The Witch's Son

The Witch's Son

By:  morgangrigori  Completed
Language: English
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Tobias was raised as a warlock in a hidden valley. He was raised to be heartless, ruthless, and evil. But will that all change when he meets a beautiful blue-eyed girl. A story of secrets, betrayal, and a fight for love.

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46 Chapters
Chapter 1: Visions and Traditions
I leaned back against a large, oak tree, positioned at the end of our garden. It is the only place on our entire property where I could actually get some privacy. The old bark snapped off as I shifted back and forth in my makeshift seat, trying to make myself comfortable. My mere touch causing the tree and the grass to wither and start to die
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Chapter 2: Hawthorn
Hawthorn is a small, quiet village located five miles from the coastline on the southern end of the county. Its population is about one hundred people max. It is the halfway point between our hidden valley and our coven's temple, which is just through the woods.Whenever my mam went to the village to get groceries she would leave me at home.When I would ask her why I couldn't come with she would tell me that the villagers would kill me if they found out about me. She said they would fear how dangerous I could become and they would ki
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Chapter 3: The Temple
When my mam would talk about the temple she made it sound like a luxurious place. So when I went there for the first time when I was nine I was very disappointed.  The temple is just an old building. Its walls are cracked and some have fallen over. The remaining ones have long-dead vines twisting down them. The entrance into the temple is a large, wooden draw bridge.
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Chapter 4: The Test
Lizzie sunk back into her seat as Cleo stood up and made her way to the podium. The skulls crunched slightly as she sat, a sign that the bones were old and were weakening." Looks like I need more skulls." Lizzie chuckled, the smirk on her lips told me she really just wanted to hunt.Blood and bone witches get the blood and bones from mortals, so they developed a tradition of making the hunt for the perfect blood or bone a game. It was a gruesome game that left many dead- mainly young women and children because their blood and bones a
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Chapter 5: Never Break A Promise
                                                   * Lauren's POV* I sat there on the dusty floor, filled with pride. My son is a bone, familiar, blood warlock, and an assassin. I am extremely proud, not so surprised though, I mean he is his father's son.Thinking of Halin made my heart hurt. My mother had told me that Halin and I had a mate bond.A mate bond is a very rare thing for witches. Your mate is the person
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Chapter 6: Getting Ready
                                                    * Tobias's POV* After the testing, Cleo, Naomi, and I left into different rooms to get ready for the party. They both didn't say one word to me, they didn't even look at me.I closed the door of my room behind me and sunk down to the floor. As I hit the floor my falcon shrieked and flew to a ledge and perched h
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for the next chapter here are the dresses the witches are wearing for the party. The name of the witch wearing the dress will be written under the picture.  
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Chapter 7: The Party
Naomi, Cleo, and I slowly walked back to the arena. Halin and Lily flew ahead of us. " Looks like they like each other." Naomi smiled up at them. " Mm just like you guys." Cleo added. 
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Chapter 8: Vision Stopper
I was in a field, alone. My eyes stung as the hot sun's rays beat down on me." Tobias." I felt someone whisper in my ear. 
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Chapter 9: The Training Begins
Most people wake up to the sweet sound of birds chirping. Or they wake up to the smooth words of a loved one, or maybe the smell of their favorite breakfast wakes them up. I on the other hand woke up to the sound of my mam yelling at me. " Come on hurry up we don't want to be late. You know Veronica doesn't like it when people are late!" My mam yelled. I swear to satan I've never gotten ready so fast in my life. I slipped don my last shoe as we left the house. My first lesson of the day is apparently with Veronica. She will probably just tell us how strong the bond with our familiar is or something that we basically already know.  We hurried across the meadow. I'm frantically trying to keep up with my mam. I don't know why but a part of me thought that my mam would not go through Hawthorn, but she turned down the path into the village. " I thought we weren't going to come through here. After w
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