Their Secret Obsession (A Reverse Harem)

Their Secret Obsession (A Reverse Harem)

By:  Pippa Moon  Completed
Language: English
26 ratings
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"I, Charlotte Jane Attwood of the Crimson Moon Pack, reject you, Knox and Kane Maddox, as my mates and sever my bond to you both and your pack!" I recited, my eyes dancing with my unspoken pain seeing my mates entwined together with a female! A female who was not me! Shaking my head of the tears I felt threatening to fall from my icy hues. I straightened and waited for them to accept my rejection! But the words that left their lips left me stunned. "I, Knox Maddox and Alpha to the Crimson moon pack refuse to accept your rejection!" He snarled, slipping from the bed, naked and unashamed to step into me, the female sprawled out on the bed forgotten. Kane was quick on his heels, the pair caging me in a wall of muscle and testosterone. "You belong to us, Lottie! I, Kane Maddox, Alpha of the Crimson Moon Pack, refuse to accept your rejection." "Ours!" Knox repeated anger swimming in his baby blues. *** Follow the story of Charlotte, Knox and Kane as they try to find their footing in a cruel world filled with betrayal, heartbreak and secret obsessions that threaten to destroy the bonds of brotherhood and love!

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Is there a second book?
2024-06-23 05:44:49
user avatar
really good story. waiting on some updates. worth the read.
2024-04-25 02:43:30
user avatar
GREAT STORY!! Definitely recommend!
2024-04-01 21:46:57
user avatar
Katja Vasilič
really good, the cliff hangers are the best
2024-03-23 04:28:57
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Christine Owings
124 chapters 3/9/24
2024-03-09 20:49:40
user avatar
Christine Weems
Love it!!!
2024-03-09 08:42:01
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Natalie Diaz
Loving the details and storyline of this book — but is something wrong with the author that she/he hasn’t been able to add any new chapters? It’s been a couple of weeks since the last chapter — hope he/she is ok
2024-03-09 07:48:52
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Andrea Lord
good reads
2024-03-07 10:01:03
user avatar
EXTREMELY enjoying this book. Just one question,are there going to be other books on the other ALPHAS that are helping Lottie?
2024-03-04 21:33:17
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Angela Mchaney
This one is good so far, it's just the updates are a bit too long. But I can't wait for the progress. I love Sage!
2024-02-29 03:54:25
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Danielle Hathaway
Really good so far just waiting to unlock chapters
2024-02-24 23:30:52
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Delinda Schumacher
124 chapters 2-23-24
2024-02-24 11:42:12
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Missie Underhill
What is going on there have been no recent updates?
2024-02-15 09:51:29
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Julie Nusbaum
No updates?
2024-02-13 00:25:03
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Vikki Lee
This book is fantastic!! A must read for anyone who loves werewolf stories!!
2024-02-08 20:22:13
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177 Chapters
Chapter 1: Honey I'm Home!
Lotties POV:"So, who is coming tomorrow?" I asked my best friend Lilly, who was twirling in the mirror, the expensive satin of her wedding dress swishing around her ankles, so absorbed in her reflection that she was only half listening to me. Tomorrow was her big day, and ever the perfectionist, she just had to check everything still fit perfectly. "Umm, the usual: our pack, Daddy's business partner, bordering packs, and their alphas. It's only a small gathering." She mumbled, brushing her hands over her tiny waist. "Small." I nodded sarcastically; we clearly had a very different understanding of what small meant, but as the daughter of the ruthless Alpha of the Crimson Moon packs, I guess this was small. "You know your mating ceremony will be just like this!" Sage chuckled, watching Lilly through my eyes. "Not a chance!" I barked, looking over at Lilly and her lavish dress, fake lashes and tan. I loved her and her confidence, but I was definitely more subtle than Lilly, never on
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Chapter 2: Wrong Room
Lottie POV"I didn't think you would be back till later?" Mike dares to say, looking at me like I had grown two heads and was somehow in the wrong."Clearly!" I mutter, walking over to the closet, grabbing my overnight bag and aggressively shoving things into it. "Baby girl...Come on..." He has the audacity to sound hurt; glancing into the mirror, I lock my eyes on him, Sage shining in my icy hues. "I am sorry, who are you talking to ... Me? Or Her?" Seeing the puzzled look on his face, I continued. "Just two seconds ago, I heard you call her 'baby girl'." I spat, knowing I was being petty over the pet name, but given that I had just walked in on him banging some chick in our bed, I felt I had earned the right to be a little childish!"No, you are mistaken." He shakes off. Spinning around, I glare at him. "Is he seriously trying to make ME feel like I am going insane!" I mutter to Sage."I always said the fucker was stupid!" Sage laughed bitterly. "Want me to bite his dick off?" Sh
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Chapter 3: Beg!
