The Warnings I Ignored In Love

The Warnings I Ignored In Love

By:  anthonyramos7  Ongoing
Language: English
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She's the one girl this player cannot have. A human. I'm dying to claim the redhead who lights up the club every Saturday night. I want to pull her into the storeroom and make her happily scream. She's too pure. Too fresh. Too passionate. Too human. When she learns my secret, my alpha orders me to wipe her memories. But I won't do it. Still, I'm not mate material and I cannot mark her and bring her into the pack. What in the hell am I going to do with her?

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5 Chapters
Three months I’ve been hard for this human.I know, woe is me, right? Try telling that to my cock when she’s up on that box in her miniscule shorts doing her little go-go dance for all the patrons of my Alpha’s nightclub.Mina. The red-headed dynamo who single-handedly transformed Eclipse into the happening place in Tucson on Saturday nights.And right now some asshole just put his hands on her thighs.I shove my way through the nightclub, ready to pound skulls. Lucky for me —unlucky for the handsy asshole—that’s my job.Heat comes off the crowd in waves. The music thumps. The clubbers part to make room for my hulking frame. I carry two hundred and twenty pounds of solid, tattooed muscle. Not many try to mess with me or any of the other bouncers at Eclipse.We don’t even have to pull out our shifter strength to show force.Sean doesn’t appreciate his bouncers getting overly aggressive, but dialing
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Damn my fair, red-headed complexion, because the flush creeping up my neck and spreading across my face is probably visible for all to see. I watch him disappear into the crowd, disappointed he doesn’t look back.The man is beautiful. A perfect specimen of raw masculinity. He’s rough-mannered and tattooed, but damn, he has enough charm to take all the edges off what might otherwise be an intimidating presence.And wow, that little show of force with the guy who was bugging me? Total turn-on. I’ve always had a thing for heroes. I turn my head to catch the eyes of the other two dancers on shift tonight and the three of us go into a pre-arranged combination, changing from freestyle to synchronized movement. Talya and Remy are both a little bit drunk, but we all know this routine so well we could do it in our sleep. Plus, professional or semi-professional dancers like us, with the amount of training in our bodies, can make anything look purposeful and c
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I screwed up. Big time.I knew I was supposed to keep my hands off Mina. She’s my female kryptonite. My self-control goes to shit around her.Now I’ve gone and degraded her in the worst way.It was almost worth it. Almost.Fuck, I will be jacking off to the memory of her orgasm face every night for a week. It was even better than I pictured it would be.I scan the crowd remaining, people who need encouragement to leave. Men and women trying to find or solidify their hookups before they go.“Time’s up,” I call out. “Everybody out.”I get fuck me looks from a couple girls who hang back.I’m not tempted. Not really. But part of me thinks maybe I should fuck one of them just to get that red-headed beauty out of my system. Out of my fantasies. Damn she’s been the main feature of them ever since she showed up here at the beginning of the semester with her bold new idea for having go-go danc
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I don’t know if all the screams are mine. Someone whimpers in the back seat. That would be Remy. Talya’s in the front seat beside me. Yeah, she’sscreaming, too.I clamp my lips shut to stop the terrible sound and force my brain to work. I hit something. Someone.Oh God. I just hit a motorcycle.I lurch out of the car and stumble around to the front. The impact crushed my front grill, crumpling the hood. One of my headlights is out—broken by the impact. The remaining one casts an eerie beam over the horrible scene. A huge motorcycle is on its side in front of the car, but the rider—Please don’t let him be under the car.A pitiful whimper comes out of my throat. I drop to my knees to peer under the carriage, but I can’t see anything.Talya and Remy tumble out of the vehicle, too. They were drunk when we left Eclipse. We’d be home by now, except Talya made me wait to drive home until the car stop
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Fuck fuck and double fuck.I drop my hand and reach for her. I can’t stand the way her face has paled, the way she shrinks from me like I’m some kind of freak.I grab her by the waist and pick her up, plopping her down on the bathroom counter. “It’s okay, baby. You don’t have to be afraid. Not of me.”She swallows. “You didn’t answer my question,” she whispers.Dammit.How am I going to get out of this one?It’s against shifter code to reveal ourselves to humans. I remember when Sean, my boss and alpha, fell for the hot little lawyer who lived next door. Until he mated her and sealed her fate with ours, Trey and I were worried as fuck.The oldest code says humans who know have to be put down. Eliminated.I haven’t heard of that happening in my lifetime, but I’m sure it still happens in some backwards packs.A more common solution is to hire a memory wipe
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