The rebirth of the Luna

The rebirth of the Luna

By:  Bryan Cullen  Ongoing
Language: English
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"I, Lopo Foster of the Nightfall Pack, as a result, announce that my fated mate Lupa will join our pack. I hope that everyone will treat both Lupa and Luna Freya with equal respect in the future." My husband Lopo had announced in front of our pack members on our third wedding anniversary that he had found his fated mate. I stared blankly at the two figures cuddled up in the centre of the hall as a wave of numbness washed over me, and I listened to all the pack members congratulating them wholeheartedly. Loop’s so-called Fated Mate, Lupa ,feigning innocence and vulnerability, handed me a glass of wine. But that glass of wine took my life! Yet, the Moon Goddess decided my story wasn't over. She granted me a second chance. This time, I am determined to peel back the mask of that bitch and make Lopo experience a profound regret that will be his living torment!

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Bryan Cullen
Hi dear am Bryan Cullen the writer of this story I will be happy if you guys read , tip and drop your review about this book this is my first story here . Thanks Enjoy reading ......
2023-11-24 19:10:53
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Bryan Cullen
Good ...... I enjoy reading this story hope the author should continue the story
2023-11-24 19:08:22
55 Chapters
Fated mate
Fated Mate, Chapter 1POV of Freya"Pup members, I, Lobo Foster of the Nightfall Pack, now announce the addition of my destined mate, Lupa, to our pack. In the future, I hope that everyone will treat Lupa and Luna Freya equally.After a brief period of silence, the room burst into ecstatic cheers.Salutations to Alpha Lobo! The Nightfall Pack will endure."Congratulations!"A sense of numbness came over me as I watched the two figures snuggle up in the middle of the hallway and listened to the entire pack offer them their sincere congratulations. I couldn't even find the words to object because my thoughts were so empty.On our third wedding anniversary, my partner Lobo told the pack he had found his destiny mate.That was fine, except that his destined partner was another woman. To make matters worse, rather than being stunned by this information, they readily accepted it and immediately approved it.My inner wolf, Chloe, snarled as I felt helplessly overwhelmed by anger and shame."
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Chapter 2 dungeon POV of FreyaLupa mockingly said, "Yes, Luna, it's me," a smug smirk appearing on her face. She no longer resembled the innocent, pathetic girl who stared down at me at the banquet with hatred dancing in her eyes. Her hair had lost its lovely chestnut hue and had suddenly and mysteriously turned a bold shade of red.Fuck! Was Lupa a witch in reality? The wine, crimson! She must have recently poisoned me with red wine.Why are you doing that? What do you require of me? I questioned hesitantly as I made a valiant effort to speak with Chloe. I could not communicate with her, so obviously, the poison affected her as well. Despite how much I wouldn't say I liked it, there was nothing I could do. I was entirely in Lupa's hands."Pathetic, Luna. I bet you never thought that something like this would happen to you, did you?" Lupa grinned as she drew a dagger from a holster on her side and pointed it in my direction."Lupa, don't do this. Lobo would never forgive you if you
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Chapter 3 RejectionPOV of Lobo"Lobo? Did... did I make a mistake? As she lay flimsily in my arms, Lupa wept and stared at me with her tear-filled, innocent-appearing doe eyes."No, dearest. There's nothing wrong with you; it's all that damn woman's fault.I glared icily at Freya. Everything made sense. She had handed Lupa the wine glass, and I was furious with myself for not anticipating this envious woman would attempt something similar."Guards! The Luna should be detained and taken to the dungeon."What? Lobo, are you sure you're serious? What the hell are you doing to me?"Freya, shut the fuck up! Guards! You can restrain her if you need to.I ignored Freya's yelling and gave the guards their orders as I took Lupa out of the dining hall by picking her up as gently as possible."I told you long ago that Freya was not our mate, and things wouldn't end well with her!" Furious with me and distraught at the state of our mate, my wolf hissed at me.Daniel, kindly. I didn't believe for
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Mate, Chapter 4POV of SilasAlready enough! Please refrain from discussing the prospect of a chosen Mate.At every blasted meeting with the Elders, I was forced to endure listening to this group nag at me repeatedly. I have often told them I will not pick a "suitable Luna" out of the many options they have given me. No matter her status or station, I was adamant that I would wait for the appearance of my true mate. Without a doubt, I would accept her.I slammed the door shut as I exited, and my Beta, Leo, unlocked the car door for me while trying to soothe me by staring at me with understanding in his eyes. Silas, be calm. We still need to get to the celebration at the Nightfall Pack, so there's no need to get furious with those antiquated artifacts. We were already running late."I don't see why you're whining. Leo, it's not as if I turned the tables on you. At least I arrived at the meeting.Due to my tiring day, I dozed off in the back seat while the car continued to drive steadil
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Another chance
