The Secret Babies

The Secret Babies

By:  Symplyayisha   Completed
Language: English
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A short Romance Story! (Completed) Abigail Delaney, the youngest female servant of the Williams household came with the intention to work for a period of time in order to save up enough money to pay for her mother's surgery. Unintentionally, she fell in love with the only son and heir to the Williams empire, Liam Williams.It took just one night to lose her virginity to him. And later discovering she was pregnant, she decided to leave and never return. Hopefully, Liam will never find out that she left with his heir.

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16 Chapters
Abigail started working as a maid in The Williams's mansion a couple of months ago in order to earn money to pay for her mum’s surgery. Sarah, her mother, was diagnosed with breast cancer.Unintentionally, Abby developed feelings for Liam Williams, the only son and heir to The Williams's empire.Liam was also attracted to her but they both decided to ignore the tingling sensations and sparks that flew between them because they were people from different worlds. Abigail
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Chapter One
When the bus came to a halt at her stop, Abigail rose to her feet, reached for her old leather suitcase that was by her seat and made her way out of the vehicle, leaving a few passengers in it.As the bus drove away, She stood still, closed her eyes and inhaled the fresh warm breeze. She had missed her home, the famous Buxton town.After what felt like forever, Abby continued her journey to her home which was not that far from the bus stop. She returned the greetings of some
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Chapter Two
Five Years LaterA lot has occurred during this five year period.Sarah, Abigail’s mother had her surgery and it was successful.
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Chapter Three
Soon enough, Abigail found herself sitting in front of Damon, The CEO of DAMON Inc for her interview. She had made sure she arrived on time and had worn something simple and presentable.Damon excused himself to answer an incoming call. He stood up and turned towards the window that was behind his office chair and answered the call.Abigail used that moment to admire his office. It was really big, painted in cool colours. Of course, every piece of furniture in the room looke
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Chapter Four
"Cinderella and the prince lived happily ever after. They became the nicest and fairest ruler to ever live. Dreams do come true, only if you have courage and be kind. And also with a little bit of magic," Abigail said as she finished reading Lenora her bedtime story.Closing the book, She saw that her baby girl was fast asleep. She kept the book on her small shelf where she arranged all her bedtime stories, covered her properly with the duvet and gave her a goodnight kiss. Abby stood there for a while, watching her daughter sleep. Her children made her very happy; they were her world, only if their Father was with them, they would have been a ver
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Chapter Five
Liam could not believe his ears, was he dreaming? of course not, it was real, his Fiancée was Pregnant......with his child.Liam could not contain his happiness. His dream was finally coming true, to be a Dad. He loved kids and had always wanted one.Lucy had no idea how this news made Liam happy. He felt as if he was on top of the world, the happiest man on earth and the most amazing soon to be dad.
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Chapter Six
Three Weeks Later.Today, being a Friday, Abigail left work earlier than usual since Friday was only a half-day at Damon Inc. By 3 pm, She was already out of the office.She entered her apartment and was attacked by her bundles of joy.
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Chapter Seven
"I’m sorry for coming late." Abigail apologized while removing her jacket. She placed it on the back of the chair which was opposite Damon. She sat on the chair and brought out her notebook, pen and iPad from her bag since she thought they were having a business meeting with a client.“Lawrence came up with a fever and he tends to be very clingy when he’s sick”. Abigail explained, hoping her Boss would understand.“It’s okay, Abigail. Is h
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Chapter Eight
Monday morning came, Liam and Lucy drove to the office together in Liam’s car.They had a little fight this morning, Liam did not want Lucy to come to work today but Lucy refused, insisting she was perfectly fine. She does not want people to think she was purposely skipping work just because she was engaged to the Boss.Liam allowed Lucy to come to work because she promised him that she would go home if she fell sick again.
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Chapter Nine
Was it confusion, regret, hurt, anger or sadness? Even Liam himself could not find any proper word to describe the way he was feeling right now.Liam, Damon and Lucy were currently in Lucy’s apartment. Lucy and Damon had already planned to tell Liam the truth which they did after they had dinner.Lucy told Liam about her sickness and how she wouldn't be able to give him a baby. She also told him about her meeting with Abigail earlier today.
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