The Omega's Surge

The Omega's Surge

By:  Mary Joe  Ongoing
Language: English
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She is an Omega who has been specially blessed by the Moon Goddess, but the entire pack thinks she is part of a cursed species. Myra begins to discover truths about her heritage when she is captured for stealing. She is subsequently sentenced to death because of an old folklore surrounding a crescent mark on her neck. However, destiny has other plans for her. She gets mated on the night before her execution to none other than Alpha Noah himself, and he has no choice but to let her live. However, he is faced with a dilemma. Saving his fated mate would mean leading his pack into destruction. What choice would he make? Will Myra be strong enough to finally discover her true powers as Moon's Blessed? Or will the truth that her father is the true enemy be too much to bear?

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Really good book. i finished quite a number of chapters in one day!
2023-10-25 19:30:36
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E. Holmes
Nice book so far.
2023-10-22 23:58:57
user avatar
Lucia Joseph
This is definitely a good read... looking forward to daily uploads
2023-09-19 14:38:17
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I am on the edge of my seat to see what will happen to Myra. currently in chapter 36 and it gets interesting the more I read...️
2023-09-12 23:06:29
user avatar
Nice book. Can't wait to read more.
2023-08-10 18:51:31
154 Chapters
My sick mother had described the herbs she needed to me perfectly well. Their spines were supposed to be hairy, their leaves small, silvery, and smooth to the touch. It was a common plant around these parts, popular for healing most types of wolf illnesses including silver wounds, but I'd had trouble finding it these past few days.A herb so common it could be found at any doorstep, and yet I had to steal to get it. We were so poor that the healing herbs had avoided our barren compound.When my mother had fallen sick, I'd gone from house to house, begging anyone who would open their gates to let me into the compound and pick a few of those healing herbs. Most of them had taken a look at my ragged dress and slammed their gates in my face. The others had asked me to pay some money in exchange for the herbs. Even now I could see their taunting faces as they asked for money, ingrained in my head like a burning tattoo. I was the local church rat, everyone knew that. My mother and I could
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"Seize her!" The alpha bellowed, and then I heard the galloping of horses behind me.My heart pounded in my chest as I raced through the dense forest, my footsteps rustling the dead leaves on the forest ground. Birds took flight from the branches above as I raced as though the devil himself was after me. The adrenaline coursing through my veins gave my legs an extra burst of speed. My legs were nimble and strong from running in the forest for most of my childhood, and I knew the place like the back of my hand.I knew I couldn't afford to let my guard down. The alpha and his relentless guards were closing in, their thunderous hooves and yell growing louder with each passing moment. If I faltered, they would catch me and drag me into the dungeons.That thought alone made me gasp with fear. Branches whipped against my arms and face, leaving behind scratches and nicks. Sweat trickled down my brow, mingling with the dirt and grime that had clung to my skin from the garden. Fear fueled my e
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We got to the pack house in record time. The air in the building was fraught with tension as I was led through its echoing halls. Each step I took rhymed with the pounding of my heart and my nerves were jangled. My hands shook, my heart hammered, and every part of me wanted to make another run for it, even though I knew that I would not make it past the front doors. The weight of my actions bore down on my shoulders, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread for what lay ahead.We stopped at a large foyer, lined with several framed pictures of past alphas. Under different circumstances, I would have been awed by the sight. Truthfully, under different circumstances, I wouldn't even be here.The alpha turned to both guards who were holding me. "Take her to the courtroom. I will meet you there." He ordered, then turned and walked down another corridor.Not once did he look at me.Why was I complaining anyway? He was an alpha, I was nothing but an Omega. We existed on two extreme ends
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The entire courtroom gave a collective gasp at his declaration."An omen of...what do you mean?" Colin, the Beta of the pack asked in confusion.The Elder stepped forward again and gestured towards my neck, his voice filled with a mixture of awe and dread. "Do you see that mark on her neck? That...that vile thing."I felt the weight of several eyes bearing down on me. I could feel the mark burning into my skin like a freshly made tattoo."It is in the shape of a crescent." The Elder continued. "Those who bear that mark are said to be a dangerous wolf specie."A murmur swept through the courtroom at his words. He turned around swiftly, eyes bulging in horror. "I know what I'm saying!" He snapped. "That mark...that mark..."Alpha Noah stood to his feet again. "Elder Jacob, could you please explain what you mean, or do I need to call off this court session already?"The Elder gave me a look full of contempt, then spat venomously. "Where did you get that mark, girl?"Confusion washed over