CHAPTER 5 Another ChancePOV of Freya"I love you, Freya.""Everyone who loves you will abandon you,"Those words resounded an agonising amount in my head as I sat in the dark dungeon and gazed up at the small window above me. The forest where I had recently passed away at the hands of that cunning young whore was visible outside this window. Who would have guessed that even with the Moon Goddess' assistance, I would resurrect and still experience the same betrayal? Under the watchful eye of the moon goddess herself, he was the one who had persuaded me to accept my role as his chosen mate.I told him how I felt when I was 18 years old. "Let's split up, Lobo; there is no chance that this will last in the long run." Together, we won't be content." I had indeed stated those same things to him!Freya: "No, not a chance! The mate bond is garbage! Freya, if I can't marry you, I'll be alone forever. If I can, I'll match you.I was utterly stunned, unable to say anything other than his name,
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A fresh start
CHAPTER 6: A Fresh StartFreya's POVThe cold-blooded bastard Lobo materialized in the corridor, flanked by a phalanx of soldiers and his favorite whore Lupa."Alpha Silas, honestly, you shouldn't be here interfering in my family affairs." Lobo, his hands locked at his sides, stared at Silas and spat arrogantly.Silas grinned, grasping my hand and haughtily tilting his chin as he looked at Lobo. "Whether you agree with it, Freya Brown is my destined partner. She's coming along with me."I glanced down at the hand around my own quivering one. Silas's wild and warm hand was so comforting, especially after I'd been poisoned by the witch who wanted him for herself and deceived by my beloved. The warmth was a pleasant relief from the dungeon's chill.But with Lobo having just deceived and wounded me, I was skeptical of this unexpected apparition of my destiny's spouse."What are you doing, Freya? This is our buddy, so don't think twice! I'm ecstatic at the moment!"Chloe, calm down! I am u
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CHAPTER 7 LEAVELobo's perspective"Oh fuck... Lobo... yes!""Fuck you feel so damn good!"I pushed hard into Lupa's tiny, tight pussy, feeling that the more force I used on her, the more resentment and rage I could let out. It was unbelievable to me that Freya, that fucking woman, had moved out of my territory with such fucking audacity and hooked up with the Alpha of the Embermoon Pack.Although I was satisfied to hear the woman screaming beneath me as I shifted Lupa's posture, raised her legs, and pressed closer to her, my rage remained unquenchable. Though those terrible purple eyes continued to haunt me, my wolf Hugo soaked in Lupa's enticing cries of excitement, delighted that we finally had our fated mate in bed."I, Freya Brown of the Ironclad Pack, with this, officially reject you, Lobo of the Ironclad Pack, and from now on, I am no longer your Luna!"Freya's words continued to ring in my head, and I felt compelled to give Lupa a firmer squeeze. Her agonised cry finally snapp
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Chapter 8 RomourFreya 's povI was awakened by an agent murmuring, and when I gently opened my eyes, I saw that I was sprawled out on a big bed. It had happened that I'd been changed from my dirty evening gown into cozy, very soft-feeling clothes. Compared to what I was used to at the Nightfall Pack, the content was significantly different.Two maids were standing in front of me, watching me suspiciously."Ahh! Freya , you're awake!""We were on the verge of rousing you! We assumed that since you had already skipped breakfast and lunch, you would be hungry."I blinked, observing the sun high in the sky through the window. The next day, I couldn't believe it was already midday. Had I truly been so disoriented from dozing off in the van and getting into bed that I had missed everything?Howdy. Freya Brown is my name, and I'm a member of the Ironclad Pack." I sat up, put a nice smile on my face, and said as pleasantly as possible. I was raised with good manners and the understanding th
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Forever mate
CHAPTER 9: Forever MateFreya's perspectiveSilas's eyes followed the entire length of my body, and I felt the heat of their stare as soon as I stepped before him.My wolf cried happily, "I can feel his excitement, Freya!""Chloe, I can sense your excitement too," I said icily.To lighten the mood of our first encounter in such an official environment, I reached up and smoothed down my hair.As was customary when visiting another pack, I lowered the skirt of my dress to curtsey, but he stopped me with a soft smile. Silently, I observed him as he brought out a chair and motioned for me to have a seat.He whispered, "You don't have to salute, curtsey, or bow to me, my mate," as he pushed my chair toward the table, and I sat."Oh, right. I'm grateful. "You look amazing in this dress, by the way. It looks great on you."I could hear the staff members giggling as Silas looked at me with adoration, and his undisguised affection made my cheeks flush a little. The personnel here, in contrast
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Chapter 10: OwnershipFreya's perspectiveI was a little surprised when I fixed my gaze on the whore in front of me. Her hand continued to rest on the dress I had been examining. It was a really beautiful design.I see, Freya. I didn't anticipate seeing you here." Lupo spoke softly, continuing to dress like a prostitute and project the image of a victim."You should show some respect," I said, keeping my palm firmly on the dress and squinting my frigid eyes at her.For a brief period, Lupo appeared surprised, her large, doe-like eyes welling up with tears as if she would cry at any moment.Freya, stop being Luna! You are no longer Luna! Get over making fun of her!" As he approached to get Lupo out of her bow, Lopo's words could be heard, and he gave me a terrible glance.Silas's bored yet mildly annoyed tone interrupted me as I was ready to respond. "Why have these losers been allowed in?" The clerk shifted to one side, shivering at our intense tension. "I'm sorry, Alpha Silas, it's
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