Chapter 13

Xavia quickly explained what she had encountered that morning to all the girls in the dormitory.

“Oh my god. It’s actually true! That Hermes bag is actually worth fifty-five thousand dollars!”

“Gerald had always been living off the subsidy from the university and the money he made from running errands for everyone else. I really didn’t expect him to have such good luck! He actually received such a luxurious Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card!

“Damn it! If Gerald is willing to give me this Hermes bag, I’d definitely be more than willing to spend the night with him!”

“One night? No way! If Gerald is willing to give me this Hermes bag, I’m willing to be his woman for at least one month!”

“Oh, you’re so shameless!”

Even though they all knew that Gerald’s card was just for a one-time use, knowing that the Hermes bag was a genuine one worth fifty-five thousand dollars was still very shocking to everyone.

Even if they sold this bag, they could easily get forty to fifty thousand dollars!

This was still money!

Alice had a very ugly expression on her face at this time.

She never would have expected Gerald to actually give Naomi a Hermes bag that was worth fifty-five thousand dollars as her birthday gift.

She suddenly thought of all the contempt that she felt for him today as well as the envy and admiration that the other girls were feeling for the Hermes bag at this time.

Alice felt as though she had just been played.

She got even more furious at this time.

“Hahaha. Even if the bag is really worth fifty-five thousand dollars, doesn’t Gerald know that he could have just sold the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card for more money instead of using it directly? This only proves that this person is very dim-witted!” Alice said after analyzing the situation.

Xavia also nodded in acknowledgement. “Yes! There’s definitely a problem with Gerald’s brain!”

“Hahaha. Please don’t be jealous! Gerald gave the fifty-five thousand dollars Hermes bag to Naomi as a birthday gift. We should be happy for her! Naomi, you should treat him to a meal!”

Felicity giggled.

She wasn’t only beautiful but she was also a live broadcaster.

She had already seen a lot in this world.

“Yes, yes! Naomi, you should treat him to dinner!”

“Naomi, can you just lend me this Hermes bag for one day? Just one day!”

All the girls were begging Naomi at this time.

Naomi was in shock. Why should she lend them the bag? The first thing that came to her mind was the fact that Gerald probably did not know that he could have sold the shopper’s card for more money instead! She was afraid that he had been fooled by the salesgirl.

After all, Gerald had never experienced this sort of luxury before.

“No, I’m going to return this bag to Gerald. If he decides to sell the bag, he can make at least forty to fifty thousand dollars and he’ll be able to live a carefree life in university without having to worry about money anymore!”

Naomi thought differently from others and she was actually worried about Gerald.

“No way!”

“No way!”

Unexpectedly, Xavia and Alice yelled out loud in unison.

Xavia was thinking to herself and she really could not accept the fact that Gerald would actually have fifty thousand dollars if that happened.

She didn’t want that to happen at all.

She didn’t want Gerald to be living a better life after she dumped him.

Xavia wanted Gerald to be poor and miserable without her.

On the other hand, Alice simply hated Gerald.

“Naomi, why would you do that? Gerald was the one who gave you the Hermes bag so why would you return it to him?”

Alice frowned immediately.

Felicity smiled before she said, “It’s such a valuable Hermes bag. You shouldn’t waste it just like that! I want to start a live broadcast and show my viewers this bag! Do you mind if I do that, Naomi?”

Naomi shook her head as she smiled.

Even though Naomi agreed to allow Felicity to show the Hermes bag on her live broadcast, she was thinking about how she would convince Gerald to return the bag to the luxury store the next day.

Even if they couldn’t get back the original amount that Gerald had paid for the bag, they could at least get back forty to fifty thousand dollars.

Click! Click!

The group of girls rushed over to take pictures of the Hermes bag.

The Hermes bag finally fell into Felicity’s hand.

She started her live broadcast immediately.

“Hello, babies! I’ve not seen all of you for a day and I really missed all of you. Besides, I have some beautiful babies with me here today as an added bonus!” Felicity said as she smiled cutely at the camera.

In a blink of an eye, there were already more than three thousand people watching the live broadcast.

Felicity had already been hosting live broadcasts for more than a year.

Since she was hosting a local live broadcast, most of her fans were her classmates and her university mates.

As soon as Felicity appeared, the discussion in the live broadcast room was extremely lively.

“Damn! This is really a bonus! I really like that tall girl with red hair!”

“Wow! Please give me the number of that beautiful girl with red hair!”

“Oh my god. Felicity, you’re actually friends with Alice from the Broadcasting and Media Department?”

