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It only took one Summer Night, two years ago, for her life to completely be turned upside down. She had to make a decision then, alone and now 2 years later, she still lives with the feeling of something missing in her life. When she crosses paths with Reece Cullen, the man who left her out in the cold, all because to him, that night was nothing more than a mistake, she vows to never fall weak in front of him and give an insight of how affected she was, when he compared her to the others and demanded, that he get rid of the ' mistake.' One thing she can't do, is fall. No, never again.

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Mr Sanders, what a pevert.I had to put him in his place and give him a piece of my mind, with the extra touch of a slap across the face. He is my boss, well now my ex boss and believe it or not, that sick bastard fired me, infront of everyone.It was totally embarassing but I'll live.The thought of informing my mom about this, made me nervous. I mean, it hadn't been long since I graduated from university and in her eyes, I might as well be an unemployed graduate. This is why I neither wanted to call her or answer her call, until I had something promising.I don't have the energy to try and explain myself and the events that took place, which led me to being fired. What I needed to do, which is very important, is to find another job before informing her about my last one. This would surely ease her worries.I haven't returned to my apartment because I might get depressed, adding to the
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Chapter 2.
" Who are you?" He asks.How can he ask me that, doesn't he remember who I am?No, ofcourse not. He must have long forgotten me. I'm pretty sure that 2 years ago, he wiped me off his memory and his life, the moment he literally threw me out of his house and called me all sorts of names. Not to mention those words that left me scarred for quite some time. At his sight then, I was gum under his shoes, the same that brought a problem, one he demanded I get rid off but I couldn't, because it was life. I didn't have the strength and the courage, to end a life, no matter the situation.So no, it's better I be a stranger now then remind him, of the trash he considered to have thrown out of his house.'" I asked you a question, who are you?" He repeats, this time frowning." Just a stranger." I say, pulling back my arm and r
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Chapter 3.
It's like 2 years ago.I'm on the floor, feeling small, while he stands tall and like a giant, towering over me. He takes a step towards me and my heart beats widely against my chest, my face is heated up due to the humiliation I am feeling right now.' You already are nothing more then gum under my shoe. And if you so much as breathe my way -Tears prick at the corners of my eyes because those words hit me hard at this moment. The memory becomes so vivid that when his hand reaches out towards me, I flinch back.I notice him now start to frown and I know what's next, he'll get angry and give me a disgusted look like that day, then the insults will follow." Sir she -" I jump to my feet and quickly take my bag and shoes before pushing past everyone in my way, rushing out of there. This time I don't take the lift but head towards the stair
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Chapter 4.
What is Mr Cullen doing here? What could he possibly want from me?.....He'd told me 2 years back to not even breathe his way and that's what I'm doing, staying far from him.Well I also said no for my own peace of my mind." Miss Grey, may I come in?" He says.He literally invites himself before I even utter a word, basically pushing me aside.Rude much......Well I shouldn't be surprised, that's more up his alley.I don't dare close the door, for safety purposes.I watch him look around my place and his eyes lingering on the coffee table, which looks so unhealthy right now with all the goodies. But who cares, it's my food and my place." I've been informed that you said no to coming for the interview tomorrow morning." He says, turning around to face me." Yes I did." I feel his eyes look me over, mak
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Chapter 5
" Wow." I mutter, looking around the house that I am currently in.It's a double story house that has such a nice homey vibe to it. I was dressed down today and didn't go with no office look, but with a cute floral dress, navy blue blazer and nice sandals that I believed went well with the whole outfit. I made sure to put little make-up today and did my usual ponytail.I only ever left my hair down at home and had gotten used to tying it up, when going to work or just out. " Right this way mam." The caretaker, who had opened the door for me says, leading me to the living room.I am offered some juice while I wait for the parent, to meet me. Apparently I would be interviewed by the father instead of both parents. I didn't mind that and was just ready to meet them, more so the cutie pie, who I might look after for some time. " Miss Grey, sorry for keeping you waiting." A voice says behind me.
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Chapter 6.
' He can't remember, no he can't. He'll hate me even more and this time, he might do as he promised. I really need to get out of here.'I know that staring at him right now, at the state I am in, is not good, but I can't look away. The deep frown he wears on his face, makes me both curious and scared, of what his mind is concluding as he towers over me.This seems to be a continuous thing in our encounters, I simply don't know how to feel about this. Pain has long pinched through my heart, due to how weak our encounters seem to potray me infront of this man.He is a proud, aggressive, arogant man who only thinks about himself and his reputation. He is not used to someone saying no to him, he is used to getting what he wants. That's what he got from me before, he made me fall weak to his charm that night two years ago and I gave him, the most important part of me. He made me feel weak when he literally dragged and
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Chapter 7.
My fingers softly touch her hair as I lay next to her. She is now sound asleep and for some reason, this surprised her dad.Mr Davies was so shocked by Ava's behaviour towards a mere stranger. I mean I am a mere stranger but the way she has been acting towards me, is far different then what she would normally do in a normal situation with a stranger.Mr Davies told me that she is normally shy and because of how sensitive she is, it takes quite some time for her to be comfortable around someone. I got the sense that there was more to what he has been telling me, just by the way she held onto me when I wanted to put her down at first and even the emotion, his eyes expressed, when he talked about her being uncomfortable around people.I decided to stay, well for a while, when she started talking about me staying, because I was okay. I just couldn't leave and upset her. I wouldn't have been able to forgive myself, knowing that I
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Chapter 8
It is his turn now, to be taken aback by surprise because of my answer. He wanted to know what my problem is and I gave him the answer. No, he wont be satisfied with just this, but he needs a reason and I will give him one." You are the most manipulative man that I have ever met in my life. You interfered into my life when I didn't ask you to!" " What are you talking about?" " You know exactly what I am talking about, it wasn't too hard to figure out that it was because of your influence that I have been rejected, way too many times at all the jobs I went for. I know that I would have gotten one of those jobs, hadn't it been for you!" I point at him, feeling my temper rising." Are you out of your -" " Don't you dare insult me Mr Cullen, you have no right to, just as you had no right to invade into my business. I said no to you and you saw a challenge. Gosh, are you so bored that
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Chapter 9
" I can't believe you did that." I groan in protest." I had to, you were stressing about it." " But it's my situation to solve. I don't want you to feel obligated to -" " Woah, first of all, I wasn't obligated to do anything. Secondly, you are my bestest best friend, who I love and will do absolutely almost anything for, except share my boyfriend." I scrunch my nose in disgust. " Don't ever say that to me again." I can picture her rolling her eyes right now. " I wanted to help you out of something that was clearly bothering you so much, so you can focus on looking for a job." " Thank you and I'll pay you back, I promise." I say, feeling greatful." Skylar, there's no pressure." " Well, I'm still going to pay you." " Okay okay, enough about this, tell me, how are you doing?" I sigh when I hear this question.
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Chapter 10
It's been quite a long time since I've felt such lightheartedness in my heart. Being around Ava Lily Davies has done just that and I don't regret taking up this job. I might look at the pay and think it's good and comment about it, but my time with Ava is above that.I almost even forgot that I was looking after her as her nanny, earlier on, because of how near natural it felt to be around her. I have been able to observe and confirm that Ava, is quite a shy child and not to mention, that she totally likes when I read to her. I think she actually watches me acting out the book, more then listen to me.It was the cutest thing when it was her lunch time and she kept on, wanting to share her food with me. I had to show her my own food, so she would be convinced that I was eating too. She simply likes to share.We've had time to play, read, listen to some music and dance and ofcourse, have a little walk outside in her backy
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