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"I keep the world safe from his people, but now he's the one protecting me.The Sluagh has come for me and nothing stops them. The monsters of Fairy chitter and cackle and screech all around us while Tiernan holds me tightly, hiding us within his magic. Under the cover of some roots, his body laid over mine, we wait. His lips brush my cheek. Our rapid breaths merge. My palms press against his chest, molding to his muscles and pulsing with his heartbeat. The terrifying sounds around us echo into silence but as I stare into his silver eyes I know the danger hasn't passed. This man—this fairy hunter—could tear apart my world.Fairy-Struck is created by Amy Sumida, an EGlobal Creative Publishing signed author."

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Very excellent book. The characters are detailed and I can imagine them. So far a good story line. I would like to read more from this author.
2023-12-29 07:54:27
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Love, love, love! Absolutely brilliant! I found the first couple of chapters hard to get through but they are necessary, and it just got better and better! The characters are so unique and detailed, and the story is told so well. It’s a must read!
2023-07-31 15:57:42
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I like this book very much. Can’t wait for more.
2023-07-16 22:09:09
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Lindsey S
ADORED this story
2023-05-29 05:48:03
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Simone Carlisle
I love this story! Captivating! There are not enough good fairy stories out there and this one has had me enthralled.
2022-11-09 21:34:48
67 Chapters
Chapter 1
Fairy-Struck: Several types of conditions such as paralysis, wasting away, pining, and unnatural behavior resulting from an enchantment laid by an offended fairy.Once upon a time; isn't that how all fairy tales begin? Except this isn't your average fairy tale. There are no charming princes or wicked witches within these pages, and the fair maidens are more deadly than any big bad wolf. This is a fairy tale in the truest sense of the words; a story about fairies... the real story.My name is Seren Sloane, and I'm an Extinguisher. That will mean nothing to you, I'm sure, so let me go back a little further. No one knows the true origins of the Fey—I don't think even the Fey themselves remember—but theories abound. One has them evolving alongside us, but where we advanced in groups—banding together to become stronger—the Fey evolved from those outcast predators who were too wild for a pack. Those who don't believe in evolution, think instead that the Fey issue from the Divine; angels
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Chapter 2
"No way." I looked down at the fax in my hand with amazement. "This can't be right.""What is it?" My dad walked into our office; his sea blue eyes narrowing on the piece of paper in my hand like a hawk who's spied a mouse.It was a small office with just a cheap particle board desk littered with all the necessary items; a computer, a phone, a fax machine, and a copier. There was an old desk chair in front of it, a cracking plastic mat beneath that to protect the boring beige carpet, and a beat up filing cabinet to the right. That was it, and with us in the room, the tiny space was almost full. Still, it fit our needs. The office was purely for communication with the Council and for record keeping. The bulk of our work was done outside these bare walls."A warrant of execution." I handed the fax to him. "From the Fairy Council.""The Fairy Council?" His narrowed gaze transformed into surprise which returned some vigor to his sorrow-lined face."When's the last time you saw one of
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Chapter 3
"It must be a lie." Dad was driving, and we were already over the mountain; away from the heat-reflecting metropolitan montage around the mall and back to the lush, breezy, sprawling suburban side of the island.We turned into a residential area; the bright sun flashing off the remnants of rain that speckled the abundant plant growth in front of every house. Our yard wasn't as well tended as our neighbor's but on the Windward side of the island that just means it was a bit overgrown. It rained too much there for the plants to die."It doesn't matter if she's lying or not," I said for the second time. "The threat of war is enough to grant a stay of execution. The Human Council can figure out what's going on. We can't take the risk that she may be telling the truth, and we don't have the authority to make this kind of decision.""Not war," Aideen interrupted as she gazed out the window distractedly."You said extermination." I turned to look at her. I was sitting in the back seat of
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Chapter 4
We opened our doors at the same time and slammed them shut together as well; making a loud boom that echoed off our neighbor's brick wall. I walked a little behind my father; casting wary glances around us while I trusted him to take care of what lay ahead. The neighborhood held remnants of the Hunt's passage but no other traces of fairies hiding to ambush us so I focused my attention forward.There were four hunters; two light sidhe of the Seelie Court and two dark sidhe from the Unseelie. It was pretty easy to tell the two courts apart, at least for those of us with clairvoyance. The Seelie, or Light Sidhe, had golden auras which faded to white, like something you'd expect an angel to have. While the Dark, the Unseelie, had jewel-toned clouds of energy pulsing around them. I assume that was how the terms came about, but no one knew for sure. At least, not any humans.The dark sidhe duo consisted of one woman and one man. The woman had crimson hair; the kind of red which only looked
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Chapter 5