Lotties POV Distant memories of the annual pack ball danced across my vision; Lilly and I were expected to go as we had come of age; we had both expected the twins to try to sabotage the whole evening! But they hadn't! They seemed as uninterested in our plans as they were in their daily chores! Lilly and I had assumed it was because our fathers had insisted we attend, and they outranked the twins! Something we knew grated on the boys! The guy I had been crushing on at school had asked me to be his date; I was beyond excited! I had gone all out and had my hair, nails and make-up done. I had worked overtime to save up for a dress, I had spent a small fortune, and for once, I felt beautiful! He treated me like royalty, something I was not used to, given how the twins liked to control everything Lilly I did behind the walls of the pack house, but the twins had not said anything about me going with the young male wolf; I thought they had finally allowed me some freedom. We danced and l
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Chapter 4: Some Chick
Lottie POV"Beg?" He scoffed, eyes narrowing on me; I could see the inner fight between Knox and his wolf. He was a son of an Alpha. He had probably never begged for anything, let alone a female! But if he wanted me like he claimed to, he would beg! "Yes, Beg! Or let go of me." I declared with a newfound boldness. I was so over being weak and vulnerable, done being pushed around by those around me, and that included Mike and the damn twins! Arching a brow, I waited for him to finish whatever internal torment he was going through while he made his mind up. His hands released my hips. Evidently, he refused to dance to my tune. "Now, look at what you've done!" Sage whined, making me smirk. All I had done was show him I wasn't one of his groupies that hung off his every word. "If there is one thing tonight has taught me, it's that men always want what they can not have!" I snipped, shutting her out. "You are so damn perfect, but I won't beg!" He maintained. I watched with fascination
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Chapter 5: Lilly's Big Day!
Lottie POV "Get your lazy ass up!" Lilly demanded, her shrill voice making me groan; flopping onto my stomach, I pulled her pillow over my head, hoping to silence her. "No!" I grumbled, images of Knox and I last night still floating around my head, making my thighs ache, and pussy clench deliciously. I could deny it as much as I like, but no male has ever had me feeling as alive as Knox! It pissed me off beyond belief that the male that had managed to ignite such a fire in my core was so bloody undesirable! "Char! Come on!" Lilly groaned, pulling the sheet off me; the cold air assaulting my body had my nipples hardening further against the soft fabric of Lilly's Pj's. "It's my big day! I need my best friend at my side!" She complained, but the edge to her tone told me she was not about to give up any time soon. "Fine! I am up!" I grumbled, throwing the pillow in the direction Lilly's voice came from while pulling myself up. Smelling strong coffee, I smiled sleepily over at Lilly
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Chapter 6: This Isn't Love.
Lottie POV"What are you doing here!" I questioned, trying to keep my tone neutral, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of seeing my upset. Allowing my eyes to roam over a dark blue pin-stripped tailored suit that barely fit the muscular form of Mike. His dark eyes trained on me, his lips pulled into a scowl as he looked down my body, his lips twisting in distaste. "Nice to see you too, baby girl!" He sighed, having just referred to Lilly as 'baby girl' to her father; hearing it slip from Mike's lips felt wrong, but I couldn't be bothered to argue with him about his pet name for me now, not when Alpha and Lilly are on the other side of the door. "Lottie?" He huffed, waiting for me to say something, but I had nothing to say, trying to hide his frustration by running a hand through his dark hair"When he does that, he looks like he has just gotten out of bed!" I whispered to Sage, who was watching Mike cautiously through my eyes. "He probably has!" She sighed memories of walking
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Chapter 7: Fuck She's Feisty!
