The destruction of Avarice

The destruction of Avarice

By:  Philomena Cherry  Ongoing
Language: English
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In a land of mystery, mayhem, love, hate, betrayal and redemption. There lives a princess of great beauty and grace. Angelina is the only daughter of the King and Queen of Avareen and heir to the thrown. She lives in a Kingdom of mystical creatures where magic and the riddles of life exist in a whirlpool of nature's beauty.On the day of her eighteenth birthday, a celebration is underway, where all the princes' and Kings' of neighboring lands will come to win her heart and make her their Queen. Uniting them in a peaceful reign of two kingdoms joined together under holy matrimony. All seems to go well until that fateful night that will change her life forever. An evil is lurking in the shadows that threatens to darken the brightness of her days and steal the lives of those she loves. It's patience is eerie. It's deceit, cruel. It's horror, unimaginable. It's manipulation, unending. It's form, a man. But will he succeed in corrupting her innocent heart? Or will her innocence and kindness be his saviour?

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"The Destruction of Avarice" is a gripping tale of power, greed, and redemption. The book follows the story of a wealthy businessman, Jack, who has built his fortune on the backs of others. But as he reaches the pinnacle of success, he begins to realize the true cost of his avarice. Haunted by his past mistakes and struggling with his conscience, Jack sets out on a journey of self-discovery that takes him on a perilous path toward redemption. With its vivid characters and heart-wrenching plot, "The Destruction of Avarice" is a thought-provoking read that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

