My Luna my bride

My Luna my bride

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Forced to marry the lycan Alpha in place of her sister the same day her fated mate humiliated her. But her damn mate still has his eyes on her. Bullied, enslaved and isolated by all, she gets. But she must run and raise her babies in secrecy. Why would she run? Will the Lycan King recognize her and her babies when she comes back completely different? What will the future hold for them as the Lycan King has his own secrets and dangers lurking in his kingdom?

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This is written so beautifully, I love it!
2024-03-05 14:59:58
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Sandra Alvarado
As the story continues it gets greater
2024-03-02 12:17:55
default avatar
This is a great book with great pacing! How often do you update?
2024-02-29 05:06:39
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Stacey W
Another bullied sister in love with a jerk. Pass.
2024-02-28 10:09:57
190 Chapters
Chapter one
**Vanessa's POV**I surveyed the hall; the decorations were falling into place just as I'd envisioned. We were halfway through the setup.As I stepped into the room, the soft glow accentuated the hazel depths of my eyes, reflecting a mixture of curiosity and quiet confidence. Cascading curls framed my face, an intricate dance of chestnut waves that whispered tales of their own. Freckles, scattered like stardust, adorned my skin, each one a unique constellation tracing a map of experiences. With a smile that held hints of both mischief and humor.Today felt draining. The wedding preparations burdened me like a ton of bricks, and shouldering the responsibility alone was overwhelming. But who could I complain to? After all, I was the pack's comedy relief. Not having a mate at 19 came with a lot of gossip and laughter. I was proof of that."Vanessa?" My father's voice cut through the anger brewing within me.I shifted my attention to him. "Go to the pack house and get more decorations," h
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chapter two
**Vanessa's POV**I hurried home, clutching the basket filled with requested items. The knot of pain in my chest tightened; the rejection still haunted my mind, and soon, the news would spread.Entering the house, I placed the basket by the door. I knew what was expected of me the moment I stepped through that front door. My family's demands weighed heavily, and I couldn't face them just yet. I fled into my room, locking the door behind me, finding solace in my once sanctuary turned emotional prison.Tears welled up, and I cried, feeling shattered and overwhelmed. The inevitable arguments with my mother started when she knocked."Vanessa," she tried the door knob, "Are you in there?"I sniffed, wiping my tears, peeking my head outside, holding onto the door."What are you doing? Let me in," she attempted to push the door, but I resisted. I didn't want her to see the used tissues on the floor."What do you want?" I sighed; the day had already taken a toll on me.She gave up on opening
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chapter three
**Vanessa's POV**"No, I won't do it," I said, ignoring the gasp from my mother and the sharp intake of breath from my father."What do you mean you won't do it?" His glare was icy as he fixed his gaze on me."I won't be Evenly's substitute," I shook my head, still looking at the floor."Do you think you have a say? He promised to destroy our house and villages, and you think it's best to be selfish right now?""You call this selfish, huh?" I blinked back tears. "Why do I have to be the one to suffer for her own mistakes and your people's greediness?" I yelled."You will do it, and that is final. You won't be the reason for the downfall of this village," he said, as if it were my fault from the start. "Get dressed."Forced into wearing the dress my mom claimed looked pretty on me, we arrived at the palace, disembarked from the carriage, and ventured inside."The wedding will be immediate so you won't have a chance to run away," my mother whispered, fueling resentment towards her and m
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chapter four
**Venessa's POV**---The maid assigned to guide me opened the door to my chambers and gestured for me to enter.Surveying the immaculate room, its grandeur left me mesmerized by the interior's elegance and sheer size.My eyes widened at the sight of his belongings scattered on the table. "We're sharing rooms?" I couldn't hide my surprise.The maid looked at me as if I had lost my mind, but then I realized they were unaware this was a marriage of convenience.My senses heightened, aware that I now stood within the Alpha's territory."I'll leave you to rest," the maid bowed and exited, gently closing the door behind her.Muscles tight, I removed my dress and entered the shower. The warm water eased the tension in my muscles.Exiting the bathroom, I searched through my clothes for something simple to wear.I laid on the bed with a book in hand, feeling the urge to wait for him.Anticipation hung thick in the air as I waited anxiously. Hours passed, but my so-called husband didn't return
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chapter five
Venessa's Pov.I looked at the letter aware at how fast my geartbeast is accelerating at ecery words i read "you looked beautiful in their dress Nessa,and i am not sorry for leaving the way i did call me a selfish person but i get to be with the man i love and for that i don't regret ever running away." I imagined her reading me this in her voiceThe letter from my sister offered a bittersweet connection to the world I had left behind. A nostalgic reminder of the bond we once shared. Yet, her words carried a heavy weight – an apology for living a life while i am being constrained by duty, unable to be have the kind of love i have always dreamed of. Fueled by fury at my sister's perceived betrayal,i crumpled the letter in my hands. Without a second thought, i cast it into the furnace, as if erasing the sentiments penned by my sister could purge the complicated emotions that lingered within me.In the threshold of my room, I found solace in watching the letter burn. Night after night,
