The Yoruba Demons

The Yoruba Demons

By:  F.C Lawrence  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You can do anything in this Lagos. But never find yourself in the hands of a Yoruba demon. They will destroy you."-------------------------Meet the Yoruba Demons. Kolawole, Olatunde and Olufemi. The known Casanovas of Lagos state.They have it all, money, flashy cars, mansions all over the country. Every girl would want their panties ripped by one or all of them just to get the dough and they use the opportunity well.After each experiencing their own version of excruciating heartbreak, they made a deal to never enter a serious relationship ever again. They adopted a Use and Dump Policy which had worked for them for years until one of them decided to break the pact and fall in love.They couldn't allow it could they?Find out how shit goes sideways in this epic story of love, romance and betrayal.

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296 Chapters
The Yoruba Demons (Explained)
Before I start this book, I want to explain something. Who is a Yoruba Demon? 
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Chapter One; Rita isn’t it?
Third Person POV. He sat up from the bed and looked beside him at his conquest from the night before. He smirked. Lagos girls were so cheap. He only had to smile at her and call her beautiful and here she was in his bed. His body ached from the ni
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Chapter Two; Stares.
AMA's POV   I hurried into the elevator with a scorching hot cup of coffee in my trembling hand. It was 7:45am and was rushing to the door of my boss' office to wait fo him to come in and hand him his coffee. He always wants his coffee hot so
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Chapter Three; Grossly Unprofessional.
Femi POVI walked into the conference room behind Kola who was practically running at this point. I shook my head. Kola was just acting serious because Tunde was here. He was the one dragging feet while we were coming. "It's about time you two showed up. Lazy ass niggas" Tunde said with a smirk. He was the most serious among us but he couldn't stay mad at us for long. That's how we were, we
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Chapter Four; This Lagos.
AMA POV I walked into the apartment I shared with Radike, my roommate and switched on the lights. It was rather quiet meaning that she wasn't around. If she was, loud music would have been playing from her Beats Pill. She never lets me rest. Sometimes it was fun but other times it was flat out annoying. 
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Chapter Five; Conseqences
AMA POV I sat at my desk in the office trying to proof read all the letters that my boss had to sign. I was already exhausted by the time I was on the tenth letter. This was a regular job that I hated because I literally had to read the letters up to three times to make sure there were no errors. My boss would kill me if he saw any mistake. My back hurt and so did my head. I couldn't wait to get it over with.
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Chapter Six; Taking Advantage.
Ama POV. I stood in front of Femi's apartment complex contemplating on if I should go back to the office and damn the consequences or just go in and see what happens.  I had called my boss and told him that Femi wasn't available and he said I
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Chapter Seven; Bent
Femi POV  Ama didn't know when she willingly entered the trap I had set for her. The first time I talked to her, she made me nervous. Something no woman had ever been able to accomplish EVER! I couldn't sleep afterwards because I was thinking
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Chapter eight; Delicious But...
Ama POVI poured the yam flour into boiling water that sat on the stove tired as I began to mix. At this point I had finished with the Ewedu and the stew. The Amala was the hardest part of the cooking process. I was so tired already and the amala required a lot of strength.  I took the pot of the stove and dropped it on the ground to enable a more effective mixing process. I was about t
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Chapter Nine; Guilt
Femi POV  "Kiss me" I said, smirking at her. Her eyes went wide and could pop out of her head any second. I smirked and took a step forward, leaving just an inch between us. That way, she wouldn't be able to make any sudden movements.  S
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