To the Forest that Bargains Life

To the Forest that Bargains Life

By:  kythethkosmos  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ever since her nonbiological Mom died, she loathed and blamed herself for that. Avery Maureen Del Hera escaped home when she thought her father whom she grew up with wanted her to go to States, and even be with her biological parents, without him fighting for her. Hence, that's the bare part of the story. When she escaped home, she found a place . . . with the help of her own fate. A zone-like place, literally, with its wide and grandeur sceneries, isolated from the world. It's the Zone of Yavanna, or how the Zoners called it as Forest Survival. It definitely comes with names. Yet she eventually held one while being in there, a codename- a new identity: Cosimia. Her tale begins right at that moment. A journey of being the real sleeping beauty, for she's never awakened with the truth that she's been lost all along. She may have sought where she belongs, but did she see where it will lead her? In this forest that bargains life, away from the cruelty of death, one will strive for the betterment of herself, to think of what will become of her. Here's the thing, she's never a Del Hera, yes, but did she know, too, she's never Avery Maureen?

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21 Chapters
Chapter 1
My story started here. When my mother died, I've been crying all the time. All I did was mourn, and mourn, blaming myself that whatever happened to her that made her meet death was my fault. I couldn’t understand why my heart drenched, a turmoil inside me stirred up to make me feel the suffering more. Crying in the dull, forlornness room with things that weren't in their proper places, stygian lights, and curtains that hindered light from the sun. There on the somber side, I would condemn myself for what had happened to her years ago. I felt like I was dying, too. I was lost in the glacial, abysmal vastness of the ocean as my floating feet aloft it was excruciatingly with a slow rapid-fire hauled by its tremendous mouth, sending me to its bottomless body and engulfing me to die and to be part of its blue salty water. I’d remain there. For it's a metaphor I wanted to escape. It's like I wish I were on a concrete canoe t
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Chapter 2
When was the last time I experienced being whole? When every part of me in me is fixed? When I do not even ruin the world I inhabit in me? When was the last time I realized the beauty of my world? When do I know the hidden secret behind nature and life?When I was only five years old, my mind was filled with wonders at the world including how it moved. What will be revealed at the end of the solemn symbolism of the towering heights of the wind and the pulsation?When the world began to be seen here, is it astonishing to see with two eyes? Could it be that it will only witness how sensationally the individuals here on the surface of the earth follow the currents of the system and nature? Is it unbeknownst to me that the dream is just a nightmare where it turns out that freedom is the opposite?In fact, I don't know the answers back then every time they suddenly appear on my mind. They also leave voluntarily when I have no enough reason to silence them.At this
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Chapter 3
Three words.Splendiferousness.Magnificence.Resplendence.These factors affected me for a very long time in my oblivious days.  How can I state something beyond description?  When I wasn't a stranger to the light, I let myself be bewildered by its safest whistles.Now that it treats me like a monster, I let myself be an instrument of darkness.  A different kind of it I never thought that would be my fate.That's when I avoided them.  I wasn't in my real being anymore.  Gradually I was eaten up by fantasy into the world of mania to do something I would later regret.Because when darkness beguiled me, its intention would always be in the wrongest ways of living, and that obscurity scarred my bruised heart.  It made me in anxiety.  Now that I'm tired, this is how I'll end up.Forest Survival, the words engraved on a wide and relatively long tree staring at me in front of me now.  It's too old. &nb
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Chapter 4
"Where on Earth is Gideon? Did someone see him get off his tree cabin?"  said Freyja, holding back.  She was constantly stroking and tweaking her messy hair."And now him? Really, Frey? Who's next?"  the girl with a highlight sardonically mumbled, scowling at her.She had been controlling herself before but I could feel her annoyance with the behavior of the woman with a rude attitude."And so?"  Freyja raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms and staring confidently at the one who just wanted to stop her. She turned her gaze back at me.  "I guess this girl doesn't know what planet she's existing so she came here. What a lame reasoning."  She smiled ironically.But I ignored and never took what she said seriously.  Also, none of that is right. In fact, it turns out that there's something wrong with me.  If it wasn't for guilt, that might be the reason why her statements were correct."Titus already warned you! Just sh
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Chapter 5
