The magical items of the stars at seven swords

The magical items of the stars at seven swords

By:  Stefan Simmons  Ongoing
Language: English
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While taking a trip to Ohio with her family 16-year-old Sakura tattoo receives a magic necklace containing the powers of a being known as the swordkeeper she must now use these powers to find magic weapons and save an alternate universe

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30 Chapters
prolouge: The world of Falusia
The world of Falusia was a beautiful place to live and see With its pretty landscape, beautiful mountain ranges, fiery volcanoes, peaceful oceans and even its industry looked nice. Plus the Solarian, Night, Earth/Metal and Oceana nations were all at peace. That was until the seven swords, the Cloak of Destiny and the five Signer stones were made, the peace was broken and all four nation sought after their power. No one knows who made these items or where they came from, but everyone knew they were magic, because everything that came to Falusia was magic.
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chapter 1 Sekora
 Meet Sekora Nicole Taru, she is a 15 year old Ninth grader at Liverpool high school. She is six foot tall, with green eyes, freckles and black long hair. Sekora is probably tall thanks to her dad’s side of the family, who are all six foot or taller.She lives with her dad, James Taru who is tall, with black hair and light brown eyes. He works as a manager at Ebli Corporation, which manages sports athletes and negotiates their contracts. Sekora also lives with her step brother Gordon Kinsler, who is short, with brown eyes, bl
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chapter 2 The mysterious girl
 The trip to Ohio is Sekora’s favorite trip because of the sites like the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the McKinley monument, and the Hall of Fame Bridge. She woke up at 6:00, so she can get dressed for the five hour trip. She wore a green shirt and black jeans. Her brother was still asleep and doesn’t like the trip well, until he sees Kendrick’s who he has a crush on.“Get up Gordon, we have to get ready for the trip.” Said Sekora tapping Gordon then began ruffling his hair.
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chapter 3 The gift
 When Sekora got back to school on Monday, she had told her friends what happened inOhio.“So you actually saw the explosion?” Asked Alex, who was trying to listen to a song on his MP3 player.
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chapter 4 Kendrick's
 Kendrick’s Latawski was a pretty girl, lots of people thought so, that’s why Sekora doesn’t see what she sees in Gordon. Kendrick’s is tall, with long brown hair and light brown skin. One day she wants to be a vet when she graduates from high school.Kendrick’s grew up in Arkansas, but moved to Ohio because her dad got a new job. Kendrick’s met Gordon, when the Taru family went to Ohio two years ago and they’ve been together ever since. Gordon already wants to marry her and he isn’t
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chapter 5 Journey to Falusia
At the Taru home while Sekora was playing in Jamie’s hair, her necklace started to glow on the table making her dad turn to look at her.“Sekora why is your necklace glowing?” he asked pointing to the necklace that sat on the table.
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chapter 6 Psykeeper
When Sekora and D2 finally landed in Falusia, Sekora saw that it was a beautiful place just like D2 said. She saw animals and birds she had never seen before, she saw a centaur, Sekora was very amazed at the sights and sounds of the world. She smelled the air and flowers. There was a slight breeze allowing Sekora to smell the flowers, some smelled good while others
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chapter 7 Party times two
When Sekora got home she told Gordon what had happened, he seemed very impressed to say the least.“So you crushed a guy’s wrist using your bare hands?” He asked, looking astonished at this.“Yep, I sure did!” e
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chapter 8 Shaping the elements
After waking up, Sekora fed Seri some dragon nip, then let her walk around before going downstairs for breakfast, which consisted of bacon, eggs, rice and pancakes.“What’s all this for?” she asked a servant, who was in the dinning room.
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chapter 9 The Day of Serenity
Each nation, including the wind community has a special day that comes around every so often where their powers are significantly heightened. The Night nation’s day is called the day of Serenity. The day that the moon covers the sun.“The day of Serenity is here Sekora, so you must be ready! Said Stefan with urgency in his voice.
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