The Omega and The Arrogant Alpha

The Omega and The Arrogant Alpha

By:  Kylie  Updated just now
Language: English
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When you have status in a wolf pack then your life is set. You have privilege, you have pretty much everything you can ask for. I used to have that. Until my father, the head warrior, died protecting the Alpha and then all of a sudden we were nothing to the top pack leaders. That was 5 years ago now. I still wonder how my mother managed to live through the death of her mate. She’s the strongest woman I know. Especially after having our house taken off of us, our car, our entire life taken away. When I got to school, I was pretty soaked from the rain and I went inside and went straight to my locker. I could hear a bunch of kids coming down the hallway towards me, and I turned my head slightly to look at them. They were friends that I used to have, and friends that I always refused to have because they were spoiled assholes. One of the guys that was closest to me elbowed me and shoved me into the locker and the rest of his friends started laughing. “Dickhead.” I yelled. And they all stopped. But he slowly turned around to look at me. “What did you just say, trash?” He asked. “You heard me.” I said, turning to face him head on. “I outrank you bitch. You don’t walk away from me. Never forget that.” He yelled. “Fine.” I said, without changing my facial expression at all. So he relaxed a little and pulled back away from me to look at his friends. But then one of his friends yelled at him to look out and when he turned back around to look at me, I punched him straight in the nose.

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Delinda Schumacher
96 chapters 5-2-24
2024-05-03 01:29:43
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good read so far
2024-04-02 13:41:09
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Good so far that I’ve read. However chapter 19 is a repeat of chapter 15 & the beginning of chapter 20 is the same of chapter 16 too. Please fix. I feel like there’s a huge piece of the story missing.
2024-04-06 17:57:38
112 Chapters
Chapter 0001
When you have status in a wolf pack then your life is set. You have privilege, you have pretty much everything you can ask for. I used to have that. Until my father, the head warrior, died protecting the Alpha and then all of a sudden we were nothing to the top pack leaders. My mother had never re
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Chapter 0002
Alpha Logan sat there staring at me for what seemed like an eternity. I didn’t know what was wrong with him. He finally stood up and walked around his desk, making sure that his suit wasn’t wrinkled and that he looked perfect. Glancing at his reflection in a window to a cabinet as he passed it.
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Chapter 0003
LOGAN’S POV As soon as Morgan left my office it took everything I had to try and concentrate again. Penelope came into my office and sat on my lap while I was looking at the papers on my desk. As much as they made sense earlier, they didn’t make any sense now. Not with Morgan’s scent swirling aro
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Chapter 0004
MORGAN’S POV I laid in the hospital bed staring right into Alpha Logan’s eyes, trying to process what he was saying to me. “What the hell are you talking about?” I croaked out. “The dishwasher that brought you in.” He hissed. “I don’t know who you are talking about.” I said. “The dishwasher
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Chapter 0005
I was staring into Alpha Logan’s eyes when I slowly reached up and placed my hand over his hand. I felt a sudden calm with him right in front of me, and I gently removed his hand from my neck. “Why don’t I feel as much pain when you’re near me?” I asked. And his face changed again. He looked con
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Chapter 0006
I started to think that I was dying. But eventually the pain started to subside. I wasn’t sure how long it lasted for but when it was finally over, I got up covered in sweat and I walked to the mirror in my bedroom and I lifted up my shirt. I saw a bruise coming up under my breast, over my ribs wi
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Chapter 0007
When I got to the hospital I saw my mother in the emergency department and I ran over to her bed. She looked really weak and pale and she wasn’t even conscious right now. “Are you her daughter?” A doctor asked. “Yeah. What’s wrong with her?” I asked. “We’re still running some tests. But I don
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Chapter 0008
When I got to his office he brought me into his office straight away. “Whatever it is, I didn’t do it.” I said. “You’re not in trouble.” He said. “Wow. That’s a first.” I said, sitting down on the chair. “I know. But, I was just looking over your transcripts and because of the advanced class
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Chapter 0009
Logan stood in my doorway staring at me, like he had never seen me before. I don’t know what he expected. He sent me the dress. But it still took him a few moments to gather his composure. “We have to go.” Logan said. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I asked. “An Alpha ball.” He s
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Chapter 0010
The color scheme seemed to be red and white. And there were dozens of other Alpha’s and Luna’s walking around mingling with everyone in the room. I knew that I was really out of my league here. I had never seen so many influential people before, but Alpha Logan fit right in. He was approached
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