Thrown Into The Lycan's Den

Thrown Into The Lycan's Den

By:  LycanNS  Ongoing
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This book is authored by Eiya Daime. ''Well, do you have something to say?'' A strapping, muscular naked man asked me as he sat across from me as I was also sitting there naked, half-submerged in this large tub of water. ''Don't worry, I won't bite you, baby...'' He said as he moved closer to me, pulling me into his lap and placing me on his leg. ''Wh-what is this, Master?'' I finally asked him as he handed me a small bar. ''I am not your Master,'' he snapped at me in a harsh tone. ''I am your Mate.'' --------------------------------------------------------------------- After the death of Alasia's mother five years before, her stepfather used the trust given to her upon her mother's death to support his drinking habits. Once he was broke and refusing to manage the one low-end job he had, he felt he was left with no other choice. He decided to sell his eldest stepdaughter in the event that he could get enough to move away, and therefore, take her younger brother along with him. Alasia at the mere age of 16 is sold into slavery into the most fierce werewolf pack, The Crimson Caine, by her overzealous and abusive step-father. How can she survive under the most ruthless and Alpha? And what if she finds out she's his MATE?

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Gayle Ecklund
18 chapters in, and there has virtually been no physical descriptions of the characters. What the heck do they look like?
2024-05-07 07:57:05
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Chapter 1: The Unexpected Twist
Alasia's POV:“What do you mean I am to be sold off?” I asked as the shock of the very words he spoke to me took the breath out of my own lungs. "To whom!?""To who is not of the highest importance to me right now," my overly wicked stepfather spouted at me as he turned to face me with his favorite hand raised up in the air as he walked towards me at the same time. "The most important question you should be asking yourself is if you will fetch me a high enough price. One that will allow me to leave this place for good.""What are you talking about!" I asked again with shock still evident in my voice, as I could not help to control my words due to his earlier statement that still caught me off guard. "What happened to the large trust left by my mother before she died? There was plenty of money in the trust for us to live on for many years!"As I spoke this last statement, my eyes were now filled to the brim with tears. He, now standing over me with his hand still raised high abov
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Chapter 2: This Can't Be!
Rameric's POV:I was ready for this day to be over with already and the day had only just begun. My pack was tending to things while I stepped away to get myself another drink. It has been some time since I took a bit of a break myself. I have been out tending to a variety of things since before the sun came up that morning. I knew we were expecting a new arrival of slaves today, as they always arrive on the last day of the month. It was practically like clockwork. The humans were always willing to do what they needed to do in order to make an extra wage. They multiplied like rats so there was always a good supply coming in from time to time. "My Alpha Caine...," I heard a voice speak strong yet in a soft tone, as they came into the room I was standing and continued. "...are you ready to proceed?"I knew this voice all too well. It was indeed my Beta, Galien, who needed something. Otherwise, he would not have bothered to disturb me while I had stepped away to be alone for a
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Chapter 3: Why'd This Happen?!
Alasia's POV:“Wait!” I shouted as I was being drug away from the cart by two of the biggest men I have practically ever seen. “I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to my little brother! I don't know if I will ever see him again. Can I at least say goodbye?!”As I turned to look at the two men who were still dragging me backward away from the wagon cart, neither of them bothered to look at me directly but at the other. My eyes, however, immediately went in search of those of my little brother. When I found his gaze, he was overly fearful and tears were silently streaming down his little face. I knew he was terrified. He was so scared that he was frozen in fear and did not move to run after me either. He didn't know what to do. Nor did I for that fact. I had no idea what was going to happen to me from this day to the next, or for the rest of my now miserable life, which I am sure was the plan for me. As I thought about everything in that moment, things did not get all that
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Chapter 4: Show Some Respect!
Rameric's POV:I could not believe what was happening right now as shock took over me completely. As it started, it was a strange feeling deep within my being, causing me to fall to the wayside as I grasped for my chest. I was already on the side of the path and made sure to remain out of sight when she was brought through the transference gate, so no one saw me. The last thing I was expecting was for the Mate Attraction to hit me like a sudden rock slide down a mountain, seeming as if it fell on my very chest. This was the very last thing that I ever expected.I have been waiting for over a hundred years or more for my intended mate, and the shock of her actually turning out to be a mere, insignificant human was almost too much for me to bear. The best thing about my position is, that I was not cursed with the effects of time. I was coming up on my 125th year here in less than a month, and I was beginning to think that I was going to have to tread this soil for a decade without
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Chapter 5: Take Him Away!
