The Scorned Silver Wolf

The Scorned Silver Wolf

By:  Helen Margaret   Ongoing
Language: English
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Veronica is an eighteen-year-old girl who falls into an emotional breakdown when her Mate, who was soon to be the Alpha of the Green Hills pack, turns against her, hurls hurtful words at her, and rejects her on the night of the full moon festival because he and everyone in the pack, including her, think she is an omega. As if the pain of rejection, helplessness, and worthlessness wasn't enough, she lost her best and only friend to the cold hands of death when rogue wolves attacked their pack. Right in the presence of her mate, who turned a blind eye, she was banished from the pack. With hatred for her life, she runs deep into the woods that were off-limits and jumps off to end her life, but in a turn of events, something else happens. What would her mate do when he finds out that Veronica is not who he thinks she is? What fate lies ahead for them?

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14 Chapters
Chapter 1
SILVER MIST PACKThe Silver mist pack bustled with festivities, the people were gathered together, eating, drinking, laughing and jesting. It was a beautiful sight to behold, the atmosphere was a beautiful one too. It was obvious, everyone was happy because at long last, the Alpha King finally had a child to call theirs after so many years of waiting. Although, it wasn't a male pup as the people thought it would be, but whether male or female, a child will always be a child. The dancers danced as loud music was blasting through the speakers and the people moved their bodies to the rhythm while cheering the dancers who danced tirelessly. Wolves from different parts of the pack trooped in, in their hundreds and thousands, to felicitate with the Alpha and Luna. Some were truly happy while some came to see if it was true that the Luna had finally given the Alpha, a child. Murmurs could be heard from different corners but no one dared to speak ill, out loud, of the Alpha's family. It wa
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Chapter 2
EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER(SUN CREST PACK)“Beck, where are we going?” Veronica asked, feeling tired already, “We've been walking for hours now, and the full moon festival is about to start.”“We're almost there, it's not really far anymore.” He said, still walking further into the woods.They kept walking for twenty more minutes until he stopped walking and turned to look at her, who was already exhausted, “Is this where…where we are going?” She stuttered.“Well, I don't know.” He responded.“What? What do you mean you don't know? We've been walking for an hour and a half, and you're saying you don't know where we are going?” She said, almost screaming.“ Well, I mean, yes.” He finally answered.“You are really something, so what are we doing here?” Veronica asked him.“ You know I love you, right? And I will always love you.” He began.“ Yes, I do, and I love you too, but that doesn't give enough explanation for us to be out in the woods this late.” She said, looking around.He didn't sa
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Chapter 3
Veronica didn't know what to call the emotions she was feeling towards Beck at that moment. She was mad at him, she was sad about the things he said to her. She also wanted to go and help him with the pain, but at the same time, she just wanted him to suffer more pain than she was feeling.Instead of using the front door, she went through the back door because of the other omegas that hadn't left for the Moon festival and Kiera. “If they saw me like this, they would make me explain what had happened.” She thought to herself as she sneaked in through the back door.She thought about it for a while and decided to go back into the woods. The pain of the mate bond was killing her, so she couldn't think well. She didn't want anyone to see her like that, so she ran into the nearest woods.Not thinking straight, she kept running in whatever direction her legs took her. She didn't know for how long she was running until she came to a stop after hearing a growl coming from the woods.At first
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Chapter 4
"The pain of the broken mate bond is tougher than I thought," Beck said to himself.He tried standing up but fell almost immediately, “I am going to be the Alpha of this pack in less than three days, I can't be this weak because of a broken mate bond.” He told himself as he began to try to get up again.He forced himself to stand up and sucked in the pain. He took a couple of steps and almost fell down but held on to the nearest tree he could touch.The walk to the pack house was quite far because he had to get Veronica to a place where no one would see or hear him rejecting her and now it had blown back in his face, because he had to walk a very long journey before he could get back to the pack house.He endured the pain throughout the walk and began thinking of how his Father and Blue, his sister, would react to what he had just done. Well, his father would most definitely have nothing to say, while Blue, his little sister, on the other hand, would be so glad. She didn't like Veroni
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Chapter 5
