The Unwanted Queen, Rejected by The King Alpha Lycan

The Unwanted Queen, Rejected by The King Alpha Lycan

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"If you want to leave, don't ever take my son!" (Tharique) "He is also my son, he was in my body for months. You are evil! Is this the love you promised me?" (Esme) Esme Sunny, a woman who has a quarter of Lycan blood, has sacrificed a lot to get the throne of the Lycan King. She must escape from her world and enter the world of the Lycans who are cruel and greedy for power. As an unwanted queen, because she was not considered a true Lycan, she was expelled and rejected by the King. She had to leave her son who would be the next heir. Watch the excitement of getting back to her son who is considered not to have the strength of a lycan in general. ***

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25 Chapters
1. I Will Leave You
After a long struggle, gaining power and living with the man I love and who loves me too, I don't want anything else anymore. Living happily with my little family for several years. Luke Darens Tharique is our first son. He was handsome like his father and tough like his grandfather, my father. Because he was alone in the big palace and always served by servants, he often asked me to make a little sister for him. I'm not sure if I can get pregnant again. Because after Luke was born, his father didn't want to make love to me anymore. He did many things as a king. As a Queen, I can't control what he does. I can't spoil him like before. Sometimes, the fear of losing him gnaws at my brain all the time. I always dream that he is mating in the forest with a Lycan woman. Both of them changed their bodies to become Lycans. I hope it's just a dream that will never come true. I never knew where he had been all this time. I only met him in the morning. "Mom, can I come in?" Luke's voice behin
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2. The Propecy
Alpha Lucan. Avoiding arguing with Esme, I left after dinner alone. She's not there, she's gone with Luke and who knows where. Just today she acted like that because I didn't comply with her wishes. I've tried to keep things as we were. Trying to keep my promise to keep loving her for the rest of my life. But it turns out that after many years have passed, the feeling of love that suddenly disappeared cannot return. I don't love Esme anymore, I don't want to touch her anymore. When I feel ruth I do it with whoever I want. I'm back to the way I used to be, Lucan who is dominant and can easily get any woman I want. Then, the beautiful Omega figure who had a kind and generous nature made me fall in love again. She was better than Esme, much better personality. My decision was made to marry that omega. I always imagine her face all the time. I want her to be in front of my face every time I open and close my eyes. I know my actions were wrong. Even though Esme has great power and is fi
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3. I'm Slave Not A Queen
EsmeI sat under a shady tree in the park where the little warriors trained, while watching Luke who was learning to use a spear. There's no denying it, he inherited my powers. The difference is, he can control his strength according to how it should be unlike me. "Good morning, Your Majesty the Queen." "Morning, dear Wildran and Alpha Carlos." Why did he have to be the one to accompany his son? This man is always looking for opportunities to approach me. His eyes were so sharp and his grin contained deep meaning. He must have had a specific purpose for approaching me. "I will join Luke, bye papa, Your Majesty the Queen." "Be careful, don't run around or you'll fall," I said. He sometimes always couldn't control it. His small body often trips and falls when he runs. "You are very caring and gentle when you are a mother," Alpha Carlos said. "Your wife is like that too, she's even gentler than me," I reply, to make him aware of not trying to tease me anymore. "But she's not tough
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4. Bad Effect
Esme"Esme, it's you, what happened to you, darling?" Lilian's footsteps came running to welcome me, who had just gotten out of the car. She cried hugging me and opening her robe to cover my body. I didn't feel cold even though my skin was pale. I'm just thinking about how I can return to the human world safely with my son. In my heart and brain, I was fighting, if I brought Luke into the human world then he would start to adjust again. If I leave him here, will he come to me someday if I miss him? "Sit down, I'll get you a cup of hot tea." Maybe in Lilian's eyes, I was already seriously insane. I couldn't speak because if I spoke, I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream. Where's Lucan's promise to me? Not long after, she came with a cup of water with smoke billowing into the air. Her hand grabbed mine and held it tightly. "Esme, look at me...tell me what happened. Did he throw you out or did he—" "I was rejected by him, my body felt hot until I took off all my clothes. Sorry, if my
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5. The Old Pack
*Alpha Lucan*Fuck! My chance to remarry and make Celeria queen ultimately failed. I have to wait longer for the red moon to marry her and if I wait, I can't meet her. It was a very severe punishment and I had to restrain my desire to fuck her. Esme has reached the limit of my patience. Not only did she make me suffer with this situation but Celeria also suffered more than me. I hung the 4 werewolves who were Esme's helpers in the yard, their faces were covered in wounds from my blows. The sun was shining brightly to warm their bodies without clothes and pants. Their final punishment was being shot with hot lead which immediately paralyzed their brain tissue. "Tharique!" Lilian came with her pack here. She can shout at me because I don't give her boundaries to meet me. I'm just repaying the kindness she's done to me. But now, I can no longer let her control me. She challenged my policies and instead tried to attack the Celeria family who had never done anything wrong, that was a cr
