The ceo's proposal

The ceo's proposal

By:  Dums_love  Ongoing
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Amelia's own relationship went under , but she has always had eyes for her boss James challenged by him to embark on an illicit affair with him , which means having to be at his beck and call beyond office hours promising to show her how pleasurable and fun life can be without love Will the fire they started be able to quench or burn them both

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11 Chapters
He kissed her, with eyes burning with passion His hands were gentle , so incredibly gentle. They passed over her body slowly , stroking her , caressing her and making her burn inside ."Stop it " flustered Amelia "You didnt mind me kissing you a while ago" James reminded "I didnt do anything , you kissed me first ,"Amelia said."All i saw was a beautiful woman looking deliciously sexy and i haven't been able to focus except seeing you naked in my bed making love to you" , ' he said "Making love is used for couples in love and married , all you want to do is have sex with me ,'"she said "yes i want you ,'he whispered into her ears .And nothing changes the fact that you also want me like i do , and we cant go back to the way it was before between us , Amelia" ,'he said , close enough to feel her heart beating like drumAmelia , slowly regaining her composure '"Even if i want you , it doesn't mean you can force me or do anything about it" ."I wont force you, i like my women h
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chapter 1
James Banks sifted through heap Mountains of paper work his secretary had on his desk for him to read , muttering to himself as he tossed letters left and right . occasionally he would glance through some and shove it to a separate file requiring his attention . others he threw to a thrash beside his desk .I should be happy , he thought .Having discovered that one of his staff gives information to his competitors , he decided to change some of the old staff leaving the ones he trusted giving room for new ones including getting himself a new personal assistant .His former assistant had been selling document to his competitors and all their plans .James survey his office , telling himself he has finally achieved everything he vowed to achieve .At 32, he was infact a very successful business man .He became a business man over a decade invested in wine brewery which was almost applying for bankruptcy , with hard work and great effort, consistency . from one building it turned out
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chapter 2
James's surprise at Amelia's news and her bursting into tears . He had never seen her cry since working for him even when he knew he had always been hard on her . she was always practical under pressure and composed at all times . He remembered when he yelled at her , she just apologize and acted like nothing happened.He had always not liked when women cried because he feels too soft and lose control. His father was harsh on his mother and she always watched her hiding away and crying . He had hated seeing her that way . His dad had left them and migrated to Canada with another woman .James mother cassandra had cried and didnt stop longing for him till she had an heart attack which costed her life. She had loved him with everything she had .He had vowed never to be vulnerable for love and lose himself in the process."Try forgetting about the past and leave in the process , your PA needs you right now. ,' he thought .He had been patting her head for too long , and he knew she was a
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chapter 3
James turned from the counter and headed towards her she couldn't stop herself from drooling after him. She found herself looking at him in a new way . He was every woman's dream man but not an idea type for marriage .''Look else where , and get this thought away from your head , he has every woman wrapped around his finger and you not included,' she thought.You probably used to getting this kind of attention . she said bluntly ''What ? he sounded surprisedWithout thinking she said first thing that came to her head sounding jealous. ''The young blonde would love to be in the menu if you let her be included',James smiled. "I know but she isn't my type.'You dont like blonde ? His eyes holding hers for long moment ,which made her feel uncomfortable . She hoped her jealousy wasnt obvious , shame clouding her vision . She didnt want to lose her job which meant the world to her . she needed her job as a distraction else she might loose it ."Sorry ,'she said . ''It not of my business
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chapter 4
The arrival of the waitress with their order couldn't have come at a better time , giving Amelia time to compose herself and with the reply she just gave him alongside her reply. She knew he didnt want a woman falling in love with him , and it wasn't flattering telling him to his face that she would be foolish to fall in love with him . He gave the waitress and charming smile trying to hide his bruised ego . He had told Amelia the waitress wasnt his type because he liked independent women and didnt have a golddigging bone in them . "Would you like to add anything to your order " she asked focusing her attention all on him . "No , that will be all, thanks" he said . Amelia looked irritated by her flirt with him. The waitress departed , and Amelia was looking at him strangely. " Yes , and I'm used to it by now " he said . "She isnt my type still but that doesn't mean i have to be rude to her or make it awkward". "You shouldn't have flirted with her to lead her on".
