The Rejected But Wanted Omega

The Rejected But Wanted Omega

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“I, Nikolai Ashwood, the future Lycan King of the Bloodmoon pack, reject you Lilliana Ayers as my mate and future Luna.” He affirmed, his eyes bloodshot with anger as they pierced through me. I could feel the heart wrenching pain from the rejection, especially since he’s an alpha and my body threatened to break. “But if you think for once that I’ll ever let you go, then you’re severely mistaken.” He growled through gritted teeth, his hands wrapped around my neck and depriving me of air. ————————————— Lilliana Ayers, an omega maid of the bloodmoon pack, never imagined that her life would change on her 18th birthday. Little did she know that she was fated to be the mate of the Lycan prince, the soon to be King and the cruelest of all alphas. She wasn’t expecting him to accept her as his mate so the rejection wasn’t shocking to her, what was most shocking was the fact that he refuses to let her go, defying all expectations! Nikolai Ashwood, The future Lycan King of the pack already knew Lilliana was his mate from the day he turned 18 but how was he, the future king, going to accept a mere maid as his mate?! It’s unheard of but something about Lilliana was exciting to Nikolai and he doesn’t want to let her go, at-least not just yet. Staying in the Bloodmoon pack, Lilliana had no other choice than to obey the wishes of Nikolai Ashwood. What happens when the obsessive and cruel Lycan king gives in to the scorching attraction? Will Lilliana accept the man who rejected her back?

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Daily Update will start tomorrow, guys. I do hope you enjoy the lovely ride of Nikolai and Lilliana...️
2023-11-30 19:47:02
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I'm definitely going to read this book till the end- because the start got me wanting for more. So mind-blowing and interesting.
2023-11-30 18:11:29
6 Chapters
1.||Stranger Danger.
Lilliana’s POV“Keep it moving, bitch!” One of the ladies snarled at me from behind as I tried to keep up with my pace while also carrying the supplies for the sick Lycan King.My fist clenched and anger rippled through me as they hurled insults at me but I let them go, “she must be so weak or a cat already got her mouth.” Another lady said to me.I was still ignoring them when I lost my footing and landed face down on the ground. Everything I was holding flew around and my blood boiled with rage.My anger spiked as rage rushed through my veins and I could feel Nala, my Lycan, getting ready for a fight but I did all I could to calm her down.Being an omega and a maid, I’ve had nothing but bullies and insults to deal with but today was going to be different, instead of fighting back and getting in trouble with the house mistress, I’d decided to keep quiet.They have the whole of today and tomorrow to do what they want with me, to enjoy the pain they cause me because as soon as I turn e
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2.|| He’s my mate.
Lilliana’s POVMy eyes opened and an angry looking man stood in front of me, his brows drew together in an angry frown as he stared at me intently.His cold grey eyes sent jolts of electricity down my spine. His face was bronze and he looked so tan, the set of his chin suggested a stubborn streak as his jaw tensed visibly.His classically handsome features made me feel like I was in a dream because there was no way I’m standing in front of someone so majestically handsome.His lips parted angrily and he was saying something but all I could focus on was his firm sensuous lips and his beautiful set of white teeth.Who is this man?His handsome face was kindled with a beauty that can’t be described. The lighting in the room glimmered over his face like beams of icy radiance and I couldn’t help but look down at his body.My eyes trailed a path from his face and my breath caught in my throat when they landed on his body. His broad shoulders and his smooth, tanned bare arm almost sent me in
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3.|| Rejection: Let Me Go.
Lilliana’s POV“You’ve got to be kidding me!” He laughed as he made his way past me. I wanted to go after him but my feet seemed glued to the ground.I couldn’t believe it. This just has to be some sick joke that the moon goddess is playing with me but it didn’t seem like a joke because Nala was dancing around in happiness.“Alpha Nikolai is our mate,” she announced like I didn’t already know that, like I didn’t already open my stupid mouth and call him ‘mate’.“He’s the Lycan King of the Bloodmoon pack and he’s our mate,” she added in excitement, “I can just feel his Lycan calling out to me.” She added and as I yelled at her, all of the excitement came washing down.There is no way Nikolai Ashwood is my mate. There is no way I am going to accept a rude, arrogant and condescending person as my mate.“I can never accept it.” I thought to myself as I quickly rushed after him. He’s a total playboy and there is no way I’m going to accept someone like him. He’s been in the pack for just on
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4.|| A Sex Toy?
“He’s on the training ground.” The guard I asked about Nikolai’s whereabouts said to me and from his facial expression, I could tell that I wasn’t the only one who hated Nikolai.Walking as fast as my legs could carry me to the training ground that it felt like I was running, I bumped into someone and without lifting my gaze, I apologized.“Get back here!” An unfamiliar voice barked at me before pulling me back, “you just fucking bumped into me.” She added and I could tell that she was more pissed than I thought.“I’m sorry.” I apologized politely this time. I took my time to take in her features and she just might be the prettiest lady I have ever come across. She doesn’t look familiar and that told me that she was probably a visitor.Her lush hair fell radiantly on her shoulders and she could easily make every lady in the pack look like an ugly goose just with her regal beauty.Her face was a perfect oval shape and her high cheekbones were exotic. Her nose was straight, perfectly lo
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5.|| Obsessed with her already?
Nikolai’s POV“What do you think about this?” Jenna asked as she tried on yet another red colored lingerie. I knew what she was trying to do and what she was getting at but I wasn’t interested.Lilliana’s rejection earlier today was all I could think about and I had no idea why but the more I tried to push the thought away, the harder it became.What does she mean when she said she’d rather die than be my breeder?Anger surged through my veins as I clenched my fist and tugged on the side of the bed. Does she not know who I am? Does she not know how I can affect her life?Jenna was saying something as she tried on another pair of panties to try and impress me but nothing she did got a reaction out of me, nothing she did got me excited like it used to and my dick didn’t budge.Who does she think she is?The thought of Lilliana crowded my mind again and I could feel my dick kicking. It was almost like I shouldn’t be thinking about her or I’d have my bulging cock to deal with but I couldn
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6.|| Pain and Assault.
Lilliana’s POV“I wonder why Alpha Nikolai is still keeping her around.” I heard one of the maids say as I made my way to the backyard. I’ve been so stomped with tons of things to do that I completely forgot to eat breakfast.I knew really well that Nikolai knew about the rumors that were being spread and the way everyone started treating me like an outcast because it all started when I rejected the offer of being his plaything.Exhausted, I walked as fast as my legs could carry me but being weak and hungry, it wasn’t fast enough and I was almost in the backyard when I bumped into someone.“Goddess please save me.” I silently prayed in hopes that I hadn’t bumped into Jenna because I knew for sure that it wasn’t Nikolai.I lifted my gaze to check who it was and I was taken aback by the person standing in front of me. He looked so soft and yet so strict, he didn’t look angry but he also looked like he came to scold me.I haven’t done anything, I made sure I did all my chores diligently,
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