Chapter 5 - Karma

Peace Ellis POV

I heard the voice of my parents, especially my mom who sound’s crying, I slowly opened my eyes and saw my parents talking to a doctor. I moved my hands and touched what was on my nose and it's oxygen, I tried to remove it but the doctor was so fast to stop me together with the nurse.

“Mommy, Daddy…” I called them in a hoarse voice.

“My sweet heart.” Mom said and came closer to me and hugged me.

“W—what happened?” I ask them. “W-where am I?”

“You’re our hospital right now sweet heart, Chaos Spencer brought you here and called us.” Dad answered and that made me look around to look for Chaos.

“Where is…” I was caught.

“He’s the one who brought you here but when we came here, he left and said that he will deal to the person who did this to you.” Dad said.

“Luckily, Chaos is there to save your sweet heart.” Mom said.

I almost rolled my eyes on when he said that. If they just know that Chaos is the one who ordered me to come to that weird girl.

“When will I be able to go home? I feel okay now, just a little pain in my throat.” I said and looked at the both of them. “Mom, don’t look at me like that, you know that I don’t like staying at hospital, right?” I said when I saw her expression that she will make me stay here for a long time.

“But sweet heart---” mom tried to stop me.

“Mom, please let’s just go home. I don’t like it here, you know how much I hate being in hopital.” I said.

“Honey, just let our daughter. I will just be going to ask her doctor to come to our house to check on her there.” Dad said and wink at me that made me smile.

“You two,” mom said, shaking her head. “Fine, but you need to rest there okay?” Mom said and I nod my head at them.

AFTER our drive from the hospital we’re now here at the house and already inside my room reading some romance book. It’s already 8:45 pm and I skip dinner I just don't feel having it and i still feel kind of exhuasted, I was reading when suddenly something came to my mind that made me stop.

“Should I thank him for saving me? But he’s the reason why that happened to me.” I sigh and stand and walk towards the terrace of my room.

I was about to go out of the sliding door when I saw a man outside our house looking at me while leaning to his car.


“What the hell? Is that Chaos?” I ask myself while staring at him trying to figure it out if it’s really Chaos.

“Go outside and talk to him.” I heard my mom’s voice behind me.

“Mom” I said.

“Go, he’s been there for half an hour already.” Mom said that made me a bit.

“Half an hour?!” I said and she just laughed and nodded her head.

“Go, talk to him and if you can invite him to do it so we could thank him.” Mom said, smiling and walking out of my room.

I sigh and look again outside to see if he’s still there and yes, he’s just leaning at his car. I bit my lower lips and walked out of my room and went downstairs to go to him.

“Hey.” I said as soon as I went out of our gate.

“What?” He asks nothing to change his cold emotion.

Is that a talent? he can talk to someone without showing any emotion?

“You’re asking that when you’re the one who is standing outside my house for a half hour?” I said but he just rolled his eyes at me that made glare at him.

“I was just checking if you're still alive, but now that I saw you’re still breathing I will leave now.” He said and walked towards his car driver.

“Wait.” I stop him, I bite my lower lips thinking if I should really ask him this. “Do you want to come inside? My parents want to thank you about earlier---”

“Tell them, maybe next time. I have important business to deal with.” He said and went inside his car and started his car engine and drove away.

He waited her for half an hour then he just leave me like that? Weirdo.

“I told you self, that’s a one bad Idea to ask.” I said to myself shaking my head and walked back inside our house.

Third Person POV

“What are we going to do now Chaos?”  A man with brown hair asks holding a sharp knife of his hands pointing at Lureta

“Of course, Make her pay for Acry.” Another man said to the man with brown hair that his name was Acry.

“Kill her.” A woman said that she was holding a gun in her right hand and pointed to Lureta that is unconscious.

“Heaven.” Chaos warns the woman “Not yet.”

“Chaos she killed Urilane she deserves to die!” the girl name Heaven exclaimed.

“I know, but not yet.” Chaos answered, staring at Lureta.

“Chaos is right, we can still use her against his brother.” The man who just entered said.

“But Seth---” Heaven is about to speak again.

“Enough!” Chaos shouted at them that made them stop. “I will let you kill her Heaven; I will let you make her suffer the way your sister did. But not now, not yet.” He said and left the four.

"Remember this, I will kill you in the most painful way that I can. I will return the pain that my sister gone through your hands, not just one but twice painful that you will beg me to just kill you in snapped to end you misery but sorry I will never do it." The girl name Heaven said and went our of the room feeling the anger all over her body.

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