The Princess Slave

The Princess Slave

By:  NoodleMom2021  Completed
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The kindom of Silver Aisles has been in an ongoing war with the King of the werewolves. Their two kingdoms have collided for years, only to get even more worse after the werewolf King Arthur, killed Prince Viktor’s entire family on their way home from a ball and captured him, who is now the Lycan King. 2 years after Viktor was captured by the werewolf kingdom, he escaped and retaliated by kidnapping the werewolf King’s only child, Princess Violette. King Viktor named Violette his slave and plans to use her to torture her Father. But as time goes on, Viktor begins to grow feelings for her.. and with news of his mating curse, Viktor thinks maybe the war might come to end. An ending where he has a Queen.

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94 Chapters
1. Five Rules
Violette POV “Now, there are five rules. Try your best to follow them.. The King won’t be very kind if you break them, and neither will I. And today especially.. he’s not in the best mood.” The head maid said. Today is my first day as a slave, since the King, Viktor announced me yesterday. Never in my life have I ever felt so much like a piece of meat on display. The faces of disgust I saw in the crowd were enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and wither away to nothing. The head maid handed me a box of cleaning supplies, a mop, and broom. We walked down the hall, I ignored the looks I’d received as people saw me. “Rule number 1: you do not go anywhere without the King's approval. You will stay by his side until he says otherwise, and during the nights when you are in your room.” She said. I honestly figured as much, a King's slave isn’t allowed to do much but care for her master. Maybe if I’m good enough, he’ll allow me to work around the castle.. or maybe he won’t even b
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2. Fucking Pig
Violette POV I thought back to when I was captured. The alarms were blaring, and people running and screaming. “Princess! You have to hide, the lycan King and his men are here to kill us all!” My maid Lillian screamed. We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember, and this is the second time I’ve ever seen her so frightened. It immediately made me feel horrible, and wish to do everything I can to make her feel better. Except this was important.. far more important than I or my safety. “Not without Sylvia and Dominic.”I pleaded. I knew if I didn’t get her to see reason, she’d fight with me to get me to go to the secret room. “Surely they’ve hidden by now, Princess. Please! My duty is to serve and protect you!” She pleaded. Just then I heard the sharp piercing screams of little Sylvia. My feet took off before my brain could even register it.. I ran down the hall and followed her screams the best that I could. I stopped at the doorway to the music room and ripped the door op
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3. Yes, Master.
Violette POV “What?” I asked. F*ck. I just broke rule number 4, didn’t I? “Did Beatrice not explain you your rules?” He asked. He was standing in the doorway of his office, leaning against the door frame. I snapped my mouth shut and he nodded his head. “She did, I just forgot. I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” I said in a low voice. I couldn’t feel his emotions from here.. usually, I’m good about things like that. Everything about him is cold, dark, and expressionless. I couldn’t understand how a person could ever be this way. “Come here.” He demanded. His voice was soft but also aggressive. I don’t know how that happened but he did it. I placed the broom against the wall and walked toward him. “You’ve done well cleaning the room.” He said. I hadn’t noticed I’d even cleaned..I’ve been too.. in my head. Though I could tell he wasn’t in such a bad mood as he was earlier.. but that still worried me. Hopefully, he doesn’t think to reward me.. usually, slaves get rewarded if they’re
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4. Innocence
Viktor POV “And check on the slave. She almost fainted earlier and I can’t have that.” I growled. I couldn’t tell if I regretted having her room so close to mine or not. There was something about her that made me feel.. odd. She made my skin feel as if it were on fire, as well as my mind. I hated that this was happening.. she’s my enemy’s daughter.. I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Or why it was happening. I thought back to the moment I first saw her and my heart began to race. I watched as she shoved her hand into Marvs throat furiously, and ripped it from his body. I’d never seen such violence. Well.. I take that back actually, I have. But not by a Princess. I knew the moment I walked into the room who she was.. and I knew I had to take her. I didn’t know why.. I just knew I had to. And so I did. And I named her as my slave. See, I went to that castle looking for King Arthur. I was going to kill him and end this war once and for all.. until I saw her. And as of today,
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5. She is a beauty
Violette POVI had the strangest dream last night. Father was yelling at me after finding out that I’d let Lillian have one of my bows and a necklace.. instead of being forced to have my hands struck 400 times and my back whipped, King Viktor placed his hand on my face and took me away to be safe.I would’ve rather gotten the strikes on my hands, and I have, but it appears my dreams have other ideas.“Miss, you need to wake- oh, you’re already awake.” Beatrice spoke as she walked into my room and opened the curtains. I nodded my head and went to speak when I remembered I wasn’t allowed to. Goddess, I hate this life so much.“You need to get dressed. You’ll be joining the King for breakfast.” She said. What? Breakfast?“Here, they’ve brought your gown. He has a few rules, as we are hosting a breakfast with two other royal families. You are to sit at his feet. You are a slave, and slaves belong at the feet of their Master. You will not speak a word unless King Viktor speaks to you. And