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chapter six
DANTE."Fuck." I said out loud as I dropped on the only couch in the observatory.I knew I was attracted to her, so that was all it was meant to be, just chemistry. But what happened absolutely blew my mind. I had never cone that hard before. A small part of feels guilt that I'm fucking someone who isn't the woman I love. But my cock doesn't care about matters of my heart. Besides I can differentiate them She owns my heart and I own Vanessa's pussy.I wonder where Cara-Mia is now. It's a shame that I had to marry someone else, but she'll understand. I know she will. I had to put the pack's interest first as I always have, Vanessa might be my Luna but I'll make sure everyone knows who truly has my heart.I lean back and ring a bell to summon a maid.A plump looking girl scurried in."Tend to your Luna, and see to it she has all she needs." I instructed, I might not care about her feelings but I'm not a monster."Yes Alpha." She courtesyed and left the room.I got up with the intention
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chapter seven
VANESSA.After Dante left me alone in our shared room covered in cum and and wallowing in humiliation, I cried and imagined him in his personal room laughing at my stupidity. This wasn't how my life was supposed to go, I mean I had the Cinderella treatment all my life, so where is my prince charming, because I refuse to believe he's that man who used me like a common whore and left, why does my castle feel more like prison.I thought about my sister and although I was happy for her I couldn't help the twinge of envy, she took my mate, and in doing so the lie that might have been mine, I would have been happy. But here I was not quite the Luna, but a place holder with a husband who doesn't care. I had a feeling he'd be relieved if I jumped over the balcony. Was I tempted? Yes. Will I do it? No. If he wants to make me miserable then I'll return the favor. It's obvious that I'm on my own in this world. Two can play the game.A knock on the door interrupted my train of thoughts.I sat up
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chapter eight
Vanessa I'm not a really great English student but I was quite sure if I checked the dictionary and looked up the word bi polar a tiny picture of my husband would be next to it. Or at the very least his name should be one of the synonyms, because what the hell. One moment he's reminding me of his Alpha authority the next he ignores me and starts to undress as though I wasn't in the room or he simply didn't acknowledge my presence.And I just have to commend myself on not looking, and I wanted to, perhaps it was that I didn't want him to see that he had an effect on me or maybe it was just plain shyness, despite us having sex earlier I didn't see much of him. I kept my eyes closed long after I knew he was already in the bathroom but I was just too cautious and in the end I fell asleep.Now tell me why I'm in his arms and it sounds like he's flirting with me while I'm desperately trying to use my hands to shield the front part of my body. Thankfully he didn't make any comment about i
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chapter nine
DANTEI didn't see that coming, not us getting along and actually being able to casually joke, not the simmering attraction either, I had thought that she would be like the others. I had no idea why but it seemed when I had sex with a woman I had no desire to sleep with her again. At first I didn't care about that until it seemed that even subconsciously my mind and body refused to be attracted to the same woman.I found out the first time when I went to vegas on a weekend trip. My friend and I did what any two red blooded men in their prime would do when they found themselves in the city that doesn't sleep.We played, drank, and found women.It was all fun and games until I started to mess around with the girl back in the hotel room, she was all but coming in my hands but nothing was happening for me. No matter how much she stroked and sucked, my cock remained limp, not even a semi erection, my body was indifferent to it. I started to panic wondering if the excess amount of alcohol c
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chapter ten
VANESSADid I suspect that Dante would be angry if I defied his orders and did not come down for dinner? Yes. Did I come down for dinner even after I was told I was expected? No. Two defiance in one day. Did I have a death wish? Perhaps, who knows."My lady, the Alpha, is almost ready to go to the table." A maid who told me her name was Annette said to me, I guess it was expected that I would be at the dinner table before Dante so as not to keep him waiting."Bring me a robe." I said ignoring what she said and watched from the bathtub as she picked one off the hanger, and then quickly put it back then picked another one.She came to the high bathtub and extended her arms to help me out. Surprisingly the bathtub was high enough that I needed the support. Or maybe it was because I've been in the water too long and my bones had turned to jelly. After Dante had left I let the dirty water drain and opened the road so clean water flooded in. And I stayed there till the heat had begun to cool
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