Pain, that was the first thing Veronica made sense of. “Ouch! My head hurts, what happened?” She asked no one in particular.She tried lifting her right hand to touch her forehead but noticed that she couldn't feel her arm.“ What's this? I can't feel my arm. Come to think of it, I can't feel my body, I can't feel anything, except for the pain in my head.” She thought to herself as different conversations kept flooding her mind.“ Did I hit my head hard on the floor when I fell?” Was I supposed to feel pain when I lost my mortal body?” She asked herself, with the lowest voice possible, making it impossible for anyone to hear her, except for the movements on her lips.She tried to open her eyes but her vision was blurry, but after a couple more blinks, she could see clearly. She noticed the white ceiling and then looked around the room. It was painted in white and yellow, with the yellow shining almost brighter than the sun and the white, as snow.“ The afterworld sure is beautiful. Ve
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Chapter 6
It had now been a week since Beck rejected Veronica and no one knew about it except her, Beck and Kiera. Kiera wanted to confront Beck about it, but Veronica begged her not to because he didn't know that she knew about it.“ Wow, what a lovely day to sleep and not wake up for a while,” Kiera said, looking up at the sky, as they passed by the children's park.“ What do you mean by that? Don't ever say that, please. If you go, who would I talk to or where would I find anyone who would listen to me complain about everything all day long?” Veronica snapped at her.“ Relax Vee, I'm not going anywhere, at least, not anytime soon, silly,” Kiera said, laughing. “It was just a harmless joke.”“A harmless joke? Really? Who jokes with something as serious as death?” Veronica snapped at her again.“Hey, chill. I never said anything about dying.” Kiera replied.“To sleep and not wake up means what?” Veronica asked her, obviously angry.
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Chapter 7
"No," Veronica screamed as she carried Kiera's lifeless body on her lap."Kiera, please don't leave me. " She muttered like a crazy woman.She sobbed, tapping her cheeks to see if a miracle could happen. Maybe she would wake up smiling at her and say it was just a prank. She could not bring herself to believe that the only person that understood her was gone.She dropped her lifeless body on the floor and stood up. She then turned to see a rogue wolf launching at her but instead of running, she didn't run because she just wanted to die alongside her best friend. As the wolf got closer, she shut her eyes, waiting for his attack."Guess this is it, Veronica. You are finally going to the afterlife, but at least, this time, you'll be seeing Kiera." She said to herselfas she waited for the wolf to launch at her, but instead of being attacked, she heard a loud thud.She opened her eyes only to see the rogue wolf on the floor groaning in pain. She saw Beck's wolf clawing the rogue wolf's bo
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Chapter 8
“You are hereby banished from The Sun Crest pack. Leave immediately!” His voice reverberated through the hallway as he spoke.“If you are found anywhere close to this pack, the worst things will befall you.” He threatened.At that moment, it seemed like Veronica could not hear properly. It was like she had suddenly gone deaf. She turned to look at Beck, hoping that he would at least plead with his father on her behalf but looking at his face, he didn't seem surprised at all. He looked indifferent.She fell to her knees in front of Beck's father, grabbing his feet.“Please Alpha. If I leave here now, I have nowhere to go. You know I have no family to call mine. Please.” She pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks.“And how is that my business? Do you know the number of problems and havoc you have caused in this pack since you stepped in here? You have done enough damage to last us a couple of years and so, my decision is final. Leave! We do not want you anymore, you are just had news!”
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Chapter 9
After his father's judgment and decision to banish Veronica from the pack, Beck walked back to his room. He began to have flashbacks of how Veronica was pleading with him to help her beg his father to allow her stay because she had no other place to go but he turned his back on her.“Maybe I could have pleaded with my father.” He thought to himself as he sat on the edge of his bed. “I don't think it would have changed anything if I did beg him because his mind was made up.”“All she has ever brought to this pack over the years has been problems. Nothing but problems! I don't think I did anything wrong.” He shrugged, then leaned back to lay on the bed, staring intently at the white ceiling of his room.While he was still in his thoughts, the door to his room opened and someone walked in and shut the door. He felt a movement on his bed but he didn't pay attention as he was still lost in his many thoughts.“Beck? Why do you look worried? I hope it's not because of that thing? That girl?”
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Chapter 10
“So the reason for this drama is because of that girl? Oh no! I can't believe this.” His mother said, shaking her head.“Beck? Is this true?” She asked him but he remained silent.“Your silence says a lot. Your silence only means that Blue is right. You're so unbelievable! What were you thinking? That you'll get married to that weak wolf, who can't even save herself, not to talk of others if a war begins?” She asked, irritated.“I heard how she was unable to save her best friend when the rogue wolves attacked and she got killed in the process. Is that who you want to be with? Is that who you're here sulking for? Just pray that your father does not find out about this. I'm sure you know what he can do, I don't need to remind you.” She said and hissed.“I can't believe that she is not here anymore, yet she is still causing so much trouble. She really attracts problems wherever she goes to.” She added and hissed loudly again.“Yes, Beck, you know your mum is right. You shouldn't be sulki
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