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chapter 5
"It's not like the way, it sounds," she said in a less harsh tone "I realized years ago that if I want to settle down and have a family, I need to stop dating some particular kind of man. I.........." " what type of man is that really " James interrupted before I could finish "Oh you know, the kind, " Amelia said staring back at him "My type, you mean," he said pointing at himself and not looking pleased. Now I didn't mean it that way, nor do I even know what way to explain it better she thought. She opened her big mouth and spoke without thinking. "Well not particularly your type, James," she said " You're unique. I know girls date men who they met at least at work. The men I met at work were handsome, and tall but not the most faithful in relationships. " I see" James chipped in thoughtfullyAmelia was happy he was having a change of man at least and he was no longer cold. "When I turned 25, I knew I was wasting my time dating men like that. so I came up with a list of what
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chapter 6
"It might sound funny but promise me you won't laugh at me," Amelia said "I promise " but the corner of his mouth said otherwise Regardless she knew she had to say the word."The first requirement was he has to be moderate in height"."Oh really " trying to get with the conversation "The second requirement is he shouldn't be too handsome and ugly. I found out that guys who are too handsome tend to cheat more ".He laughed so hard, uncontrollably"Pardon me," he said but how did you get to the conclusion that men who are too handsome cheat more than men who aren't "."Have done my findings " Amelia said not changing her mind."And the 3rd requirement," he said "He can't be too rich and too poor, and should be stingy ""Okay " that ruled him out of her list as a prospective suitor not that he planned on being one. He had to be going mad having thought of asking her out. But looking back at her, he realized he would give anything to have her in his arms, show her to the world, and h
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Chapter 7
Amelia couldn't believe all that had happened a few hours back, she sighed sitting back down at her desk and trying to finish the paperwork. she had enjoyed having coffee with James, and despite her many issues, she didn't even feel bad about him laughing at her checklist which she knew was hilarious. She knew she would love it if her husband to be meet her list, she also knew life wasn't all about fairy tales but reality. She wanted a happy home, to be a wife, mother, and a working good career, and improve on her flaws. She wanted to have her life figures together before she clocked 30, she will be 26 next year. she knew after 30 finding a soulmate would be difficult to get and the good ones will be snatched up already. Maybe she shouldn't have been so quick to dump her ex but still, she knew that was the best decision she made in a long run.She was so fixed in her world when James strode into her office looking hot and placing his body on her desk." I want you to book a flight
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Chapter 8
He hesitated, confused about how to ask her out on a simple date, he suspected she might reject him. she was still hurt from her breakup with her ex. And he was her boss, he knew she, never yield plus she already gave her preposition on him not being on her list.He didn't want her love, he just wanted her body and what it could offer, he didn't want her as his girlfriend, he just wanted a sexual relationship with her. He knew he could give her pleasure and fun, his problem was how to go about with his plan. He has to find a way for them to be alone and from his office, an idea came up and he needed to act fast on it. " The timing of the wedding came at the wrong time, "he said, "I need to be at the other new branch for supervision since it's new and someone has to be there everywhere while I'm away, that person should be you since you know all that needs to be done, Amelia "."Me," she said a little surprised "Yes, you " he insisted ." Someone needs to school them and you are a t
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Chapter 9
She knew Anthony was history and was locked up in the past. A new intimacy sprung up between them, when James hugged her, treated her to breakfast, and had a conversation together where she told him about her private life, not every day you do tell just anyone how messed up your personal life was especially not your job she thought. Amelia knew she was attractive and men find her attractive but why would her boss be an exception? she knew she had always been attracted to men who were super successful, handsome and kind, and tall too. But she was vulnerable when it's comes to attraction with her boss and he was matching all her wants in men. To stay in an apartment for 2days alone was not what she could handle like she was asking for trouble. She didn't need more trouble in her life, she needed her job, to pay for her mortgage since she didn't have anyone helping her. she was considering getting a roommate if she couldn't catch up with the payment. Having an affair with her boss woul
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