Chapter 13 Not Breathing

Janice Sanders, who had fallen butt first to the ground, did not know why Jared was in the room. When Jared suddenly appeared, she was so shocked that she blurted, “J-Jared, why are you here?”

Jared did not care about her. He kept searching the room but could not find the woman whom he was looking for.

He turned his hand to grab Janice up from the ground. “Where’s Gwen? Where’s Gwen?!”

Janice was frightened by the madman, hence she stammered, “Jared, Gwen… She couldn’t take it after hearing the news of her mom’s passing last night, so she jumped out the window after losing her mind. I couldn’t pull her back…”

‘The splash that I heard when I came in was her jumping into the sea!’ Jared thought.

He let go of Janice and staggered toward the window, where he looked down at the sea with a pale face. “Gwen, Gwen, how dare you! How dare you die without my permission!”


‘She mustn’t die!

‘She has so much to explain, and she owes me a child, so how can she die?! She can’t!’
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Rosalbina Carrasco
Why is it so expensive and for so few chapters
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Is it under another name? I can't find it there.
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Cherry May
There's the same novel on "Webfic" app. And it's definitely much cheaper than here.

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