Chapter 14: My Second Family

The muscled woman thunderously throw away the tray and punch the short-haired lady, luckily the short-haired woman was fast and was able to saved her face before the punch landed to her direction. 

She do a two flip back then the muscled woman aggressively attack her and so the fight started. It feels like the end of the world for me as a first timer to see a situation like that with my bare eyes. 

I'm stoned at my chair didn't know what to do. I'm starting to panic, this is freaking me out. The two other woman marched to my direction with fork both in their hands. 

"Are they really planning to kill anyone?" I stated inside my head then I felt a cold hand hold my arm and pull me away. 

I look over the owner of that cold hand and saw the nerd lady also terrified covering her ears. I guess she's also afraid or just like me this is also her first time seeing scenario like this. 

I can see detainees all over the room pushi

Welch Phyxion

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