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mary conlon
beautifully written. can't wait to read more!
2020-12-29 02:56:42
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L'Italiana Bionda
Intriguing with beautiful natural imagery and a luxurious setting
2020-11-26 05:36:07
19 Chapters
Chapter One
ANGELINA'S POV:The sound of little birds singing sweet tunes awakens me from my slumber. The first rays of the morning sun shine through my window and cause my pretty chamber to glow brightly. Today is going to be a wonderful day.I smile brightly at the thought of this evening's ball, where I shall have the chance to meet some of the wealthiest Kings and the most charming of princes'. Is it not every young maiden's dream to be a princess and marry a wealthy and handsome prince? Or even a King? Well I am certainly living that dream. Their fantasy is my reality, well almost. I suppose the part that they always miss out in those fairy-tales, is most princesses do not get to marry for love. Instead it's an arrangement formed in the name of peace. I am a part of the rare lucky ones, I get to choose my groom. Even if we do not fall in love, so long as we can respect each other and live in harmony, my life shall be one of peace.Today is all about
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Chapter two.
HADEON'S POV:I stare into the night sky. The twinkling stars are void of all beauty to me. Everything is plain and bare. Beauty and goodness will always be tainted by something evil. Beauty is stripped by sickness. Life is no more by death. All good things must come to an end, then evil shall triumph and I shall be the cause. I shall rule and all will bow before me. I must be patient however, my plan will succeed. For no one can defeat me. I stand here, staring into the sky. Hours pass by, yet I do not notice. The sun is rising and the creatures awaken. 'Ahh today shall be a good day'. I have been this way for many a year. Unfeeling. Cold. Numb. I cannot even remember the last time I was truly happy. The last time I felt a real emotion. I don't miss it though. What is there to miss? Emotions only make you weak and cloud your judgement, preventing you from doing what should be done. I am unlike everyone else. I have no feelings, I calculate everything based on it's
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Chapter three.
ANGELINA'S POV:I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what that strange man did. He didn't even use his hands to kill that bear! How can anyone hold such power? It's unheard of. After the strange man had disappeared into the forest I shifted back and ran home with a fresh revival of energy. I couldn't forget his words however, they were swimming around in my brain clawing at the back of my mind desperate for answers. " I didn't save you, I simply delayed the inevitable." He meant when I die naturally? Didn't he? It wasn't so much the words as the look he gave me that made my stomach twist uncomfortably and sent my mind into an uncontrollable frenzy of questions.A part of me hopes to see him again tonight, the other part is terrified. There's a strange aura about him that screams dark and menacing but that smile seems to say otherwise. There's something about him that peaks my curiosity which excites me with the thrill of adrenaline at his mere presence. I feel unimagina
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Chapter four.
HADEON'S POV:I walked away from the little princess and continued on my stride until I came across two oak trees leaning together, their branches intertwined, bare of all greenery, creating a twisted archway. I walked through it and appeared back within my secret chamber. Nobody knows of my existence and I prefer it to be that way, for now. Is not the element of surprise one of the greatest forms of attack? To strike when the enemy is looking the other way? Then tear him and everything he loves to smithereens. I was born to rule and rule I shall but first I must take back what belongs to me from those slimey, false, cowardly royals. That little princess thinks I saved her life? How wrong she is. I've simply prolonged it so I can have my fun in torturing her daily, making her every breath a living hell. Until she begs me to end her but I shan't be so kind. Her screams will be music to my ears. He bloodied and bruised body a masterpiece. She will wail and
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Chapter Five
ANGELINA'S POV:"Avareen. A Kingdom of beauty and wonder. A place where creatures can exist without the human beings even knowing of our existence. The humans live in a seperate world. Only seperated by a gateway that is known only to the royals and the elders. The people of Avareen are able to enter the gateway but once they go through, they cannot return. Their powers are stripped and they must live the rest of their existence as a human being. Usually the only times that the Avarinians end up crossing the gateway is either due to banishment for a misuse of their powers or by simple choice. Wishing to live a life free of magic but those cases are very rare. There is another form of banishment and that is when an Avarinian is forced to remain in his/her animalistic form and are put away into the never-ending forest. They are trapped there, unable to leave due to the spell used to put them in their permanent form. Losing all sense of humanity."I read Avareen'
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Chapter six
BARRETT'S POV:I examined my reflection upon the blade of my freshly gleaming sword. My white-misted right eye contrasted greatly to my naturally dark-brown one, on my left side. I had a deep scar running across my face which caused the blindness and left a permanent sneer formed on my lips. I looked hideous. Not due to the scar, it was just how I was born. My cousin however had all the beauty and the women and if that was not enough he caused an additional deformaty for good measure. It wasn't quite like that, if he hadn't slashed my face I would've cut his heart out and forced his wife to be mine and made her produce an abundance of heirs, at least her beauty would've given them a chance. I was jealous and he loved to rub it in my face, him being the sole heir and everything else he was gifted with since birth and me only ever getting second best if anything at all.So I joined Hadeon. I did not stay long enough to be killed by
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Chapter Seven
ANGELINA'S POV:As I entered the ballroom I was blinded by the glistening chandeliers hung high upon the large ceiling. The ballroom was alight with candles, the small flames flickered and danced to the cheerful music. People dressed in all the pomp and glamour fit for royalty. The ladie's gowns were shimmering in an array of colour, they were alike to swans in their movements and peacocks in their attitude. The men all stood proudly, conversing with said females or fellow male companions. Suddenly silence enveloped the room as all eyes turned towards me, I heard gasps followed by murmuring and silent whispers, too quiet for me to catch on to anything they may have been saying about me. My nerves that initially relaxed upon entering the ballroom suddenly skyrocketed to the point where I felt sick and dizzy. I tryed to remain calm and poised however and followed my mother obediently, ignoring the jealous and awe-stricken glances given my way.Mother
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Chapter Eight.
(this chapters a bit longer than the rest)HADEON'S POV:I watched her as she returned to the ballroom. I did not understand what I had done, seeing her so sad made me feel something I have never felt. Her lips looked so inviting I could not resist. I had been so enraged that she tried to trick me into thinking she is unlike the rest of them when I know better that she is. But those lips, her tears. I ran my hand through my hair, frustration gnawing at me. She tastes so sweet, I was surprised how she responded to my kiss, I thought she would fight me after what I had said to her yet she seemed to have forgotten it with the kiss, as I had forgotten her facade when we were so engrossed in our intimate moment. Her skin felt so soft and smooth, like silk. I felt angry at myself for not fighting the urge to taste her. I felt angry that she has an effect on me, I do not know why I even came to see her, I couldn't stop thinking about her
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Chapter Nine
ANGELINA'S POV:I opened my eyes slowly, the lights blinding me slightly as I try to adjust them to my surroundings. I'm back in my bed-chamber. Sitting up I look around in confusion as last night's happenings all come swarming back into my mind. I look down at my body, there's not a single bruise or cut upon me. 'how did I heal so fast?' that awful memory of that man, Barrett fills my head. Tears fill my eyes and sting my cheeks as I sob uncontrollably, my body trembles as I rock back and forth, pulling my knees to my chest. A numbing feeling overcomes my entirety. I feel empty. Hollow. Disgusting. He has tainted me. He took what was most precious to me, something I'd been longing to give to the man I would hopefully love and would call my husband. I cried for what seemed like hours. I cried until there were no tears left to shed and I was emotionally drained. I laid back upon my bed, clutching my pillow and pulling my knees into a fetal position. Then I suddenly r
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Chapter Ten.
HADEON'S POV:I stared at her beautiful face, tears were pouring out of her eyes, her plump lips quivered as she struggled to suppress her sobs. We stood there, a moment where nothing but her sobs could be heard. I had taken us to the tower room where royals are usually kept if they commit any crimes. It angered me that she is so concerned about her parents. She should only be thinking about me. I will make her mine, she will marry me and she will be my little pet. My trophy. My wife. No other man can touch her let alone even look at her. I turn and leave the chamber just as I had come, leaving her to ponder over my words. The anger at knowing Barrett had defiled her body still enrages me. Every time I look at her I know he's felt her in ways I wish I could. The difference being we would be wed and she would love me, adore me, be obsessed with me. I would fill her thoughts, her emotions, when we're apart she will miss me.  I do not love her, far fro
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