Knox POV"I highly suggest you step away from her." I stated, leaning against the wooden pillar my mother had installed to hang the ridiculous flower display from. "I highly suggest you fuck off!" The male who was currently unzipping his flies while pinning my girl to an alcove retorted sarcastically, making me scoff. My focus, however, was on how Charlotte had tensed, evidently recognising my voice."Take your dick out, and I promise you, it will no longer be attached but be on the floor at your feet." I warned seriously."Mate, can't you see you are interrupting a private moment." The male rasped in frustration. "I couldn't care less!" I smirked. "Hello, Lottie, wanna tell your male friend here to step back for me, angel? I really don't want to get blood on my suit; we both know Lilly will throw a fit." I expressed, winking at my girl as she turned to look at me, her face pulled into a mixture of hatred and arousal. "Knox, bad timing!" She hissed, but seeing how the male's head s
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Chapter 8: Ex-Boyfriend!
Lottie POV "What are you doing? For god sake, let him go, Knox!" I asked from behind them, looking at the tense form of Knox pinning Mike to a wall in a compromising position. "You always have to take shit too far, don't you!" I grumbled, remembering all the shit Knox and Kane had pulled over the years. "Lottie, help me, please!" Mike begged from where he was trapped against the wall, caged by Knox's body with a stick pressed against his quivering asshole. "Proving a point." Knox answered honestly with a soft shrug of his broad shoulders. "By shoving a stick up my boyfriend's ass?" I snapped, crossing my arms and popping my hip. Outrage shone in my eyes, aimed straight at the pair of them. Seeing the pain rip through Mike's face, I sighed; it sucked seeing him look at me like that, but I was so over this shit! "Ex-boyfriend!" Knox seethed, dropping the stick and Mike from his hold before stalking over to me only to take my face in his hands, bitterness flashing in his eyes as h
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Chapter 9: You Go Girl.
Lottie POV: It was a miracle that I hadn't fallen flat on my face walking down the aisle with the sensations from Knox's touch rippling through my body and the fierce burning I felt at the back of my head from his twin brother Kane! Quite simply, I was a hot mess! Sage wasn't exactly helping either with her incisive rambling about how 'fit' Kane was! Like I didn't have eyes in my fucking head! I knew! I could see! And given the way my sex was soaked, I had a feeling even my insatiable pussy had noticed! Bastards! Why couldn't they have returned fat, ugly and riddled with spots? Or mated!"Charlotte, will you focus!" My father snapped through the link at me. "I am!" I lied, pursing my lips, I narrowed my eyes at him as he stood in the second row behind Alpha Leigh, who looked like he was about to cry. Turning my attention to Lilly, I took the flowers from her and smiled at the joy written all over her face. The excitement emanating from her was unmatchable; I knew she had been wait
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Chapter 10: She Would Be Mine!
Kane POV"I'd rather fuck you!" I mused, watching her walk away, her blue silky dress clinging to every curve of her pert little ass. Smirking to myself, instantly, knowing that she would be mine. And my brother, and whoever the fuck that other male was, would soon learn that Kane does not share well with others.I admit, it had been years since I'd seen Charlotte; she had grown up, no longer the pimple-faced brat who whined at every turn. Or argued at every move we made to keep her safe! Instead, in her place, a beautiful, strong, clearly gorgeous, but still moody female that had just decided was mine. My lip twisted into a smile, watching her walk over to Lilly. Clearly, they were still close, which made it easier for me to spend time with her. I made a mental note to speak to Lily and find out what I had missed where Charlotte was concerned."Brother, having fun!" I grinned, feeling him come to stand beside me."You know me!" He shrugged, and I knew without turning to look at him
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