The Omega’s Second Chance Mate

The Omega’s Second Chance Mate

By:  KISS Moonlight  Ongoing
Language: English
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"In three days, you will attend the Rejection Ceremony,""The Alpha needs to have a strong mate by his side to lead the Pack successfully," Lily's father explained, "And that is not you, an Omega." Lily Bray was the Omega of the Blue Creek Pack, but not just any omega. She was the omega illegitimate daughter of the Alpha. Her life was worse when she was forced to reject her mate, the Alpha to be to the Grey Blood Pack, and be mated to his disfigured, ruthless reject brother.Garrett Hunter, the second-born son of the Alpha of the Grey Blood Pack, is a disfigured outcast with a reputation for being ruthless. Much to his surprise, Lily is his long-awaited mate, and he is Lily’s second chance mate. What will happen when the two broken souls meet?Will Lily recover from the trauma of breaking her mating bond? Will she accept Garrett as her mate?Read to find out.

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user avatar
Will it get finished? When was it last updated?
2024-04-12 15:40:07
default avatar
Wish it would continue
2024-04-12 11:05:30
user avatar
Felicia Hudson
really loved reading about lily and Garrett. hope to find more books from this author. the search is hard to use.
2023-12-01 21:35:40
default avatar
Love this book!!
2023-11-29 10:18:10
user avatar
Kay Kay
this book was a really good read. the female lead was not portrayed as a weakling even though she was in Omega. the Arthur did not let the suspense last too long and the book flowed evenly at a great pace. Thank you author! I just wonder what happened to her dad in the end.....
2023-11-06 21:28:20
user avatar
Sylvia Pongan Avance
Very good in showing strength of a woman.
2023-10-27 14:42:18
default avatar
John Sisson
Not bad so far
2023-09-21 07:34:52
user avatar
Kaia Juergensen
great story just wish it would continue
2024-04-06 12:20:51
130 Chapters
CHAPTER 1 The Agreement
Lily Bray stood in front of the mirror admiring herself. Her skin glowed from her previous run with the pups of the pack. Even though she was the daughter of the Alpha, she enjoyed helping out with the pups.'You should wear the red dress,' Dina, her wolf, suggested.'You're just being petty,' Lily replied as she looked at the dresses on her bed. The festive red would be the best choice since all her other dresses were too bright for the winter. She picked it up and looked at herself in the mirror.'No, I'm not. Matthew said we look nice in red. We should wear it! It's also one of the colors in his pack,' Dina added.Lily smiled at the thought of wearing the colors of the Grey Blood Pack. She, of course, was going to be their Luna after the mating ceremony. The very thought of it made her blush. Who would've thought that she would be mated to a future Alpha?'We deserve it, no matter our rank! Matthew doesn't care that we are an Omega, so we shouldn't care anymore either,' Dina sa
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CHAPTER 2 You're an Omega
Lily stared in horror at her father. She couldn't make sense of what he was saying. Why would Matthew reject her? When they talked on the phone all day, he never mentioned it."You're joking," Lily said. "You have to be joking." Her father scowled at her because he disliked repeating himself. He paused for a moment to collect himself before saying, "This is no joke. You will be marrying Garrett Hunter."When Lily heard her father say those words, her heart sank. "I am his fated mate. We're meant to be together. Why would he want to reject me? There must be a mistake!""Lily, you're an omega. No respectable Alpha would want you as their Luna. We're saving you the agony of having to deal with your mate having a mistress," her mother explained, "and it's not like you won't have a mate.""It's what you deserve, Lily. Garrett is perfect for you," Brandy said smugly. Garrett? Garrett Hunter?? The disfigured, rejected brother of Matthew? This had to be some sort of joke. They couldn't
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CHAPTER 3 The Fated Mate's Betray
"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Tiffany asked as she walked Lily out of her apartment. She didn't want to leave her in such a terrible situation."No, I need to do this alone," Lily answered with a weak smile. She couldn't get in contact with Matthew all night. Lily needed to speak with him. Whatever happened between her and Matthew, she would have to deal with it alone. Lily didn't want to get her too caught up in her family drama."Well, you know where my spare key is," Tiffany said."Don't worry about me. I'll be okay. Matthew and I will elope, and everything will be fine," Lily said.Tiffany smiled slightly, but Lily noticed that her eyes looked somewhat sad. She had known Tiffany long enough to know that she was holding back. Before Lily could ask Tiffany what she was thinking, Lily's cab arrived.Tiffany hugged her again and said, "Keep me updated. You know my parents will accept you with open arms. They said the offer is still open if you want to join my
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CHAPTER4 The Rejection Ceremony
"Don't you think that is inappropriate?" Kenneth asked his Luna from the doorway of their bedroom. "Not at all. It is a joyous occasion," Mandy said as she applied burgundy lipstick and stood up. She brushed the wrinkles out of her blue sweater dress as she looked herself over in the mirror before approaching him with a slight smile. "You should change. That suit is so depressing.""The suit is proper attire for the custom. You shouldn't take this much glee in her suffering," Kenneth responded, causing Mandy to frown. Mandy scoffed and said, "Don't try to act like you care about the little brat now. Don't be a hypocrite. You could care less and this arrangement will benefit the both of us.""At least make it believable in front of the Hunters," Kenneth reasoned. Mandy rolled her eyes. Of course she would behave. What kind of idiot did he take her for?"Come. You wouldn't want to keep Lily waiting," Mandy said condescendingly. Again, Kenneth didn't respond and followed Mandy to
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CHAPTER 5 Engagement Night
