Loyal to Wrath 2

Frowning, I pulled back and looked down, displeased. “Why not?”

“I have work,” he says, pissing me off. My hand clutched at his throat. “Make sure you attend my party or else I’ll punish you. Do you hear me?” I growl dominantly.

Kaeden looks at me, shocked, but nods. I place a loving kiss on his lips and squeeze his butt, making him squeal and stare at me in horror. I go back to my bed and make him sit between my legs, that make him shiver as he settles against my semi-erect member. Hugging him, I place the frame in front of him on his lap, which he holds, and I unwrap it. My eyes widen as I feel a burst of emotions — unexplainable. Mesmerizing, beautiful, incredible, fuck it, all the positive emotions in one go.

“Did you paint this?” I ask him as I trace the name “Kae-Ga” on the left-hand corner and he nods his head slightly. Cyro howls happily, >Our mate loves us< he says. I nod my head in agreement.

Kaeden painted a picture of me and Cyro. Cyro to the left looking up at the moon with his black and silver coat with his yellow eyes and myself smiling as I face the right. He got every tattoo correct on my arms and the fact that he painted me smiling says a lot since I don’t smile, he must have monitored me. I let him hold the painting as I hugged him from behind and kissed the back of his neck. That made him shudder. Sighing into his neck, I confess, “Out of all the birthdays I had and the presents I got today and everything is first on my list. Thank you, Kaeden, you gave me the best gift I could ever ask for.” I say this sincerely from my heart since my best gift would be my mate and my mate's gifts to me were the best.

“Mn,” he hummed, making me chuckle. The two of us sat like that for a few more minutes before I reluctantly let him go. We both could hear the others waking up and it was best that he wasn’t found here.

I sighed as I threw myself on the bed and looked at the picture I just hung up, >He is the best< Cyro says, looking at the picture through my eyes.

“He is the best,” I repeat his words.


Since I can’t sleep, I head downstairs and pass my mate in the kitchen, but can’t stop to tease him because the head omega, Lucy, is busy making breakfast. I wink at him since he looks my way and I greet everyone I pass with a grunt. Taking off my shorts, my bones break and Cyro comes out, shaking out my coat. I get into a light jog and meet up with the night patrol team, who are switching with the morning patrol team. “Good morning Alpha. Happy birthday,” they greet me and I answer them with a grunt.

Everyone is used to my grunting since I’m not sociable and only know how to give instructions. I’m not well-liked but they have to respect me although most of them don’t. I’m one of the candidates for the title of Alpha and leader of the Crimson Moon Pack, but I’m too vicious for them. My twin brother is my competition and today, the deal was that whoever finds their mate first would be crowned Alpha. I found my mate early in the morning and can’t believe that he was under my nose the entire time, but we never crossed paths as much, nor was there a pull. I don’t want to tell him we’re mates; he needs to figure it out himself - I’ll try to keep a distance from him to not make him uncomfortable. >Since when are you so understanding?< Cyro scoffs.

Looking over at no man’s land as I sniff out for anything I answer, “Kaeden is our mate - mate is special.”

>I want to breed him, Corbin~< he squeals with a wag of his tail.

I scoff, “Cyro, you are the strongest wolf in the alliance. When did you start acting like a lovesick puppy?”

He growls low at me and throws us on our back, >Kaeden is our MATE - mate special< he throws back at me.

We quickly jump up and stare in the direction of no man’s land. A group of rogue wolves no less than five, one male, two females and each female has a pup walking beside them. Cyro growls, gaining their attention. The group looks over in shock at Cyro and quickly makes a get-away.

Besides them, nothing else happened on my patrol. Stepping into the packhouse with my sweat pants back on, I pass my mate, who is very conscious of me and disappears, making me chuckle inwardly. As I head up the steps, I catch the scent of Samantha, probably to surprise me at my parents’ place on the first floor.

I sigh and head to my room and get ready. I’ll wear Kaeden’s gifts tonight and keep my bracelet on. Getting into some comfortable lazy clothes instead of dressing up in my usual bad boy look, I leave my hair down and grab my phone, car keys and school bag. I wonder if I’ll find Kaeden at school later...

Walking up the steps, I hear whispers that quickly go quiet. Before I knock on the door, it swings open and I meet my nervous-looking kid sister, who looks at me with pity. I raise a questioning brow at her and walk in.

My parents, siblings and Samantha look at me and we just stare at each other. My father is the current head of the pack and will give up everything to the winner next year—but I’m not too fond of letting anyone know that my mate is younger than me and can’t be their Luna in time for the coronation, not to mention that he is a male Omega.

Looking at them who look like they are waiting for a bomb to explode, I sigh, “I’ll leave,” I say, since we never have a peaceful time together because of my attitude. I don’t do it on purpose, but there are reasons behind my actions, good reasons but horrible ones.

Just as I make to leave, my father’s wolf speaks, “Nonsense! It’s you and your brother’s birthday today. We said we’ll have breakfast so you are not leaving!” He orders me. I sigh inwardly, “Ok,” I answer and head to the table, forgetting to greet them. They soon join me, with my twin sitting across from me at the head of the table and me at the other end. We gaze at each other and I can see that he has a conflicting look in his eyes.

Samantha makes her way over. She kisses my cheek, whispering weakly, “Happy birthday, Corbin.” I turned to look at her and my eyes widened in realization. I almost forgot that she was here! Her eyes were slightly red, trying not to cry.

“Samantha?” I ask, confused. Her eyes widen as she sits down and looks at me. My sister Charlese, to my left, throws attitude, “Since when do you call her by her name?” I ignore her and look at Samantha helplessly, “You’re... here?”

“Am I not your mate?” She asked me and the tears started pooling. I shook my head emotionlessly, and she started crying. My father sighs, making me look over. He has his eyes on my twin and it hits me, >She’s mated to our brother.< Cyro comments with a snicker.

“Why are you happy?” I ask him and he howls, >My mate is perfect!< I look at my father. “Eat now?”

He looks at me and nods, “Yes, we can eat now.”

>No one said happy birthday to us yet< Cyro reminds me. I clear my throat and look over at Chris. Taking out the box from my pocket, I throw it at him, which he quickly catches and looks at me surprised, “Happy birthday,” I say.

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