The Seventh Wife of Alpha

The Seventh Wife of Alpha

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"I was kidnapped. My brother drugged me and sold me to the Serpent Pack. The desire was getting stronger, and my heart was in despair. Suddenly, a man appeared and told me that I was safe. I didn't know who he is, but I wanted him so badly. He told me he is Owen and demanded I remember his name. I hope my mate Blake could forgive me. I had no choice. When I went to tell Blake about all this, I was shocked by what I saw. Blake was sleeping with his good friend Jeremy! OMG! My mate is gay! While filming them to keep some evidence, Owen showed up..."

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Delinda Schumacher
55 chapters 4-11-23
2023-04-11 23:41:48
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Chapter 1
Lillian's POV"Lillian, you've got to help your sister out and marry in her place." My father's tired, pleading voice rang through my mind. I opened my eyes and surveyed the room I was in. Today was my wedding day to Ismail. But there was no ceremony nor blessings – just a ring and no sign of the groom. In the afternoon, after a fleet of cars from the Amus family picked me up, I was brought to this luxurious bedroom. The room was dimly lit, with an eerie atmosphere that made me feel like I was in a dream. I sat at the bedside alone. I never expected my wedding to turn out like this; it was so different from what I had envisioned.But what made me more anxious was the wedding night ahead.After all, rumor had it that six previous mates of Ismail were dead. My fear began to cripple me at this moment. Looking around the room again, I still couldn't shake the feeling of unease. Despite the grand decor and luxurious furnishings, there was a strange energy that permeated the air. Ev
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Chapter 2
Lillian's POVI couldn't see Ismail's face clearly, but I could feel his hand on my jaw was icy cold, causing me to shiver involuntarily. Was this the normal body temperature of a person? He said if I was the cure to his illness, but I was completely clueless. I didn't dare to simply to make up an answer, so I just kept quiet. Unfortunately, my silence only worsened his disposition toward me; he continued to tower over me. With a disdainful sneer, he remarked, "You're already in my bed, so put away your tricks."What tricks? What was he talking about? I was dumbstruck by his remark. Before I could even react, I heard his breathing become heavier. He suddenly leaned forward and pressed on my shoulders. Without warning, he then began to undress me. His movements were quick and precise. His voice carried a deep, almost menacing tone, "Let's see if you really have what it takes to cure me!" It was pitch black, and I could barely make out his face, but the intensity of his gaze bo
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Chapter 3
Lillian's POV"Really?!" My face turned pale, and I couldn't believe it. "But I heard that Ismail's wolf had disappeared?""I'm positive about it. You know how rumors can be unreliable. Ismail's wolf is real, but its scent is oddly weak and unstable for some reason.""Maybe it's because Ismail is sick." My gaze involuntarily turned to him.He looked rather ill, in fact. It would be strange that the wolf in his body was stable.But I didn't have any extra energy to care about anything else at this moment. I tried to calm my breathing slowly. After a while, the air was filled with a subtle scent of metallic tang.Instantly, I turned to look at Ismail, who was still lying on the floor. From my position, I could only see his broad back. He was still shaking, but had stopped mumbling after releasing me. I assumed he had bitten his own lip too hard, causing it to bleed and the scent of iron to fill the air.If he continued like this, he might be in danger.Realizing this, I used all my s
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Chapter 4
Lillian's POVThe two alert young servants quickly grabbed my hand, attempting to take the ring off my ring finger."Hey! What are you doing?" I protested and shouted in anger as I struggled to free myself.The Queen gazed at me expressionlessly and said, "You have already entered the Amus family and have seen my son's illness. Therefore, you can never return to the Rosenburg family.""What do you mean? What are you going to do with me?" I stared at her in fear.I saw Ismail's illness? Did she mean the way he looked when he was sick the previous night? But the bedroom was pitch black, and I didn't see anything!"Right now, you have two options. First, choose something from this tray to end your own life." The Queen beckoned, and a maid came in carrying a tray. To my horror, I saw a gun, sleeping pills, and a fruit knife on the tray.I instinctively stepped back and asked, "What's the second option?""The second option is to go to the airport tomorrow morning. Someone will take you to
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Chapter 5
Ismail's POV The first time I laid eyes on my newly-wedded mate, Chloe, I could immediately sense that my werewolf, Matthew, had become more unstable. In fact, it had been silenced for a long time due to the curse. This was an extremely rare phenomenon. "I heard you can cure my illness," I said coldly, sizing up Chloe in the darkness. "I'm talking to you." I leaned in, using my fingers to lift her chin and force her to meet my gaze. As I looked into her eyes, an electric current passed through my body. Identical...This feeling was identical to when I first saw her picture. For a moment, I saw something in Chloe's eyes that reminded me of that specific woman. In truth, I already had the same feeling when I saw her picture. Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to my mother's arrangement to marry her. Knowing full well that they two were not the same person, I still chose to marry this girl called Chloe. Strangely enough, in the first second that I saw her, I felt an unexplainabl
