The goddess Bond

The goddess Bond

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"Natalie," he whispers, his body edging me closer to the wall. "Damien," I murmur back. I can't help the urge. Ever since my eyes fell on him that morning, all of my nerve endings have been on edge, craving him. My mate. "I want you," he groans out as his lips trail a path up and down my neck, nibbling on the spot where the mark is supposed to be. "You have a chosen mate." "You are my mate," he growls out. "Mine." And then he clamps down on my neck. Damien's life takes a wild turn when a curse prevents him from finding his true mate, marked by a cursed wrist tattoo. He rises as the strongest alpha, but everything changes when a stranger, Natalie, enters his life, claiming to be his mate. Together, they embark on a quest to break the curse, uncovering secrets that bind them. With love and destiny at stake, they face a final battle against the malevolent witch. Will their bond be strong enough to defy the odds and rewrite their fates? Who will Damien finally choose- his long-awaited mate or the woman who stood by him all through his life?

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Osasere Idahosa
loving the book so far,hope it doesn't take ages to complete
2023-12-23 22:45:44
73 Chapters
Chapter 1
The vociferous cough was getting more severe. My mother's health has been declining rapidly, and it hurt me to the core to see her so weak and fragile, without knowing what to do."Take the water and drink... it's warm, Mother," I coax her softly, bracketing her up with my body. As usual, she had asked for my presence, and I went running to her. My mother is my only existing family, and I would do anything to protect her from this strange and unexplainable sickness."Don't look like that, smile a little... all these wrinkled lines are beginning to take away your handsome ambiance, Axel... it's okay. I will be fine, just make me happy by doing what I asked..." she says to to me after taking a sip of her warm water.But the cough cut her out again, and she heaved for another few seconds. The tears were threatening to slip out of my eyes, but I held them back. It's prohibited for me, the demon Alpha, to cry.A disgrace, really.Nobody would believe the fact that I cry in my closet or whe
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Chapter 2
THE MESSAGEDAWN.I burst into another fit of loud laughter at my human best friend, Lyla before she hits me on my back awkwardly causing me to glare at her. She always hit me whenever she laughed or was embarrassed, a weird human trait.“Must you always hit me when you laugh?” I ask as I shove her playfully. She snorts at me and runs from my side, knowing fully well that I would want to take revenge.“I’m used to it, Dawn. You know, I’ve tried to stop too, but you caused this one. Stop cracking all these silly jokes,” I glare at her, as she ambles briskly to the fridge in our apartment.We have been living together for two years now, and Lyra has been so sweet and nice to me. She is aware that I’m a werewolf and would die keeping the secret for me. Living in the human world for two years hasn’t been easy, but Lyra has been more than a great help to me all the way.She has been my savior.“What’s your plan for this evening?” She asks me, her voice filled with anticipation as she hands
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Chapter 3
DAWN“Dawn or whatever your name is... It will do you well to keep your mouth shut about this package and stay silent throughout the questioning, is that clear!” Tobias, the clearly unstable Beta yells into my face, swinging a sharp blade before my eyes.I dart a quick but shocked look at him before bowing back in fright to nod my head in agreement. He had just sneaked into the room where I was locked in; the Alpha wanted to question me by himself, against Alpha Tobias' protest.“If you value your life, keep your mouth shut and leave as soon as you can... You are not his mate! He already has one!” He raved at me again, reaching into my trouser pocket to take the package I came to deliver.Eyeing me with severe hatred and the package now in his pocket, he looked around the room carefully before fleeing out of the door. I scoffed loudly immediately after he left.My hatred and suspicion for him are growing more. What kind of Beta acts so cynical and crazy like this, I wondered to mysel
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chapter 4
DAWN“You are just a substitute… you prostitute. Leave my mate alone. I'm back now and this time, I’m not leaving,” Lyra screams at me, throwing the glass cups and wine bottles from the table to the floor in front of me.I was having a relaxing time with Lyla who had visited me like she always does on weekends since I started living here and we were both having fun, gossiping about my sweet and delightful relationship with my mate when Lyra stormed in on us.“I told you before… I will kill you in this mansion, if you don’t leave… Alpha Axel is mine and I have his daughter, our princess is four years old already, read between the lines, you harlot," She screeches at me again.My guards signal to me, asking if they should send her out, but I gesture for them to leave her. I don’t want to cause more scenes or trouble. Lyla takes my hand to comfort me silently.“You should talk to the Alpha and stop coming at me like this Lyra … I have nothing against you…”“Shut your dirty mouth” The thi
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Chapter 5
