What Lies Within You [ENGLISH]

What Lies Within You [ENGLISH]

By:  plumints  Ongoing
Language: English
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One day, everything is still normal. And another day when their dad had to offer them a tip for travel- or as what it seems. Faye Elanise, along with her twin sister, Zaye Eranice, followed his order which led them meeting four strangers. Stuck inside a room of vines, a man appeared out of nowhere giving them the key for a vine-covered door which they later found. He left them hanging, questioning their identities. And that is when the mystery behind them started to awaken. A starting point to find... what lies within them. All Rights Reserved ©Trixie Sherice/plumints

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Julia Nora
keep going, i can't wait for the next chapter! if you have any social media to keep up with your readers, please let me know :) thanks
2021-07-15 13:10:54
15 Chapters
Chapter 1: Them of the Six
"NONG Fayeee!"I automatically sat on my bed from lying when I heard Era's loud voice, screaming. I glared at my door and hold my pillow tight."N'Fa-"The moment she opened the door is also the moment my pillow hit her face. She closed her eyes and let out a sigh."I'll let this pass for now. You've hit me too much already with your pillow since yesterday!" she attempted to threaten me with her widened eyes and her finger pointing at me. I just hissed at her and lied down on my bed again, covering myself with comforter."Hey! I'm still talking to you! Just in case you forgot, I am 22 minutes older to you! But anywaaay," I felt a movement on the side of my bed as she sat beside me."Ouch!" I shrieked and sat again. I glared at her and rubbed my arm which she slapped."What is it again, Era? You got one heavy hand, are you aware of that?""Yes, I am. But, nevermind! Listeeen! I have a date todaaaay!" she informed me while holding both of my shoulders and shaking me.I took her hands off
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Chapter 2: Who are You?
We're like on a 3v3 staring contest with these strangers we found at the end of the trail. Two guys, one looking like a korean idol with his features and fashion sense, the other with his jet black hair, and a girl in a black cap. Looking at their faces, they also seem confused just like the three of us, standing here in the opening.I rolled my eyes and went inside, roaming my eyes around the place. It's just a small space, with thick vines lingering in the walls. Seriously? What is this? A low-budget fantasy themed activity?"Chix," I heard the black-haired tall guy wearing a track jacket said.I gave him a sideway glance and saw him staring at my sister.Crossing my arms, I faced them and asked, "Are you guys the one who will accomodate us? What activity are we going to do here?"The brown-haired guy with eyeglasses reacted quickly, giving me an unbelievable look like I said something wrong. "Jinjja? We?" Itinuro niya ang sarili niya. "Accomodate you?" Bahagya siyang natawa. "No, no
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Chapter 3: Weirded Out
"AREN'T you still finished, 'tol?" Mijo whined, scratching his forehead.It was seven o'clock in the evening, sky was dark, crickets could be heard and Flute's torch as well as their phones served as light.They are circling around the torch. Flute, holding the piece of paper they found at the door, and Black beside him with a notepad and pen. Both of them are trying to solve something, which they thought is a riddle that is written on that piece of paper."Uwing-uwi na 'ko," Mijo whispered and looked at Era who sat beside him, holding a stick and writing random names on the soil.He stared at her and creased his forehead for a few seconds. "The sun is out, why are you still wearing your sunglasses, babyloves?" he asked.Era stopped on what she's doing for a while, but she chose not to answer him and resumed writing on the dried soil.He shrugged his shoulders when Era didn't answer. The remaining girls, Ela, who has her phone and airpods rests her head on Era's shoulder comfortably, f
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Chapter 4: Crossed Paths
Ela was stunned, not knowing how she would react. Her eyes went blank, but it didn't last long. Her lips curled slightly, and tried to stop herself from laughing. She swear, she did! But that was just so funny for her. Of all the jokes she heard from Mijo, that would be the most hilarious one! Or maybe that was the only funny thing she heard from him ever since he spoke after they first met.Calming herself from laughing so hard, she tried to crack a joke. "Seriously, what are you? A dog with a twist?" Unfortunately, none of them got a sense of humor, as she thought, that not even one person in the living room bothered to move a muscle and let out a laugh. Rolling her eyes, she sat again with her legs crossed. "Fine, drop your fiction."That seemed to caught the other's interest. All eyes were on Mijo, but he remained his unusual expressionless face, staring at the carpet. "I have nothing to tell. I just found myself unable to smell foods, and everything. I could only smell words. It s
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Chapter 5: Reunite
