The Rejected Luna

The Rejected Luna

By:  jhennie writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Michael Flynn; He was my first in everything, my very first friend, the first person to ever believe in me, down to my very best person. He was the first person I ever kissed, he was the first to ever touch me on… oh scratch that, he wasn’t. Every second and minute we spent together was special, life was only better when I was with him until the night he found his wolf, the night he found out that I was his mate. I, his mate, the one girl who was considered an omega, while he, the Alpha’s son. We were on the polar sides of the food chain. His love for me went sour, even his memories became nothing but a nightmare. He still looked at me the same way, I could see the hope in his eyes but now it was different, I was different, and to worsen matters, I had already had a one-night stand with a beautiful stranger, Klaus. Unintentionally, I got caught up in a tight web, one I never envisioned getting into. What am I to do now that Michael, my mate, is back asking for a second chance? Should I get back with him and let go of his misdeeds or should I toss him to the curb… the exact same way he had done to me, most especially now that someone else had come knocking on my door, someone a lot more sinister… someone that even my father dreaded; he was none other but Klaus Knight II Read to find out!

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Starz Symbol
Worth every penny. It's like a movie in my head ...
2024-05-22 13:36:58
user avatar
It’s not entirely bad but it has become very erratic over the last 15-20 chapters. Sometimes not making much sense at all.
2024-05-04 08:39:51
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Виктория Георгиева
It is a classic start, but what I like the most is that the main heroine isn't such damsel In distress. ...
2024-05-13 00:49:58
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Heather W
The story is okay, but the female lead is a cry baby. Like all she does is faint and cry. Her critical thinking skills and common sense are non existent. She literally refuses to think in some cases, often electing to cry profusely. Skip this if you like your FLs to be even remotely competent
2024-06-08 17:32:38
user avatar
Haliax Alaxiel
For those of you who like to read about rape and abuse being romantize. Go for it
2024-05-22 01:25:48
94 Chapters
I can tell you the exact moment when everything in my life began to crash and burn. The time when everything came tumbling down and I no longer knew what I stood for. The familiar became the foreign and I was left with nowhere to go and no one to run to.It all happened when my best friend and boyfriend chose his mate… by himself, tossing me to the curb like I was nothing more than a piece of crap to him from the very beginning.Michael and I had been a thing for most of my life. We started off as friends in kindergarten, and when we became early teenagers, we turned into best friends.When I turned fifteen, the feeling of friendship quickly blossomed into romance. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted, and ever since then, we became inseparable.Everyone who knew us knew that we were a thing, and in this small pack of ours, it was impossible for anyone not to know us. I clung to him like a vice, almost suffocating him with love but did he ever complain?Hell no!Michael happ
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Chapter One
Aurora’s POVMichael broke up with me over the phone later that day, but he did it in the middle of the night, probably expecting that I would be asleep by then but I wasn’t.In fact, I was at my friend, Jasmine’s house, devouring a large cone of ice cream to calm my nerves when I got the notification of his text.Jasmine and I had been really close around freshman year, but then we drifted apart a little because that was exactly when Michael had decided to step up our friendship game a notch, and like the bitch that I was, I had abandoned her, focusing instead on the stupid thing I had going on with Michael; and now I regretted it.I couldn’t even look into her eyes for fear of what she would say to me about it. Fortunately, she said nothing… until Michael texted.“So this is it?” She cried incredulously, pointing at the screen of my phone as if it was some sort of vile object. “He’s just gonna dump you after everything? Even when you’re both mates?!”At the mention of the word ‘mate
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Chapter Two
Aurora’s POV“I love it here! I could live in this moment forever!” I screamed drunkenly, smiling when the loud music drowned out my loud voice.Jasmine and I giggled as the waiter popped two shots of tequila in front of us. As it stood, we were already on our eleventh shots and we were crazy drunk but we didn’t want to stop, not when it was a lot more fun here than in our different realities.After the shocking revelation of Jasmine’s and Trevor’s sour love life, she had decided that we came here to forget, and that was what we intended to do!We both gulped down our shots, laughing hysterically as the liquid burned its way down our chests to our stomachs and as soon as it hit our guts, we jumped up, screaming like crazy banshees as we ran to the dance floor.For the first time in my life, I felt free, I lived freely and danced freely… all on my terms. Because Jasmine and I had gone on our own, we had no dance partners and decided to dance with each other instead.The chilly December
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Chapter Three
Aurora’s POV“What do you mean you were raped?!” Jasmine shrieked. The memory of the past night flooded my heart for the umpteenth time, and again, I couldn’t help but remember the dark smirk on that stranger’s face when he stepped out of the bathroom.Again, I felt weak, useless even. My heart broke at the thought of being in that sort of situation, and without holding back, I burst into tears.There was this look in her eyes, one that I could easily associate with pity but before I could make sense of what it was, she quickly masked it with a forlorn smile, grabbed me by my arm, and dragged me upstairs, and as soon as we arrived at her room, she pulled me into a hug.“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” she whispered over and over again to me but I could only nod. Hell, I couldn’t even find my voice!Another problem was the fact that I couldn’t go home yet, especially not now that I looked like I had been run over (and maybe I have!). I couldn’t even begin to think what my family would say w