DAMIEN."Oh enough already," Maya snaps at me."What? What did I do?" I demand, looking over to my side to stare at her in confusion.Maya had met me at the edge of the woods after my run. She had wanted to make sure I was in the right frame of mind to see the witch.Which begs the question, why?Why would she think that I would ever be in the frame of mind to welcome a witch?Anyway, we are walking towards the mansion and she has been giving me cautious side eyes as if she is worried I would wolf out and go on a rampage.Ridiculous. It has been years since I have done that.When we were killing our enemies."You have been grumbling under your breath for the past five minutes. It is not like I am in love with this idea either. It is a necessity.""I know," I snap before controlling my temper. "I know, I am sorry," I say gently.She just harrumphs in response and walls ahead of me.I can't blame her. We were supposed to be bonded today and instead, we are meeting up with a witch.In
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Chapter 6
I watch the guards escort the witch out of the mansion and off the premises with thoughts going round and round in my mind."Kill the witch and live."Easier said than done. If I could have killed her all these years ago, wouldn't I? She is impossible to find."Well, this sucks," Lucas states."Well done, Captain Obvious.""Oh don't start with me," he snaps at Maya."Enough you two. This isn't the time for that," I scold."Sorry Alpha.""So, what's the plan?" Maya asks.I turn to stare at her, taking note of how tightly wound she is."We find the witch.""Yeah, we got that. But how?" Lucas asks."I… I don't know," I say before heading up the stairs to my study. "Bring me all the records of our past searches."I walk into my study and collapse on the chair. I have heard of how a person's life can change in an instant, but I never really understood it.In record time, both Lucas and Maya walk in carrying decades-old files in their hands."There is no point to this," Maya says as she
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Chapter 7
NATALIE."I am bored," I whine to my wolf."Why? You are in our mate's pack, we are safe, and you are seeing different people for the first time. Why would you be bored?""The only thing we have been seeing for the past four hours is just these walls. It is boring," I snap.Just then the door swings open and in comes the first female I have seen apart from the witch.She is beautiful."And strong," my wolf adds."How do you know that?" I ask."I can sense it. She has a powerful wolf."The woman in question just stands there, staring at me. Her face is blank and emotionless and if it was not for the blood adding color to her skin and the clothes she is wearing, I would think she was a statue."So, you are Natalie," she says.She speaks ladies and gentlemen."Yes, I am. Who are you?" "Maya."Maya. Maya?! The one everyone thinks is Damien's mate? That Maya?"You have heard of me," she says, cocking her head."Hm. You could say that. What do you want?" I ask."What do you know of me?"
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Chapter 8
DAMIEN.This is useless.I drip the last file on the desk and recline back on the chair.Nothing.No new avenue.Nothing that we haven't searched over and over again. Hopefully, with some luck, Lucas and Maya would have found something.A knock on the door interrupts my train of thought."Enter," I order.Maya walks in with her battle face on.Oh, great. What now?"Maya," I start. "Any luck on your side?""If you are talking about those files then no. But I talked to Natalie-""Natalie? Who is that?"She looks at me in confusion before answering."Your… the woman who claims to be your mate."Ah.Natalie.Nice name."Wait! What?! You talked to Natalie?!" I demand, finally understanding her words."Yes, I did. She is our only viable source of information on finding the witch. For the life of me, I can't understand why you and Lycas are so averse to the idea.""Because…""Because… what? See, even you don't know why you are behaving like this.""Fine. What did she say? Can we find her? Th
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Chapter 9
NATALIE."Damien has until all the petals have faced to find and kill her, if not, both of you die.""That which!" I snarl as I pace around the room. "That rotten, old, frigid, good for nothing evil, bitch! Aaargh."How dare she?! How dare she do something like that?! It was bad enough that she stopped us from meeting for so long, but now she wants to kill us. What is wrong with her?!" I roar."You need to calm down before someone hears you and comes in," my wolf says."How can I calm down?" I snap out loud. "Didn't you hear her? After all, we went through to find our mate, I find out that we are on a clock. To death?! Oh, come on, how is this fair?""I don't think she was thinking about being fair when she kidnapped you as a baby, or when she cursed him, or when-""Okay! I get it. She is a bitch."I stop pacing and sit back on the bed."What do we do now?" I ask out loud, both to myself and my wolf."We do our best to help them find the witch, at least until…" her voice fades."Hell
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Chapter 10
MAYA.I dump the red overcoat I was contemplating packing in exchange for the black one.I am going for a stealth mission, not a fashion show."It is very noble what you are doing," Eira, my wolf, says.It was a wonderful feeling, finally having her name revealed to me after I had found my mate, only for me to lose him months later.Small mercies, I suppose."Nobility has nothing to do with this," I reply."You are going on what could be a suicidal mission or a complete utter waste of time in order to save the man you were about to be mated to and his mate. That's pretty noble in my book," she retorts."You know that is not the only reason why I am doing this," I tell her.I know how it looks. Poor Maya. Self-sacrificing Maya.Doing her very best to ensure that her Alpha is happy and safe.I want Damien happy.Just with me.Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Natalie, but she doesn't know Damien like I do.We grew up together, fought, played, dried together.After my mate, h
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