It was in a spontaneous struck when we were walking further in the forest to their so-called Zone.  There was no mum back or because maybe I didn’t focus on them catching two.  When we got close, I just woke up.I realized the argument of my two companions in a whisper."I told you she will be one of us! I saw it in her eyes, they have uncertainty!" Psyche said with certainty, looking at the person she was talking to."Then we shouldn't argue about that. What if she becomes a survivor like us? It's not essential to argue about this unnecessary thing, and there's no need to focus on it," Riley calmly said while he's gripping in the strap of my bag that he's holding. "Uh, why is it you that I'm talking to? I know it's just not your thing."  She tsked three times and shook her head slowly.  "Sorcha and you are exactly the same.""If you're going to argue, choose Freyja or Titus. You know those two."  Riley laughed at what he
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Chapter 6
The next morning, I woke up because of the cold liquid that seemed to run down my face.  I just got up and frowned, and with my dull eyes, I've seen the person who did that and smeared at her. It's when I realized it was Freyja holding a mug.Suddenly my wrinkles disappeared when the words Paris said to me came to my mind."Also tomorrow, at seven-thirty, you have to wake up or else Freyja will wake you up.I took a deep breath before closing my eyes for a moment.  If I had known earlier that this was going to happen, I wouldn’t dare to sleep so long.I was so tired yesterday.I just think I should have slept that way because I need it."Great," I mumbled.  I looked at her with an eyebrow up.  "Now, what?""You won't wake up."  She scolded me.  "Don't blame me for splashing cold water on your face."  She even lifted the one that had been used to pour water on me, a mug.Fortunately, there's a little f
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Chapter 7
Nothing could be heard inside but Titus tapping on the long table, Psyche humming an unfamiliar song, Riley stomping one foot on the tiled floor with a beat, Gideon turning the page in the book he's reading, and my every sigh that I heave.I already saw every side inside.  It is quite simple.  A long table in the middle, black wooden chairs, vases for the plant on each side, and a mini crystal chandelier dangling in the ceiling.  The walls are painted white.  Therefore, the room is also air-conditioned.Nothing else besides that."Okay, that's it."  Freyja stood as she glared at the stranger who seemed to enjoy the story as he flipped further from chapter one.I just noticed that it is easy to break the ties of her patience, Freyja's patience.Despite that, I still have no right to judge him.  Possibly, she wants this thing to end.  Possibly, she couldn't just keep on letting him ignore us.  And, possibly, she mig
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Chapter 8
Every inside chaos begins noiselessly.  It is a human's own nature, it is an individual's greatest fright, and it is a creation's unending battle.  No one had the ability to foresee it coming. It is one of the existing proof that nothing from the future and to what would happen next is inevitable. You just need to not abide by its flow. It is the rule of inevitability. Once you have been swallowed by its wings and blinded all of what you have in darkness, who you are— who you once were— yonder will rather be far more terrifying than to choose where you go. My fight started with my mother.  She was the first that I wanted to battle with.  That's why I still held on— never letting go of everything I had included even her.  It was, for me, the longest war I ever had until unworthily bare vanished.This was her story. "Mom, when I grow up, will you still give me a present?"  I ask
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Chapter 9
After a year of suffering, I was finally moving on.  It was the second month of schooling when I met Lincoln Haze Costa Edevez.  I was a ninth-grader, and it was the third blow for me.  Although, it's also the next battle I had waged.One by one the direction of the footsteps in the hallway as the noise coming from their mouth emitted a variety of news.  I was swimming the ocean of strangers as I made my way to my section.  Just a few minutes and I reached it as well.Just as I was about to enter, the noise from the inside could be heard immediately.  At least, it wasn't the worst one for it was the star section.  I also didn't take the test in seventh grade to get into the highest section here at Tyler University.  I might just get more stressed.I went straight to my seat and hung the bag there.  I was in the midst of seating when I noticed a letter from the desk of the armchair.  I frowned as I picked up the lett
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Chapter 10
The other day, the classes were postponed because of the typhoon.It was raining so hard outside, I could see it clearly from there in the armchair I was sitting next to the window.The sky was covered with dark clouds having acid rain.  The south wind was also very strong.  It waves the most of all the creatures on the earth — explicitly, the trees.  Some of their leaves fall off and were released from their grip.I was shivering because of the coldness that was caressing me and that I could smell.  I'd rather just go home and sleep.  Those were the times when I wished I could snooze in the bedroom.It was loud inside the classroom.  It was unnerving because it was accompanied by the fierce breeze and the gusts of the wind in the atmosphere that hit everything they whacked.  Earlier the lights were still turned off due to the recurrence of electricity.I heaved a sigh, nose getting itchy.  I was chilled by the co
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