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Alpha Noah's POVImmediately the condemned Omega was led out of the courtroom, I turned to the other Elder Wolves in the Council. The Elder who had pointed out the mark on her neck, Elder Jacob, had returned to his seat. He was muttering furiously to the other Elder Wolves around him, stirring up trouble like he always did.Anger bloomed in my chest as I remembered the ultimatum he had created for me. I was the alpha, the supreme ruler of the pack, and yet my choices and decisions were subject to sadistic men like Elder Jacob. It made me grit my teeth in rage sometimes.I silently stood to my feet and walked out of the courtroom. I walked briskly to my study, my mind filled with conflicting thoughts. The weight of the decision I had to make was pressing heavily upon my shoulders. It was constantly ringing in my head like a time bomb that I needed to diffuse. Should I adhere to the old folklore and the words of the Elder, sentencing the Omega to death? Or should I heed the counsel of m
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The clock on the distant wall struck 8:15pm, and I turned in my bed, restless. I found it harder to sleep than usual, and as I forced my eyes to close their curtains, they only increased my insomnia.My mind held contradicting thoughts, and thoughts that held mallets of headaches, each striking harder at every mental consideration. I knew I couldn't kill the Omega.Yet I couldn't risk the efficacy of my throne and leadership. And for some agonizing twist of fate, this Omega was also my mate.But this was still so uncertain.The Moon goddess might have made a mistake, or perhaps it was lust that was speaking, but there was no way to tell. The goddess never told a lie, and during my brief spell of being caught in the Omega's spell, I felt nothing more than potent admiration for her.There was no sexual longing, no erotic desire, no insatiable urge to mate with her. I wasn't hungry, I was satisfied.“Aargh…” I groaned and shot out of bed. “Why?!”In all my years of being the Alpha, nev
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“Noah!” a voice yelled I didn't answer“Noah!” it came againI still didn't answer“Noah!”The voice reached my ears in a haze, yet it was still clear, and each time it came, it came louder than before. It was so increasingly loud, it forced my eyes to open, even though slowly, in a movement similar to a manual pulley system.And it gradually pulled my eyelids open, until…“Noah!!!”I jolted up.My hands immediately went to my head, as a confused pain shot through it like a silver bullet. My own name yelled at me one too many times now rang in my ears in a circle, as my vision swirled up, down, and around the room. My feet were numb, and it felt like I was paralysed, but as a hand tapped my leg, I knew I could still walk.“Wake up Noah!”“It's happening!”I heard the last statement, and my brain shot back again in pain, trying to remember whatever “it” was, that was going to happen. I struggled with myself, and my foggy memory, trying to remember what I had already forgotten.My eyes
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And the thought made me shiver.I held back my vomit as I tried to wriggle my way through the crowd, squeezing through a great wall of bodies, taking a step here, two there three light taps on my toes, then a small jump over a crumpled juice box, careful incase there was still liquid inside, so the owner wouldn't turn the crowd's attention to me. I kept moving, bending, squatting, and looking for actual ground to walk on, treading through a sea of people, with no lone island in sight. I moved swiftly yet slowly, with my hands tight beside me, and gaining minute energy, as my fears reduced slightly knowing they hadn't killed her yet. I was happy she was still alive, and as I kept moving through the crowd, I felt a sense of hope; that it was not too late, and that all was not yet lost.I felt a relief, and I gingerly moved to go down a flight of stairs to the lower section, when a hand grabbed me from behind.“Psst…” came a voice I flipped around.“Slow down friend…” It was Colin, a
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Elder Jacob came out from a doorway the height of three men, decorated at the sides with wood carvings of previous Alphas, and two guards in human form.He wore his usual pure white robe, that was accompanied by a purple sash around his abdomen, and he moved like a ghost on wheels as he made his way up a short raised platform leading to where Vrax stood.He held a long sceptre, and I stood, watching him use it as a walking stick. I squinted hard, trying to make out the color of it, as it held a smoke-like tinge, yet it was shiny, reflecting ever slightly in the sun. I thought it was coated ash; but with the Elders general title and his personal hubris, I doubted it.I moved down the steps cautiously, as these were the last flight that led to the center, and if I moved too fast, I would be noticed. As everyone else was standing still, chiming a loud, and disturbingly vainglorious song.I moved lightly, but hearing Colin's steps still behind me, my peace fell.My mind began racing with
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“What?” I asked, even more confused than before“I don't understand either, Alpha.” Colin replied with a snort “I was going to ask you, because I know that's impossible. No wolf can be in both worlds at the same time…”My eyes remained on him, and his did the same. “So you, tell me Alpha…” he said slowly. “What did happen?”I froze at the question, suddenly trying to remember an event I hadn't even the vaguest idea took place. My face went to the floor, squinting, thinking, trying to recollect.But I couldn't.All I could see in my head were bright flashes of light and myself passing out on seeing it. There was nothing else asides pitch black. “I don't know Colin…” I groaned, in frustration at myself and my foggy memory.“I really don't know…”As Colin moved to speak again, a sharp sound cut through the air like a bullet.We both turned and saw Vrax’s axe now wedged between a log of wood, and him letting go of it, before standing back, and folding his hands with a smile. He then wen
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