There were gasps and murmurs from the audience, as no female in history has willingly rejected their mate. It was such a scandalous affair as both sets of parents wanted to keep it hushed that Matthew had been cheating, which was partly why the rejection ceremony was happening. Lily wasn't having any of it. Appearances be damned. They wanted to embarrass her publicly, so she wanted everyone to know the truth."I… Matthew Hunter, the first-born son of Kenneth Hunter…accept your rejection," Matthew managed to say. As soon as the words left his mouth, he could feel their mate bond fully snap. Baldur howled in anguish within him as his bond with Dina snapped away even though he refused to accept the rejection. Lily fought the urge to collapse there on the stage. She welcomed the pain, embraced it as this was nothing compared to the anguish she felt over the betrayal. "I wish Matthew and Brandy well with their upcoming mating ceremony," Lily finally said. She turned to leave but was st
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CHAPTER 6 The Rumors
Fear. Betrayal. Sadness. This was not what he expected. 'Am I in the right room?' Garrett thought as he entered the room slowly. Rumors were that Lily was no better than her sister Brandy that she too had stepped out on the mate bond. It made Garrett's skin crawl as he realized he had no choice but to be tied to this woman. So, he was shocked to feel how apprehensive she was towards him. A woman like that would be afraid of him. She would be excited to see him. He half expected to be pounced on. However, the reality was that he was faced with a she-wolf that did not want anything to do with him."What have I said about involving me in your affairs?" Garrett growled into his phone after his father told him of the alliance with the Blue Creek Pack. "You already have what you wanted. Leave me out of it." "Do you really think you have a say in anything pup? You are still on my terf. You will do as I command you to," Alpha Jack responded nonchalantly which caused Garrett to becom
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CHAPTER 7 Second Chance Mate
"I don't need money. My father needs money," Lily muttered under her breath. "What did you say?" Garrett asked. He clearly heard her and was surprised by her brazenness. "Nothing," Lily replied weakly.Lily wanted to tell him no, tell him that he was ruining her life, and tell him that she did not need money. It was her family. She had never experienced something so shameful as her experiences before tonight. Lily wanted to reject him, but where would that leave her and her family? "I wanted to apologize for what my brother did to you. I don't know why my parents agreed to this," Garrett remarked in a light tone.He had no desire at all for her to be embarrassed in such a manner. Garrett just wanted to know if she was untouched. He knew a thorough physical examination occurred but it was so easy for results to be fabricated. Smelling her, confirmed for him that there was no question. Lily was untouch.When Lily recalled being poked and prodded by the pack doctor and the pity s
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CHAPTER 8 The Engagement Will be Canceled
Lily stared at the reporter. Her facial expression changed from shock to anger as she lost her composure. "How dare you say something so horrid? Do you have no morals?" Lily asked. "The same could be asked of you. It is a valid question," the reporter sneered. He was positive that he had finally caught Lily in a lie. He'd make a fortune from his article."You must be behind on the news," Lily explained calmly. "Even though I am under no obligation to explain anything to you, I will tell you why they will accept me." She paused for dramatic tension before willing herself to say, "Garrett is my second chance mate."The reporters all gasped in amazement. A second chance mate was uncommon. It meant that the individual had been truly blessed by the Goddess and that the rejection of the previous mate bond was valid."That… that is impossible. Someone like you could never have a second chance mate and you don't hold a mate mark either, you…"the reporter responded, still reeling from his
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CHAPTER 9 A Brave Little She-wolf
Lily allowed Adam to lead her through the villa to the dining room. She couldn't stop herself from trembling. So much had happened in a matter of days. Lily didn't understand how she hadn't collapsed into tears yet. 'Because we are strong. That's why. Don't think about anything else,' Dina said.Lily sat at the table, where delicate dishes had been laid, and candles lit, looking like a candlelit dinner. Her stomach growled loudly, but she was not at all interested. How could she eat when this man had literally bought her from her father? She couldn't just sit here and act like everything was okay.'Yes, you actually can,' Dina said.'I was fine when it was my choice to screw over Matthew, but that was before I learned that my father was going to use us as a sacrificial lamb. This is different. This wolf can do whatever he wants with us because he paid for us. Aren't you upset about that?' Lily exclaimed.'Of course, I am, but this is our life now. We might as well make the most of
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CHAPTER 10 Alpha Garrett!
Lily had been feeling unsettled and disturbed on the way home. She hated the way she acted when Garrett had only shown her kindness. It made her feel even worse.Her family needed at least tens of millions of dollars, and if she could get the money from Garrett without doing anything, this debt would prey on her conscience for the rest of her life.Adam's words echoed in her mind: "Mr. Hunter is a man of his word."Garrett was an honest man, then what about her?She agreed to be his mate, and she agreed to this deal, so she didn't have the right to go back on her word. Besides, he didn't need his pack holding a grudge against her or her family. A pack feud would be bloody and unnecessary deaths would happen."What the hell do you think you're doing coming back here?!" Mandy exclaimed at Lily, who walked past her as she entered their home."Hello, mother," Lily said curtly before walking up the steps to the front doors of the pack house. She could see Brandy approaching her with i
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