Rameric's POV:This could not have come at a worse time. The slaves all knew they were sold into slavery to a fierce werewolf pack, which meant certain doom, or they were soon to find out what they were up against in the odds against their new rulers. The fact they all found out in this particular manner, was just a faster way of finding out that their bad dreams at night and horror stories they told their children to keep them in line, are not just dreams and talk but an actual reality. Humans knew of our existence, however for them to see one shift in front of their eyes is not an everyday occurrence. I stood up, shifting back as I now stood there, hovering over the two of them, naked. At that moment, my personal Warriors rushed upon the pen and surrounded us completely. In a way, there was an inner circle keeping a distance from the slaves in the small pen. “Take him away!” Galien commanded, walking up to us and through the ring of Warriors while handing me a shawl to shrou
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Chapter 6: Am I Alive?
Alasia's POV:What was happening to me right now?! What did I just do? Why did I step out of turn and do something that I know I should have never done!? I could not take my actions back. I just risked my own life for someone else when I needed to stay out of trouble and do what I could to rescue my little brother. Why did I make a mistake as foolish as helping someone else when I can not even help myself right now!? What has come over me? I know I would have never done that in any other situation. If I were still with my stepfather, I knew he would be beating me and not my brother, which is why this has never come up before. Why did I do something so foolish as pushing that other younger girl out of the way from that guard?!As I tried to feel what was around me, I still felt as if I was being carried by someone. However, there was a strange feeling, one that I had never felt before. I felt as if I was lying on my back, but still lying in the arms of someone or something.
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Chapter 7: Services Not Needed
Rameric's POV:I am not sure why she is bothering to try and pull away from me at this point as I have her held firm on my own shoulder and well within my grasp. She is nothing but a weak and frail human for that fact, one who I view is incapable of doing much of anything all on her very own. Does she not understand her strength is inferior to that of my own superior strength? I could simply snap her arm like a small twig from a large branch and it would break and stay broken for months without prevention. However, if my arm were to break in such a similar manner, it would reset itself and be completely healed within a matter of a few hours, at the very most that is. For her, she would be injured and out of commission for many months when it would be less than a day for me. I carried her out of my chambers, walking in the direction of my bathing chambers. I was going to ensure she had been bathed properly and got sufficiently clean, well, a whole lot cleaner than she smelled a
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Chapter 8: She Won't Escape
Rameric's POV:If all the desires of my wildest of dreams, this reality, the one I was currently taking part in, was the last thing I honestly thought would have even been possible. Here I am, standing here, in the water of my personal bathing basin, with my mate hovering in the water just below. This is not how I thought this day would have gone at all. Then, as I looked around the room trying to revel in the moment I found myself, I remembered the fact that my newly found and intended mate had come to me. She was sold off, by a wage greedy, selfish righteous, pathetic human. One who I would consider to be more weak and insignificant than the slave she has found herself to be. First, I was not proud to find myself in the slave trade, but it, among other things has gotten me into the position I find myself today. I continued to just stand there, looking at her, as she was starting to slowly move back away from me till her back touched the opposite side of the basin in front of
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Chapter 9: Must Get Away!
Chapter 9: Must Get Away!Alasia's POV:I have to say this was the worst day I have ever thought possible in my now miserable existence of a life so far. Is this some of the horrendous treatment that a slave has to endure?! When I think about it, I have had bad sleep dreams and recall those when I wake in the morning, but this current one surpasses all of those. I am now stuck in a literal, living sleep dream, although the worst part about this so far is, I am not sleeping at all. In fact, I am completely awake and watching this happen before my very own eyes. Why is this happening to me?! First I don't get to say goodbye to my little brother, only to stand up for someone younger than I am and almost lose my life over it. Then, not long after that experience, I woke up in a strange room with stone walls, not far from a man. To add to it, this man growls and sounds like a large dog, but looks like any normal human, only, he is not the size of a normal human. I simply must get
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Chapter 10: This Strange Feeling
Chapter 10: This Strange FeelingAlasia's POV:As I continued to sit there on his leg, I was starting to feel this strange feeling from deep within my chest. I was not exactly sure why I was feeling this, but there was no way I could deny that something was there. I was having a very hard time trying to explain all of this to myself. I never heard of humans having these kinds of feelings when they were around someone else they were attracted to before either. I knew some people would have likes and dislikes about certain attitudes and actions of others, but to have this kind of draw to someone else was unlike anything I ever knew possible. Was this a normal thing for a human to experience? My mother never mentioned anything about it, and I was certainly not going to get this kind of advice from my stepfather either. It was strange as if I was starting to want to be near to this man. What was coming over me?! I barely even knew him, yet, in a way, I felt I did know him and wa
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