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Chapter 6
Lillian's POVThe night passed by peacefully, and in accordance with the army's protocol, I should return to my home three days after my marriage, which was this very day.Helen had filled the trunk of the car with a myriad of valuable gifts. Turning to me, she said, "Ismail has not yet been discharged from the hospital, so the driver Bruno will accompany you on your journey back home."Rightfully, Ismail should go with me, but clearly, his situation was kind of complicated. "No worries," I said. I did not expect him to show up, anyway. Though he was known far and wide, he remained a stranger to me. Our marriage was merely nominal; I simply choose to ignore his existence. Moreover, I never even intended to return to the Rosenburg family, for it would only earn me more scolding and snide remarks from my father and stepmother.But, I had an important matter to attend to later. Hence, I couldn't wait to hit the road. After finally leaving the Amus family, I instructed Bruno to take m
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Chapter 7
Lillian's POVKayden did not answer my question. Instead, Chloe chimed in, "Kayden and I have been together for a year. I know it's wrong, but our love for each other is genuine. We can't bear to be separated. You're my little sister, and I don't feel great about stealing your boyfriend, either. That's why I convinced our parents to lie and say I was disfigured in a fire, just so you can take my place and marry into the Amus family. I stole Kayden from you, so I'm giving Ismail to you. Now that you've married into the Amus family, we're even, right?""Bullsh*t!"My fury boiled over, and my entire being quivered with anger. With teeth clenched so hard they might shatter, I glared at Chloe in disbelief. "You loathsome woman! How dare you steal someone else's man and then have the audacity to talk about it! Don't you feel any remorse? Do you think I don't know what you're thinking? You're obviously too cowardly to marry Ismail yourself, but instead of facing your fears, you concocted thi
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Chapter 8
Third-person perspectiveLillian didn't manage to tell it was Ismail who had hit her, but he recognized her at first glance. Seeing Lillian's bleeding forehead, Ismail only hesitated for a moment before picking her up and carrying her into the car."Stop, you b*tch! Don't run!" Chloe chased after Lilian and saw Ismail carrying her into a luxurious car. By the time she caught up, the car had already started and was driving away.Kayden quickly got in his car and came to Chloe's side. She got into the car and said, "I saw her leaving with a man, in that black Spyker in front of us. Catch up with them quickly." Kayden nodded and stepped on the gas pedal.Ismail parked the car at the entrance of the hospital and carried the unconscious Lillian out of the backseat and into the hospital. The doctor was surprised to see Ismail again and asked, "Didn't you just get discharged? Why are you back?"Ismail gently placed Lillian on a portable bed so the doctor could examine her."I accidentally
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Chapter 9
Lillian's POVWhen Chloe and Kayden found me, my wounds had already been dressed and I was much more alert. When I saw them running towards me, I instinctively shrunk toward the man beside me and whispered, "Sir, could you help me drive them away?"I had already realized that this man held a high position in this hospital; he should be able to help me out.Just then, Chloe approached and said to Ismail, "Sir, this is my sister. Thanks for bringing her to the hospital, but now that we've arrived, we'll take it from here. Thank you for all your help." Ismail looked at me with a blank expression and replied to Chloe, "I caused the accident, so it's my responsibility to take care of her. You can leave now.""Hold on, sir. Are you seriously telling me to leave my sister in your care?" She shot a sharp look at Ismail. "Sorry, don't you think you shouldn't poke your nose into our family business?" Ismail stared into her eyes for a second before lifting my chin and planting a kiss on my li
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Chapter 10
Third-person perspectiveWhen Ismail returned home, it was already 10 o'clock at night. He threw his keys to the doorman and walked upstairs."Welcome home, Alpha!" Helen bumped into him while coming from upstairs. She added with a sour expression, "You just got discharged today, and you're already off to work? The Queen is peeved with it." "I'm fine, don't worry." "Even so, you shouldn't burn yourself out!" "I'll remember that." As Ismail made his way up the staircase, he suddenly paused and turned around to ask, "Has Madam Chloe come back yet?" Helen was caught off guard by Ismail's sudden inquiry, for he had never before displayed any inkling of concern for Chloe's movements in the past few days. Well, in fact, Ismail's interest in her whereabouts was purely piqued by the events that transpired at the hospital that day.Helen had been wrestling with the idea of revealing Chloe's infidelity to Ismail. However, now that he had asked about her, Helen decided to just spill the bea
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