“Ahh! Alice from the Broadcasting and Media Department is simply too gorgeous. You’re taking my breath away!”

On the other side, Alice, who had always had a cold expression on her face, finally smiled when she saw her name on the live chat.

She did not feel as depressed as she felt when she saw the beautiful Felicity earlier.

She nodded as she smiled slightly at the fans on the screen.

“Wow! Are you guys more interested in the other beauties now? Hmph! I’m so sad!”

Felicity made a gesture as though she was wiping the tears away from her eyes as she showed an aggrieved expression on her face.

After that, the crowd of people replied immediately.

“How would that be possible? All of you beauties are my wives! I love all of you.”

At this time, the live broadcast room prompted:

The wealthy and young Yuri is now online!

The super wealthy Danny is now online!


When their classmates saw that Felicity was online, everyone started watching her live broadcast immediately.

Felicity was really a very beautiful and gorgeous girl and she was very experienced and professional in her live broadcasts.

Therefore, she was many boys’ dream girl.

However, Felicity also had very high demands and standards.

Both Yuri and Danny, who were from the next class, had already tried to pursue her before but they failed undoubtedly. This was also the reason why they would both always try to support and help Felicity.

They wanted to get in her good books!

“Babies, you’re all in love with someone else now and I’m already crying! Aren’t you going to send me some gifts? I am giving you guys the pleasure of looking at so many beautiful girls now!” Felicity said in an aggrieved manner.

Gerald’s roommate, Harper, had always been in love with Felicity.

Therefore, he sent her ten roses at once.

Each rose was priced at one dollar.

“Wow, thank you so much Harper! I’ve received your love!”

Harper then replied, “You’re so beautiful, goddess. By the way, isn’t the bag in your hand the gift that Gerald had given Naomi today?”

At this time, Harper typed his comment in the live chat.

This instantly sparked a heated discussion among the viewers.

“Damn it! I didn’t even realize that it’s a Hermes bag. Moreover, it seems like it’s the limited edition collector’s item!”

“Oh my god! Felicity, are you getting sponsored by a man? My heart is breaking into pieces!”

Danny said, “Hahaha. Yuri told me that Gerald bought this bag for Naomi with a one-time shopper’s card. Hahaha. I cannot believe that Gerald is so stupid!”

The netizens then replied, “Oh my god. He must be an idiot!”

Xavia had obviously told Yuri about how Gerald could afford to buy the bag and Yuri had told Danny and his friends about it.

After that, the online discussion revolved around Gerald.

Yuri: “Hahaha. I’m really stimulated by many idiots today. Xavia actually fought with me for the entire day because of what Gerald did! I really feel as though we wasted a lot of time because of that idiot!”

Harper realized that they were all mocking Gerald.

Therefore, he tried to change the subject by sending Felicity another ten roses, one after the other.

Danny said, “Harper, why are you sending Felicity this broken gift? Can you only afford to send her roses?”

After that, he continued typing.

“Why don’t you send her a rocket instead?”

One rocket cost a hundred dollars.

“Danny sent you a rocket!”

“Danny send you a rocket!”

Danny sent five consecutive rockets in a row!

Felicity, Xavia and Alice were extremely excited at this time. They didn’t realize that it was so easy to make money through a live broadcast!

Since he did not want to fall behind, Yuri sent Felicity ten consecutive rockets at the same time.

One thousand dollars.

He wanted to wipe out all the bad luck from his encounter with Gerald today.

Xavia was very proud at this time. This was her man Yuri!

Danny then replied, “Hahaha. Harper, I think even if everyone in your dormitory, including Gerald, were to pool all your money together, you wouldn’t even be able to compare to me! You’re all just six paupers to me! Do you want to compete with me in the live broadcast room today?”

Harper was furious at this time.

At this time, in Gerald’s dormitory, Gerald sneezed and he woke up from his sleep.

After that, he saw all the messages that his classmates were sending, one after the other.

When he turned on his cell phone, he realized that his classmates were all talking about him and the Hermes bag that Felicity had shared on her live broadcast.

All the beautiful girls were saying that he was a fool.

What was happening?

Gerald was stunned. Were they mocking him?

When Gerald read through the messages from his classmates he realized that Felicity must have talked about him in her live broadcast.

Was he a part of her sharing today?

As he thought about it, Gerald quickly logged into Felicity’s live broadcast.

As soon as he logged into the live chatroom, he saw Danny and Yuri insulting and making fun of his roommates.

“Six paupers?”

Gerald smiled coldly to himself.
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