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6. I mean, just look at them.
Violette POV “You've filled out considerably.” Richard moaned as he ran his fingers over my cleavage. “She does have a nice bust, doesn't she Sarah?” One of the women asked. I was completely dumbfounded.. how could any woman stand by and watch as another woman is treated as such? Yes, I may be a slave.. but I’m also a princess. “I guess she does.” Queen Sarah didn't sound pleased with me at all. “I mean just look at them.” he untied the string in my bust and pushed off the straps. I held the dress above my waist with my hands, hoping it wouldn't get that far. I looked the King dead in the eyes as King Richard turned me around and pushed my chest to the table and pressed his hard member against my bottom. I clenched my eyes as he pushed up my dress. The feeling of his cold hands on my skin made my stomach swirl and I didn’t know how long I could take it. Tears began falling down the side of my face and I opened my eyes, immediately connecting their gaze to Masters. The look o
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7. She is my slave
Viktor POV Where is she? I said 2 hours. She’s well over 20 minutes late. I was lenient on her because it was her first few days. But 20 minutes is well over-pushing it. “Loren,” I growled through the mind link. I was finding myself getting angrier with each moment that passed without her entering my chambers. First, she looks at me with such hate.. I don’t understand why I was so bothered, it is nothing out of the ordinary to share of slave. She should be grateful I haven’t allowed several men to take her as they see fit.Second, she snaps at me. I couldn’t believe this girl. I get that she’s not used to being a slave, that she was once a princess who’s only care in the world was what dress she was going to wear for the day.. but that’s still no excuse to speak to her master in such a way.Third.. and last of all, she’s late. She’s disobedient as ever. I will have to put her in her place. “Yes, my King. I have her.” He replied quickly. “Good. Where was she?” I asked. I was on the
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8. Miss Minerva
Violette POV The gardens are magnificent. The gardens at home aren’t quite as lovely as these. And all we have at home are white roses that match our family's rather distinct white hair. But this garden.. has flowers off all kinds. There’s even a section of fresh fruits and vegetables that looks absolutely delicious. “Do you enjoy your time outside?” The guard named Loren asked. I noticed he looks at me every once in a while, debating to speak or to just let me walk in peace. “Yes, it’s been a very calming time,” I said. I felt the petals of a flower between my fingers before continuing on down the path. We mainly stayed in silence, that is until I was approached by a woman I’d never seen before. “So, you’re the Kings slave?” She asked. I looked at Loren who spoke for me. I think at this moment, I’m grateful for not being able to speak to anyone besides Loren. She seemed disgusted and irritated with me. “Yes, miss Minerva.” He said. “Mind if I have a small chat with her?” she a
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9. You are not my mate
Viktor POV Yet another night I find my mind racing with thoughts of her. Thinking about earlier today had my skin on fire. I should’ve never let Richard touch her. The look on her face tugged at something deep inside me and it made my head feel like it would explode. I found myself walking towards her room to watch her, I don’t know what it is.. but being around her calms the voices I was cursed with. A long time ago my family was cursed by a witch hired by Violette's family. She cursed us to live without our mates. From what we know.. we don’t have mates anymore. Or they’re just well hidden from us. My father found his mate before this happened.. so it was just my siblings and me who were cursed. And if we were to find our mates by some off chance, our children would be cursed as well. It was a sick joke that caused a lot of pain and suffering. A life without a mate is a life worth nothing. The curse makes us go crazy the longer we’re without our marked mate, and I’ve already be
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10. She lied to me
Viktor POV “Please! I’ve been waiting for weeks. Why was I brought at all if I wasn’t going to be able to see her?” The girl cried in front of me to Beatrice. “She is unwell. The King said she needs rest.” Beatrice tried to explain. “If she is truly unwell then I must be there for her. She is my best friend, even if we do have drastic differences in rank. I should be there to care for her. I can help. I’m good with medicines. I know how to sew, clean, and cook.. I can do anything if you please just let me be with her.” She begged. She was now on her knees pleading up to me. “My king if I may, I do believe having a friendly face around might help miss Violette get better quicker,” Beatrice said. “Fine. But Beatrice, Violette is only allowed to speak with you two and Loren. No a single soul else. Understand?” I asked. “Yes, my King. I will make sure of it. Thank you.” Beatrice replied. “Thank you! Thank you!” The girl cried. “Get her to Violette. And let me know when you find out
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