It's been a week since school has started. Unlike before that Ela rants about her relationship with her sister every single time, she seemed to care less about it now. They continued to be in non-speaking terms. Their house became more silent with their dad's absence and the fact that Era seemed to spend her time more at the headquarters they found almost a month ago. Of course, there are still times when Ela wants to lower down her pride, but there are also things that stop her. Something she couldn't let to happen although it looked unstoppable. If she apologizes, it would make Era think she already believes her. But it isn't that way because she would still insist that Era needs a psychiatrist. She has to do everything just to make her sister believe that she don't have what she thinks is a supernatural ability.Ela braced herself as the wind blew hard. How fool of her to stay at their house's rooftop night time without even bringing a jacket. She's gazing at the starry sky when Wi
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Chapter 6: Stain of the Past
Ela started to see series of events through Black's eyes. Others might see it white, but in her eyes, it was like a mirror of memories. He also heard Black's voice telling her to stay calm and just watch."Is she the only one among us who didn't experience weird changes?" Flute asked, referring to Ela.It was the day when everything started to change."Camouflage. I think that's my ability." Yuri shared and didn't dare to say more. Instead, she asked Flute. "What about you?" "I can hear heartbeats."The memory suddenly became a smoke as a new one was shown. They are still seated on the sofa, but it wasn't the same day as a while ago because of their clothes, she supposed."We failed to find informations about that mysterious guy on Mijo's birthday," Era disappointedly informed them as she threw herself on the sofa.Myst
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Chapter 7: The Heart Who Loves
They fell silent. Only Yuri had the urge to speak with a strange soft voice."How can we find him? Or them?" she asked. Keeper turned to her and there's an unusual shine shown on his eyes.He gave her an apologetic look as he answered. "I honestly have no idea. But I trust you. The six of you. You're gifted with abilities and you have Geom-Eun whose intellectual capacity is beyond normal. Fluan Teodore who understands everything."Black and Flute were overwhelmed being mentioned. The twins, Mijo and Yuri waited for more of his words, expecting a compliment.Keeper winced. "And yeah. Your... your abilities as I was saying," he said, avoiding the four's disappointed gazes.I see, there's nothing special with us disregarding the abilities, Ela thought at the back of her mind and rolled her eyes. Keeper seemed to caught sight of it. He chuckled and murmured, "Angelus...
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Chapter 8: Undetectable Armor
Win carried Ela downstairs to tuck her into bed. She fell asleep, crying on his chest surrounded by his embrace. He fixed her comforter and sat beside her. He smiled seeing her at peace. He gently stroked her hair."I badly wanted to tell you that you're the reason why my heart beats, but..." His voice trailed off. He let out a chuckle and touched his left chest using his free hand. "But this already stopped beating. I just hope... I hope I was able to make you feel how much I love you," he said with a sad smile."Faye Elanise... my heart might have stopped beating, but it never stopped loving you.""It's you. It would always be you... my star."He kissed her forehead and stood up. He headed to the door and switched the light off before leaving.FOUR o'clock in the morning and Win is finally ready to visit Mount Maiking. He snatched the map he found inside Ela's bag last night. His trip went well, tho
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Chapter 9: His Monsters Inside
ERA found her sister in the living room watching on the television while eating her boel of cereal. Ela looked like she just woke up. Her blonde hair is a bit messy. She quickly turned her gaze to Era who went near and sat beside her. "Uh, N'Faye?"Ela stared at her which made her wince. "I am with some acquaintance," she awkwardly said before shouting at the door. "Hey, uglies! Come inside!"Black and Mijo were still debating who would enter first so Yuri had to forcefully push them inside. Flute and Yuri entered after them. They roamed their eyes around the living room, their mouths left in awe. The house isn't a mansion, but is large enough knowing only 3 people live there. Brown, White, and Black were the only colors you could see, and their portraits weren't an exemption. They were given vintage feels."It's nice here. Classic," Mijo commented. He was amused and even felt envious that their house isn't like this. He c
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Chapter 10: Arthur Garcia
"I'M not sure if he'll agree with this, so start calling all the saints you know," she said with a serious face.They were inside Ela's room in her study corner to prepare some documents. Mijo's tapping his fingertips on Ela's table beside her bed as he watched Black preparing their documents and Ela with Flute, setting up her laptop for the video call later. He then rested his chin above both of his palm and frowned at them, getting bored. "Why do we have to do this?" he asked.Era heaved a sigh and turned her phone off. "Shia! How many times do we have to tell you?" she asked and shook her head lightly."We're his children and we're both ladies. He's protective to us. I swear, we have to do this. We've done this before. And take note! The people we took for an overnight were all girls! He was so hard to convince, yah know! Especially that you'll be staying here for who knows how long. That makes it complicated.
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