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6. I Need A Job
*Esme* Everything is foreign, I don't know this place, where am I? Walk on the sidewalk barefoot. I was confused when I saw the surroundings that this was not the city where I was born. Even though the sun was bright, the cold wind made my body shiver. The soles of my feet don't feel hot so I don't need to look for protection. This city is not so crowded with cars, the air is fresh. Several people passing by noticed me. Do I look strange? there is no mirror to see how I look now. Walking and continuing to walk, the aroma of bread and coffee was so delicious it made my stomach hungry. I haven't eaten since yesterday. Gulping saliva repeatedly, I had to survive to seek justice. My brain is stuck thinking about how to get back to that world. If I had grabbed Luke first maybe he would have come with me and I wouldn't have a care in the Wolverse anymore. A world full of greed for power. Ruled by the unfeeling Moon Goddess. How could she change someone's feelings just like that, as if
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7. Bad Luck
Esme She didn't ask many questions while in the car. My suspicions were correct that she would enter the nightclub. Is she the owner? I pray that she will not force me to sell my body. That's fine, she wins but I lose. "Come on, let's go out, Esme, your name should be changed to be more attractive, how about Keeva Mauritz?" "I love my name!" I said in a sarcastic tone. She smiled wryly, and I was sure she would be angry in a moment if I rejected every suggestion she gave. We did not enter through the front door, which all visitors enter, but entered through the side door, which was also guarded by two tall, burly men. A very noisy place, loud music could still be heard even though we were in a closed room. She asked me to sit beside her. "I will introduce you to the owner of this place. If you are offered something valuable then don't refuse it." Worth the same as the profit for it. I would never want to exploit my body for someone else's sake! The door opened and a man we
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8. Free For a Moment
*Esme* Dark, tense, his grin deadly, he stared at me unblinking. I was locked, still, unable to move, standing looking at him from a distance. I don't know who the man was, his chest and shoulders were getting bigger and bigger, swelling, tearing the t-shirt he was wearing until it came off his skin. His broad chest was covered in thicker and thicker hair, and then he ran fast towards me, like a wild wolf about to pounce on my body. "Tharique! Ahh!" Damn! It's just a dream! I woke up in a room that wasn't big, on a warm bed wearing full clothes. Fuck! They must have seen my whole body. That dream was enough to make me scared and call out his name, the name of the bastard who had thrown me away. My breath was short, little, and breathless. I gulped and licked my dry lips. I'm thirsty, there's no water here. I sat up and wanted to go down but stopped when I saw the door open. The arrogant man entered while looking at me sharply and the door closed again. He walked closer to me,
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9. Causing a Disturbance
*Esme*Every second that passed into minutes, I always felt uneasy. How do I serve various types of behavior of men in this place? As a new servant, I will always be introduced to them and taught. I've got the barmaid outfit. Of all the servants here, only I stay and stay overnight, the rest are all women who will be sold and auctioned. Young girls who were either kidnapped or sold by their families. None of them dared to escape from this place. "Hi, are you new here?" A woman with blonde braids was standing next to my locker. She looked at me while smiling. "Yes, I'm, please help me," I said, smiling kindly and shaking my hand. "I'm Claudia, where do you live?" For a second I think didn't want to let her know, where I lived... "I live... here," I answered, Her eyes widened and her mouth slightly agape, "Do you do room service too?" She asked. "No, I might not be here long," I said and she let out a big laugh. I thought for sure she thought I was selling my body. "You won't b
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10. Feel Hot and Jealous
*Alpha Lucan Tharique* My eyes were on everyone in the room, but my thoughts were not on the issue they were discussing. The Werewolves who were willing to become Gamma warriors in the Lycan pack withdrew. They simultaneously chose to leave the city and build their new pack in the forests and villages that were still empty. Now it is starting to divide between Werewolf and Lycan. Where we had started to mingle and work together for a better life for the Wolverse, now we have become separated again. All of this is the result of Lilian's influence. The comparison between Lycan and Werewolf is very different. She wanted to show me that without Werewolves, Lycans would not be able to build a country. She wanted to make me fall from the throne for dumping Esme. The werewolves flatter Esme because they are free to become Thaddeus' experimental slaves. And for the past two nights, my thoughts have been on Esme. There is a deep feeling of longing to meet her. When she's near, I don't care,
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