Chapter 14

At this time, Yuri and Danny were creating a scene in the live broadcast room.

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

Ten consecutive international cruise ships were sent at one go!

The price of each international cruise ship was one thousand dollars!


“Thank you, Ordinary Man! I love you, Ordinary Man!”

Felicity yelled out in excitement.

Each of the girls could not help but looked at the screen on Felicity’s phone at this time.

This was no ordinary person! He had actually sent her ten international cruise ships worth ten thousand dollars at one go!

Alice and Xavia were slightly surprised at this time.

They already heard that they could make money from live broadcasts a long time ago and they were finally convinced today.

“Ordinary Man, are you from our university? Which department are you from?” asked some of the girls at this time.

At the same time, Yuri and Danny, who were viewing the live broadcast, suddenly felt very languished.

Of course, they had ten thousand dollars. In fact, each of them had around twenty to thirty thousand dollars as their allowance every month.

However, if this tyrant could swipe ten thousand dollars at one go, he must really be an extraordinary person.

They would never be able to steal the limelight from him!

Felicity was also very excited at this time. “Yes, Original Man. May I know which department you’re from?”

Ordinary Man replied, “I’m from the Language Department!”

“Eh? The Language Department? That’s our department!”

“Apart from Danny and Yuri, who else is so wealthy in the Language Department?”

“I’ve never heard of him!”

All the girls were surprised.

If he was really from the Language Department, then they would have to make sure that they dressed up beautifully in future. Otherwise, they might lose out on the chance to get together with this ordinary man!

“Ordinary Man, which class are you in? Do you have a girlfriend? If you don’t, I can introduce one to you!”

At this time, Xavia quickly walked towards Felicity as she spoke to the camera.

In fact, Xavia was also an extremely beautiful girl with long legs and pinkish rosy cheeks.

Xavia was also thinking that she should also start a live broadcast so she would be able to make some money and get herself a rich man so that she could prepare for her future.

Therefore, she could not help but asked the question out of curiosity.

Ordinary Man: “No, I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He sent another five consecutive international cruise ships to Felicity’s live broadcast.


Felicity was so excited she could barely stand still.

All the other girls also took deep breaths at this time.

Felicity asked excitedly, “Ordinary Man, I can find you a girlfriend if you don’t have one. We’re all from the Language Department anyway! There are so many beautiful girls behind me, so why don’t you tell me who you’re interested in? I’m also available!”

In fact, Felicity was starting to regret doing this live broadcast in front of so many beautiful girls today.

She didn’t want to share her potential suitor with anyone else.

She also felt very uncomfortable sharing this wealthy guy with the other girls.

She glanced at this person’s account and she realized that he was actually a supreme member.

This meant that he had already recharged at least one hundred thousand dollars into his live broadcast account! That was the only reason why he had that verification icon on his profile.

If she could, Felicity really wanted to do a private live broadcast for Ordinary Man!

However, as she thought about it, Felicity felt that she could also gain a lot of benefits from having the other girls around on the live broadcast today.

“So, Ordinary Man, what do you think? Which one of these girls are you interested in?”

Felicity asked in a teasing manner.

“Does the girl standing behind you have a boyfriend?” Ordinary Man replied immediately.

The person standing behind Felicity at this time was none other than Xavia.

“Ahh, I…I…I…why don’t you make a guess, Ordinary Man?” Xavia replied in surprise.

She didn’t want to be so straightforward with her answer because she knew that Yuri was probably still watching the live broadcast.

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

Ordinary Man sent another five consecutive international cruise ships to Felicity’s live broadcast.

At this time, the management team for the live broadcast platform took notice of Felicity’s live broadcast because of the twenty consecutive international cruise ships.

Therefore, the management team quickly promoted Felicity’s live broadcast to the homepage. More and more of their university mates joined in the live broadcast at this time.

The number of viewers on Felicity’s live broadcast quickly exceeded more than five thousand viewers.

Ordinary Man then said, “I don’t want to guess. Why don’t you tell me the answer directly?”

