren't coming out from my mouth. I was starting to panic. This was not good."I know what you're trying to do. To escape, right? What would the Alpha do to you when you get caught? You already know the answer to that" he said with a smirk. At this point I had just two options now. To escape successfully or be damned forever. I knew what I had to do, I just didn't know if I could do it.** Sergio's POV ***Before They Met*Jake. He could be such a pain in the ass. I could be such a pain in the ass. At times I wonder how I'm able to put up with him. I was sure that he was getting cozy with a
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Chapter 8
*Sergio's POV*“O-over here p-please.”Berries! She must be the one. Only my mate or a member of my pack would be able to call out to me easily. She needed my help. I headed towards the direction where the call came from. I mindlinked Jake to get the car ready. He'd better get that message early, I thought to myself. I stepped on something yucky. It was red. Could it be blood? Looking closer, I discovered that it was a strawberry. There were no strawberries being grown in this part of the woods. I remembered her picking strawberries before disappearing.The scent was too familiar. Berries. She's out here somewhere. Was she a spy or a rogue? Or was she being attacked by one? Well, I'd have to get to her so I can find out. Thanks to my great senses, I could feel two people close to me even when I was afar. One's breathing was jagged, seems wounded. I got closer to them.One shifted to it's wolf form, it must have heard me coming. Once I was in clear sight, I saw Berries badly wounded.
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Chapter 9
*Aiden's POV*I hid in the woods a little longer. Who was that wolf?Was it a rogue? What was it doing out there? I had never seen a wolf so intimidating. When I stared into its eyes, I knew I'd end up dead if I charged forward. Must be a high ranking wolf from another pack, or a really powerful rogue.As I walked past the spot where I left the slave, I saw no traces of her. I wondered if the big black wolf got rid of her.Frankly I didn't care at all. She could go to hell. I just needed to return to safely. Sneaking back into the building, I unshifted. Thankfully my hair was long enough to cover the scar she left me with."Bitch!" , I spat under my breath. She should thank that wolf. If I had my way with her, she would have begged me to kill her instead.I didn’t like events like this. With Damian and my sister being at the spot light, it felt like I was third wheeling or something.I headed to the backyard to see everyone gathered together. Oh, the announcement. I’m late, I’m sure m
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Chapter 10
**Fernanda's POV**I opened my eyes. Everything was quite blurry. The ray of the sun hit my eyes so I had to shut it immediately. I moved my hands. I was on something soft, something fluffy. I didn't want to ever stand up. It was so comfortable. After a while I opened my eyes again. Where am I? Did I get caught? What is this place? My head hurt while trying to recall what happened that night. For how long have I been out? I asked myself. I looked around the room, it's the most beautiful room I've ever been in. The color of the wall was cream. The furniture was dark grey with a golden accent. Everything here exuded wealth. The owner must be very powerful. Maybe an Alpha.I was dying of thirst and I decided to make my way to where the aroma of food was emanating from. Perhaps there would be water there too. I thought to myself. I tired standing several times but I kept falling back to the bed due to the immense pain in my stomach, which was caused by Aiden I’d I can remember, before t
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