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Chapter Four
Aurora’s POV One thing I noticed as I made my way to the open field was the looks of disdain that members of my pack threw at me as I walked past.This was quite fascinating because only a few days ago, I was quite the envy of a lot of girls. Many flocked around me to be my friend because deep down, they also knew that Michael and I were going to end up together.The memory filled me this time with a bittersweet feeling, but then every ounce of sweetness immediately left my body when I heard the snide comment Ariana threw at me.“A cheap whore is what she is!” She snapped, causing the girls gathered around her to laugh, but then I ignored them as I went to stand by a corner, praying that this gathering would quickly come to an end.My heart began to race when I overheard some girls talking about Ariana’s first sex with Michael.“It’s why he took her with him when he stormed out of the party last night!” One exclaimed, causing me to feel hot as the memories rushed back into my head. I
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Chapter Five
Aurora’s POV It has been several days since my last encounter with Michael and even after all these while, I still haven’t been able to shake out the embarrassment… and even the fear I felt whenever I thought about it.On several occasions, I tried to scream in anger the same way I did that caused Michael and his missus to fall to the floor, but no matter how many times I tried to recreate that event, it just never happened.“Breathe in, breathe out… it’ll soon be over.” I tried to reassure myself as I hurriedly wore my attire, whilst getting myself prepared for Michael’s coronation. My hair was styled into a high ponytail and my face was bare of any makeup. I couldn’t even bring myself to dress up the way I wanted because I was afraid and intended to dress down to ensure that no one noticed me, but I was wrong!The first thing I noticed when I stepped into the hall was how every young member of my pack watched me with nothing but loathing in their eyes. For a moment, I was shocked
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Chapter Six
Chapter SixAurora’s POV:My eyes slowly fluttered open. Even that small action seemed to require a lot of effort. Heck! I was feeling quite drowsy and I could sense a little headache pounding away at the back of my head.As I became aware of my surroundings, the fact that I was lying on what might be “The world’s comfiest bed,” registered in my thoughts. I could lay here forever. But first things first, Where am I? I slowly got up and noticed a wide window to the side. Looking out the window, I was met with a magnificent view of nature. I’d recognize Lake Victoria and the luscious green grass surrounding it anywhere. And there was only one building that could offer such a close-up view of the lake, The Pack House.I gasped as soon as I realized I was in one of the exclusive rooms in the Pack House. Judging by the exquisite furniture, this might be one of the best rooms in the entire house. Rooms like these were usually reserved for visiting Alphas. Alpha... Alpha... Alpha Gerald. O
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Chapter Seven
Chapter SevenAurora’s POV:By the time I got home, I was panting and out of breath, but then on the good side, I was safe and home alone, even if it was only for the time being since everyone would return from Michael’s coronation party soon. My relief was soon cut short when I heard knocks on our door while I was helping myself to a cup of water in the kitchen. I groaned loudly. Who could that be and why was it so hard to get a few minutes of peace?In frustration, I stomped over to open the door and as soon as I did, I again experienced relief when I realized that it was only Jasmine. Then I was hit with a pang of guilt when I remembered how I had bolted out of the Pack House, leaving her there, without an explanation as to what had gone wrong.I smiled sheepishly and let her in. With the door firmly closed behind me, I slowly turned to her, preparing myself for her wrath.Jasmine simply sighed and asked; “Why did you run off like that? I was worried sick thinking you would faint
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Chapter Eight
CHAPTER 8Aurora’s POV:When I stomped out, I found Alpha Gerald in our living room. He looked quite tense and for a minute, I could swear that I saw a flicker of fear pass through his eyes when he caught sight of me.I was too late though because before I could make sense of what I had seen, he had straightened himself… and his expression up… and now was presently staring back at me with just as much curiosity as I did.“Hi,” I sighed.“Hello,” he responded calmly, sounding shy.I briefly thought about whether I should start calling him father now but after pondering over it for a few seconds, I shook my head. I was quite certain that he might be my father, heck, my mom’s admission and his looks were all the evidence I needed to confirm that we truly were related but I didn’t know if he wanted us or whether he had abandoned me, thus leading us to this very unfortunate situation. Right now, I had a few theories about what could have led to us being separated and he was the bad guy in
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Chapter Nine
Aurora’s POV:It is really important that I know exactly how my father was able to identify me amongst thousands of people at the coronation. That too, without knowing about my existence beforehand. I needed to be sure that he didn’t just randomly pick me and then in a few years, he’d tell me he made a mistake. I know my thoughts aren’t very rational but my life has been a rollercoaster these past weeks and I’m not ready for another.His answer would either reassure me or shatter any hopes I might have had of knowing my father.Alpha Gerald got up, walked to where I was pacing, and held me by my shoulders before responding “I felt it as soon as I walked into that hall. It’s almost like you called out to me. My wolf also recognized you as its blood. The ability to recognize wolves of our kind has been in my, no, our family for generations. I will always recognize my own.”“So you’re saying you think I am your daughter based on your instincts?” I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about th
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