Xavia took a deep breath and her face flushed red as she said, “I…”

She wanted to grit her teeth and say that she didn’t have a boyfriend.

Felicity was very jealous at this time and she quickly said, “Yes, she has a boyfriend! Her boyfriend is Yuri, who just sent me the rockets just now!”

Xavia was very annoyed. Did Felicity think she was that great? When she returned to her dormitory, she will look into starting her own live broadcast in the future! When that time comes, they’ll know who has a higher popularity then!


Ordinary Man: “Hahaha. He actually dares to show off when he’s just sending a rocket? By the way, the bag you’re holding in your hand seems to be worth a lot of money. I heard that it’s worth over fifty thousand dollars! I think that man who gave you the bag is the true hero!”

Felicity raised the Hermes bag in her hand before she said, “Wow! Ordinary Man, you can actually tell the value of this bag? You think that this bag is beautiful too?”

Felicity began to show off the bag in front of the camera.

At this time, Alice, who was standing next to Felicity, quickly barged in and said:

“Brother, I think you’ve misunderstood the situation. The person who gave our friend this bag isn’t a hero! He is just a pauper from your Language Department!”

Alice couldn’t take it when someone was actually praising Gerald for being a hero.

Therefore, she subconsciously stepped in to explain the truth!

“What if you find out in the future that the person who gave your friend that bag isn’t actually a pauper? What if you find out that he’s actually a very wealthy and powerful man? What would you do then? Don’t you think that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?”

Ordinary Man spoke up immediately.

Alice replied, “You sound like a very mature and stable man but I assure you that the person who gave my friend this bag is definitely a pauper! As for how he could afford to buy this bag, there’s actually a long story behind it!”

Alice continued chatting with this Ordinary Man through the live broadcast.

However, she did not know why she had a strange feeling in her heart.

She felt as though this man was very mature and stable. Even though he was very wealthy, he didn’t seem like a dull, ordinary second-generation rich kid.

Alice would love to have an opportunity to meet up with him.

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

“Ordinary Man sent you an international cruise ship!”

Ordinary man sent another five consecutive international cruise ships to Felicity without any hesitation.

Everyone was shocked.

“Ordinary Man, do you want to exchange numbers with me? I can give you a private live broadcast everyday if you want me to!” Felicity quickly said as she looked in the camera.

However, when Ordinary Man did not reply after a long time, she looked at the list of viewers and she realized that he had already gone offline!

Felicity felt very dejected. However, he had already given her twenty-five thousand dollars today!

Felicity could not help but feel a little excited.

At the same time, many of the girls had already downloaded the live broadcast software on their phones because they wanted to find out the details of the Ordinary Man in Felicity’s live broadcast so that they could chat privately with him.

This included Xavia…

At the male dormitory, Gerald could hear Danny from the dormitory next door cursing at the wealthy man who was showing off his wealth on Felicity’s live broadcast.

He tossed his cell phone aside with a bittersweet smile on his face.

Sure enough, anyone who had more money would always be the winner. He could do anything that he wanted to!


Gerald was Ordinary Man.

When Gerald saw Yuri and Danny insulting and mocking his own roommates, he instantly recharged one hundred and fifty thousand dollars into his live broadcast account.

Sure enough, both of them shut up as soon as he appeared.

Gerald could hear Danny still cursing from the room next door, probably because his self-esteem was hurt.

In fact, Gerald was deliberately testing Xavia earlier on the live broadcast.

Just as he had expected, Xavia did not let him down at all. She was really a materialistic girl who was full of greed.

Gerald had completely given up on her!

Since he was already exhausted, Gerald decided to go back to sleep.

The next day, his roommates climbed over the wall at five o’clock in the morning to go back to their dormitory to sleep.

As they had to attend class today, they started running towards the lecture hall immediately after they were done with their breakfast.

“Gerald, stop right there!”

As Gerald was about to leave the cafeteria, he suddenly heard a girl’s voice stopping him from leaving!
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