We contacted the Human Council, and they immediately booked a flight for us on one of their private planes. I guess we'd made the right decision in keeping Aideen alive. They knew nothing of her death warrant and would not have approved it without more proof of her crimes. They also agreed with me that the whole matter was suspicious.Aideen sat on my twin sized bed in my spartan room and watched me as I packed a bag with some clothes and essentials for the trip. She was very still, her hands clasped in her lap, but those large eyes followed my every move; like Dian Fossey studying her gorillas. It made me want to pound my chest and roar at her."What is it?" I finally asked."Have you any fairy blood in you?" She appeared nonchalant; letting her gaze wander over the bare, white walls, the arsenal of bladed weapons displayed on my dresser, the chipped bedside lamp placed precariously on a cardboard box, the stack of worn paperbacks leaning against the foot of the bed, and then, finally
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Chapter 6
Night had fallen when we finally headed out the door; my dad and I both carrying luggage as well as our larger weapons. We were almost to the car when I was lifted off my feet, straight up into the air. I dropped my bag and grabbed behind me at my assailant with one hand as I pulled my iron knife free from its boot sheath with the other. I'd been taken by surprise, but Extinguishers are trained to never lose their cool in a fight, and I calmly assessed the threat as I defended myself.There were two of them. The one on the ground facing my father was the unseelie male fairy from earlier and if the screech coming from behind me was any indication, the female unseelie was the one holding me up. This surprised me a little more. I'd been sure the next fairy attack against me would have come from that winged, seelie son of a bitch.Wind rushed around us as I stabbed back with my knife and realized that she must have some sort of air magic. She didn't have wings so it fell to reason that she
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Chapter 7
"Why did she grab me?" I asked from the comfort of my large, black, leather, airplane seat."What's that?" My father was making his way back from the black lacquer bar at the far end of the cabin. He handed me a glass of soda as he sat across the aisle from me in his own luxurious chair."Well, if their mission was to kill Aideen, why didn't that fairy scoop Aideen up into the air?" I frowned as I recalled the attack. Now that we were relatively safe inside an airborne plane, I could think more clearly."You were blocking me I guess." Aideen shrugged."No, I wasn't." I chewed at my lip. "You were between me and Dad, but she could have easily picked you up instead of me. Why take the risk of attacking an extinguisher when she could have simply killed you and been done with it?""That is strange." My Dad started to frown; his eyes shifting around as if he were searching for an explanation."Maybe they don't want me dead anymore." Aideen gave us wide, panicked eyes."Don't worry, they're
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Chapter 8
Tiernan Shadowcall, Lord of the Wild Hunt, lost his cool, blank expression for just a moment as his lips twitched. Then he lifted his chin along with one perfect, blond eyebrow. It appeared to be all the answer I was getting from him."Count Tiernan has asked to join our investigation," Murdock answered for the fairy. "And we're very happy to have him," the last was said with a bit of force and the Head Councilman's gaze fell hard on me and my father.All I got from the exchange was that blondie was a count. Seriously? A Count? That was a fairly impressive title; somewhere between a Baron and a Marquess. Not at all what I'd been expecting when Aideen said he was a royal. A count definitely didn't belong on the Wild Hunt. He should be parading about some fairy estate in fairy finery, petting his fairy dogs and painting sparkles in the air or whatever silliness fairy royalty did. My thoughts must have shown on my face because the Count gave a slow blink as his lips twitched once more.
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Chapter 9
"Brendan is here," Councilman Murdock said to me on our way out of the council chambers."Oh?" I lifted a brow politely.Murdock's son and I had been friends when we were kids, but I hadn't seen him in years. All extinguisher children had to go to normal, human school as well as take extinguisher classes. Physical training was done by the parents but the educational classes on fairies and their culture were taught by the Councils. I'd attended the same Council school as Brendan had; the San Francisco school. That was back when my father and I had lived in SF and Mom was still alive. The thing was; Council classes ended at age fourteen, and Brendan and I hadn't exactly kept in touch since then. I wasn't sure why his father was bringing him up to me now."I thought this might be a good opportunity for you two to catch up?" Murdock offered as he stepped aside; opening the door to his private office and going in so the rest of the council could get past us.I followed him inside since
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Chapter 10
Aideen had been right. Dad was so thrilled by the idea of me going on a date with Brendan that he started treating Aideen as if she were his long-lost sister and not an evil, murdering fairy. It was a shocking turnabout for him, but one that gave me some hope. If he loved me more than he hated the Fey, then he wasn't entirely lost.I know that sounds obvious—that no one should hate anything more than they love their daughter—but you just don't understand hatred if you think that. I had been just as consumed as he was, and I can honestly say that love could not have swayed me from my vengeance. I would have understood and even supported my father for hating the Fey more than he loved me back then. Now, however, after exile in paradise and with the addition of Aideen's crucial information, I was slowly letting go of my blind rage. Although, it was being replaced with a new type of anger; one colder and more devious but which also left room for reason. It made no sense to hate an entire
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