The Royal Agreement

The Royal Agreement

By:  MJ van Zyl  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katherine De La Dici an original royal vampire will return back home years after her mother's death. She will be faced with many challenges, yet it will not stop her from getting revenge for what happened years ago. She knew of her long life curse since she could remember, yet how could this? She meets a strong man from the Blood Moon Pack, the original royal Alpha, who turns out to be the curse that she was warned against. Will this affect her plans for revenge? After all, when you embark on a journey of revenge remember to dig two graves! Will one be hers? Will those blue eyes take her soul? There is only one way to find out right?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
A few years, not long ago, there was a fight between two royal parties. The Blood Moon packs, which were wolves and the vampires from the East. Their alliance ended abruptly once the vampire queen was brutally murdered in her castle while they were at war with the witches. The two alliances split up once the war ended after several years. Unfortunately not for the heirs of the thrones as they always seemed to hate each other even in the presence of the council. Katherine De La Dici was the daughter of Xander and Diana De La Dici, the very first of the vampires that there were before the copycats came to be. The Blood Moon Pack was led by Henry and Alison Storm, the first wolves to roam the earth and give birth to a very powerful boy, the Alpha. It was a rainy day when Nick Storm received an invite to the council ball. Every year they’d invite the royals to a ball to maintain peace or atleast that was the plan. Although not everyone who went felt the urge to kiss and make up. Nick hat
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Chapter 2
The kiss was something from another galaxy. Her lips were sweet and boy did they taste like strawberries. I lift her so that we can hear the announcement that was about to be made. Everyone stood with their champagne glasses in a circle with smiles, as if we were about to welcome someone important. One of the council members took a step forward on the stairs while observing the crowd as if he was looking for someone very important, or he might have been looking for his wife, since he was married to a witch, so they say. I could feel some of the wolves tense up cause none of them liked surprises at all. "Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this evening of peace and transformation that we have been building over the years!" he said while everyone applauded him."Tonight we celebrate what we have accomplished and also welcome back someone special. Katherine De La Dici, the daughter of Xander, the great! Come up here darling!" I felt how all the wolves growled and huffed with anger, this wa
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 I got home after I ran into my mate a few hours ago. I thought that the run would have helped, yet it only made me think of her more. Why was she back? Would she reject me? Why was I even thinking of having her as a mate after everything that happened years ago? As I walked into my study Evan was right behind me with a smirk on his face."Went on a run?""Yes, what the fuck do you want Evan?" I barked at him seeing how his facial expression changed that is when I knew that she just got my attention. He threw his hands up in surrender and then mumbled an apology."I ran into her!" I said."Our Luna, no wonder why you looked pissed!""Don't get me started, listen double the guards, and get the men on alert for rogues!""Why? Did she mention something?""She did not say a bloody word, but she is back for good and I want to know why!" I said as I gulped down my whiskey. He agreed, but then he had to remind me of my schedule for the day again. After he spoke I told him to meet m
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Chapter 4
Katherine p.o.vAfter what took place with the meeting I knew what the odds would have been before I would return to the table, yet I wasn't in a rush at all. Sooner or later they will start to talk and that is when I will be ready patiently waiting. As I parked my car I headed inside to get a drink. I needed it right now. I was about to sit on my ass when James walked through the door. James was a noble friend who I met on my journey as a rogue. He is a lycan and very strong of his kind. Ever since we met we stayed together through hell or high water. "Long morning?" he asked as his hand crossed over his chest. I just gave him a faint smile with a simple answer:" Nothing that I cannot handle!" He took a seat and pulled me close so that my ass fell on his leg. So there might be one thing that I did not mention and that was that we were more than just friends. When my father told me about our curse or mine that's when I decided to go against all rules."Why are we back here Katherine?
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Chapter 5
At this point, I needed to know what her end game was, but at the same time, I wanted to protect her with everything in me. This mate bond was going to be a problem at a certain point! I took a step closer with my hands in my pocket looking at the man who dares to challenge me."Talk, I will give you five minutes before I rip you into thousands of pieces!" I said with a low growl making him aware of my power."I can't go back out there, they will haunt me and kill me! I need protection!""Well, let's see how interesting your story is before I offer protection!" I said seeing how his eyes darted from me to Evan who looked pissed. I asked Evan to leave with the nurse so that I can have a conversation with our new friend here. After they left I took a seat showing him my watch."My time is limited and so is my patience!""So is Katherine's, after her father's death she turned into this monster! Do you know how we caught her trace?""Blood banks?" I asked and to my surprise he laughed at
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