The jerk is a Prince

The jerk is a Prince

By:  Jay Mhekzy  Ongoing
Language: English
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When she got a scholarship to study her desired course, Jessica was excited to begin her journey in a country that was far from home. On arrival, she encountered a boy about her age whom she loathed at first sight because of how arrogant he was. She didn't hide her distaste for him whenever he was near, and he noticed that as well. After getting together during a project which Jessica was reluctant to, she realized there was more to him than meet the eyes.

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Jay Mhekzy
Dear readers, it's the author here! Thanks for giving this book a chance. I'll like to communicate with you. Kindly leave your feedback in the comment section. Also, don't forget to leave some gems, thank you.
2021-06-12 02:46:23
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I like Alan but we all know she ending with the asshole
2021-05-24 13:29:15
10 Chapters
First day in college
JESSICASlowly, I let out a breath I didn't realise I was holding until breathing became necessary. I must have been gawking at the huge brown gate which protected the building for too long because a student shoved me out of the way.Swirling, I winced whilst rubbing my shoulder at the pressure he had exerted in nudging me. Moreover, he didn't bother to apologize for what he did.Perhaps, it was my fault for obstructing the entrance. Still, he should have been more courteous and asked me to step away rather than shoving me.I watched as he stuck his hands into the side pocket of the black leather pants he donned. I could make out Auburn locks in the cap he was sporting on.More so, two buff men who were on steel grey suits, checkered tie, and sunglasses were flagged by his side, and he swaggered like he owned the school and everyone in it.Reluctantly, I peeled my eyes off the jerk and I strolled in."Wow," I mumbled, whilst obse
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A new friend
I relaxed into the plush leather seat of Alan's car. My nostrils flared as I inhaled the fruity scent drifting around the car."You address." He muttered, handing me his cellphone.I typed in my address before passing his cellphone back to him.He turned on the ignition and the engine purred as it came to life."Are you from around here?" He inquired, glancing briefly at me."Oh, no," I shook my head. "I'm a Nigerian.""Wow," He gaped, scrutinizing me the more. "Why study here? I mean, isn't it too far from home?""It's not." I shrugged. "Also, I want to explore the world and getting a scholarship into this school is a start for me," I added.He nodded, "You must be very smart to have been awarded a scholarship to this school. I heard the aptitude test is quite difficult.""It is," I affirmed. "But, I studied, and prepared well for it."I couldn't forget the sleepless night I had during t
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The project
I sighed for the umpteenth time as the professor, Mr Kane, went on and on about the past heroes who had died during the past wars.I rolled my eyes when a girl lifted her hand, perhaps to ask a question. I tuned out everyone's voice and went on doodling in my book whilst waiting for the class to be over.I love history, but I wasn't interested in listening to what I already knew."Miss Jeremy!"I lurched as someone exclaimed my name. I gaze around the classroom with wild eyes, before latching my eyes on Mr Kane who was in front of me.I wonder how long I had been out since I didn't notice him walking to my seat."May I ask what you were thinking about?" He mumbled with raised brows."N-no." I stuttered, flushing.A girl whose seat was next to mine giggled, and I noticed some of the students were trying their best to suppress their laughter."Perhaps, she's thinking about the child she would bre
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First party
"Damn, you are so hot, girl!" Someone hollered followed by a lot of catcalls as soon as I entered the house where the party was going on."Gosh, this is so embarrassing," I mumbled, tucking a stray lock between my ears.Alan chuckled whilst gripping my hand. We walked further into the vast room which consisted mainly of college students.Music blared out of the speakers situated at each corner of the room. It was loud, but not enough to defend us.The party looked decent since I hadn't seen anyone drunk."I said you were gorgeous, didn't I?" Alan said.He had indeed said it. Also, I hadn't believed him due to the stunt he had pulled the first time he drove me home."Geez, but when you said it, I felt better because you were kidding. Now, it made me look like a piece of meat." I grumbled."I wasn't joking," He argued then continued. "You are the most beautiful girl here tonight. I mean you are not trying
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I dare you to kiss him
Alan wrapped his arm around me, and I let out a sigh as the warmth from his body seeped into me.I didn't object as he rubbed my hand in an up, and down manner, because I knew he was trying to keep me warm.Moreover, aside from the death glare, Jade kept hurling my way whenever Alan's palm grazed my skin, the evening was going smoothly.I had joined the game that was still going on. The bottle that was being spun hadn't gotten to my side which I was glad since I didn't know if I would choose to be dared or asked a question based on the truth.I grimaced as I imagined gulping the content in the red disposable cup if I refused to do a dare or I didn't answer the question asked in time."This is so funnnnn," A blonde with leafy green eyes slurred. She clasped her eyes and jiggled her head from side to side whilst humming to the music blaring out of the boombox.For a second, I thought her head would roll off her neck, but she stopped.I imagine
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Damsel in distress
AsherStriding out of the restroom, I stepped into what looked like the backyard of the house. It was large enough to hold everyone at the party.I was not much of a party-goer, but I needed a night out to myself. Moreover, the reason I had chosen to come to this place was that I couldn't wipe out the thought of the new girl- Jessica- from my mind. Though she wasn't new anymore since she had been in school for a week now, I still saw her as one.I didn't know why, but I was drawn to her smile. Even though I would never admit it, she was the most attractive girl I've seen.Jessica wasn't like the usual kind of girl I often associated with- leggy, blonde and pale skin.Though she was leggy, I still towered above her. Also, her shiny ebony skin made her stand out in the class.Nonetheless, she wasn't the only one with ebony skin, I just happened to notice her.The most annoying
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JessicaA winced escaped my parched lips as I came awake.My head thumped, and my body ached whilst I tried to remember what I had done with it.My phone vibrated, and I stretched out my hand to lift it off the nightstand without getting up.Groaning, I shielded my eyes from the bright light drifting into the room from the break in the curtain.DON'T FREAK OUT."Why shouldn't I freak out?" I mumbled to myself whilst staring at the content of the message
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The project part 1
JessicaMy eyes darted to the brown leather charm bracelet watch I donned for the umpteenth time, then back to the entrance of the cafe.Just like before, it was empty. I had successfully finished two cups of coffee as well as counted all the occupants of the cafe while waiting for him.We were twenty in total and consisted of mostly students from middle school and high school.I was at the far corner, and I could see every activity going on in the room.Beside me was a couple who thought it was a nice idea to show their a
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The project part 2
Jessica"We can start anywhere so long as I get the project done on time," I said.Asher paused briefly, glanced at me before he continued typing.I tapped my hands on the table slowly, whilst glancing around me."May I see what you've been typing since?" I asked after some seconds due to deafening silence between us. "You know it is called teamwork for a reason."He didn't act like he heard what I have been saying or perhaps he heard, and he didn't want to answer me. 
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The princess and the frog
Jessica "What is wrong with everyone in this school?" I mused whilst wondering what part of Asher and I were not together they didn't understand.   I had arrived this morning to see the picture of Asher and me at the cafe yesterday all over the hallway with the inscription; The Prince and the frog written on it.   I didn't mind though since I wasn't interested in him and was also aware of Asher having a lot of girls that fancies him.   I was near the door of the classroom when someone yelled my name.   I swirled and I saw Jade a few distances from where I stood.   My brows creased as I assessed her,
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