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A stranger saved Olivia De Vera one hot and dark night. She thought she had been saved, but eventually, she realized she wasn't saved at all! She was only put into a more dangerous situation when she trusted the man and went with him. She's now totally trapped! The man who showed her kindness was actually a devil in his terrible ways! What will happen to Olivia now that she's been held captive by her family's enemy—Gregory Mikael Florencio?

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1- "To trust a stranger."
HE watched the doorway of the night bar as it opened, watching the successive entry of the De Veras—one of the most famous and riches families in their society.Oscar and Luther De Vera entered first but they were accompanied by the latter's wife who came from Manila and, as far as he knows, is now staying here in Mindanao for good. Oscar went straight to his women and had fun there. The next to enter the bar's door was Rebecca De Vera who he also heard had married a man from Manila, behind her were the sweet couple—Althea and Liam.His eyes narrowed to Althea. He must admit, he used to have a crush on Althea. She's the exact type of what he's looking for in a girl when it comes to the physical aspect. She has long and straight hair with a hairpin on the side of her ear, a soft aura, and a kind and gentle pretty face.He just laughed to himself and shook his head. He's crazy for laying an eye on one of their family's mortal enemies. Yes, you heard it right. The De Vera is his family's
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2- "Proud and ruthless."
OLIVIA immediately held back her hand from the man's hold and attempted to get out of his car, but his reflex was quick, and immediately pressed the button that locked the entire door and windows of the car.She was scared, but she still faced him bravely and angrily."Let me go!"He grinned. "Uh oh, no. No, my dear. I will not do that. You are going to be used as bait to get my revenge in your clan.""Revenge? What for? As far as I know, you, your ancestors, you Florencios, are already in arrears with the De Veras! Some of our lands were taken away, and now, one of your family members has the highest position in the local government of this province!""We are not robbing you of anything. The elders just fought back for what was theirs from the very first place, and yes, Lope Florencio is STILL the governor of this province today because he is good at leadership, and people trust him. No wonder why he defeated Romero De Vera in the last local election," he said with full pride and a b
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3- "Held captive."
"GO back here, you woman!" Greg chased her though he was still moaning in pain.He managed to run after her and caught her with his strength and without even asking for the help of his men. She almost moaned in pain too when she got caught and his fingers pressed against her arm with the tightness of his grip there, almost digging his nails on her bare skin! Probably out of anger at what she did."Don't wait for me to run out all of the patience I have for you!" His thunder-like voice echoed almost in the entire huge building.She was frightened because he was like lightning and a volcano that erupted out of his anger. He dragged her upstairs again and he closely threw her inside the elevator. For a while, he calmed himself down with the foot pain she caused him and soon after, he was finally feeling relieved and had no more aches.When they reached the top floor, some of Greg's men appeared to them as if guarding all day and all night there."Boss Greg!" said a hyper-faced man and t
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4- "Nightmare."
HAYDEN, what did you do?If Greg's accusations about Hayden were true, this bothered Olivia a lot.Are you out of your mind or are you even thinking straight? You cannot just repeat history itself by falling in love with an enemy!She was thinking about it the whole night until she fell asleep. The next morning when she woke up and she opened her eyes, she forgot for a moment all the bad dreams that happened to her last night. When she raised her hands to open them widely as she used to do every morning when waking up, realization brought her back to the thought that all that happened to her last night was actually true and weren't just what she thought were terrible nightmares. The handcuffs on her hands proved that."Woman, you can keep wishing if you think these are all just nightmares from last night but they're real. You woke up with a chain on your hands, I saved you from your lunatic fling last night, you trusted me enough to ride in my car, and I brought you here. You're playi
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5- "One wrong move..."
Greg got up from his seat and left what he was doing to go to Olivia's room.When he opened her door, she was found sitting on the edge of the bed and smiling with satisfaction on her face because of what she thought was an accomplishment for her little revenge against him."Putting a surveillance camera inside my room, huh? Why? Would you like to watch me get undressed and naked!" She accused him and laughed with no humor at all.He did not refute her accusation but went straight to her and without saying a word, he held her hands, causing her two hands to rise because she was handcuffed.Without saying a word, he put the key on the chain and freed her hands. She immediately was feeling genuinely relieved because of her freed hands."Thank you so much!" she hissed at him, still very sarcastic.He ignored her and left her room. She rolled her eyes for the nth time but smiled when she looked at her hands that were finally not handcuffed...FOR several days, Olivia had no choice but to
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6- "Stumbled."
When the call ends, Olivia's shoulders weakened as she failed to let her cousin, Hayden, know about her real situation.Greg had once again removed the sim card from her phone.It annoyed her to see him sort of grinning at her as if she had said or done something nasty or unpleasant while on the phone with her cousin.She suddenly understood what he was trying to imply and snorted at what he was thinking! Insane!"D*mn you for thinking something dirty about me with my own cousin! He's my blood relative, for f*ck's sake!" she hissed at him.Anyway, what’s so surprising if this demon is indeed out of his mind? From what he is doing to her, from kidnapping and detaining her in this place, that’s already obvious about him! He’s a certified psychopath!When she came out of bed, Greg was still grinning.Another day passed, and Olivia was getting bored with movies, international talk shows, etc. that she just kept on watching on cable television to let the time go by.She was pleasantly surp
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7- "Attempt to escape!"
He examined the details of her with a soft expression on his face, making sure she had not gotten any bruises. "Are you okay?"Is this real? Is his concern for her genuine? Or maybe he's just worried that if she's doomed, he will no longer have a bait against her family when the time comes…The bitter thought stung her a little bit, but she didn't let it get to all of her. She came back to her senses, and that was the main reason she had to do this stupid thing."Kidding! Hahaha!" She laughed sexily and then turned her back on him and left him stunned.She didn't stop grinning until she got to her bed. At the very least, she made him a fool today!Days went by, and Olivia woke up one sunny day, finding that the door was half-opened.Suddenly, she was surprised and nearly ran into it to make sure.She looked outside and saw the two guards watching and chatting in front of the elevator while they had coffee.Knowing it wouldn’t be an easy escape, she would make sure to make a way and ne
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8- "Savior."
"You're a b*tch, and you've been making things difficult for me in the last few days! I even had to divert my fellow guards’ attentions today just to have access to you finally!"What? Diverting his fellow guards’ attentions?So, that actually means everything was planned? Olivia started to figure it out one by one….Why it seemed like she had her escape earlier without being caught by any of the guards in the building. It was this maniac’s tactic to offer chicken soup to his mates to divert their attention in keeping an eye on her so she could get out, but that was all his plan.When she was out of the building and out of everyone’s eyes, it was his time to do all that he had been thinking of doing to her even from the first moments she had become a detainee in this hell place because all this time, this old pervert demon was fantasizing about her!“For your information, I had intentionally stepped into your room soon as I saw Boss Greg coming out of the building early in the morning
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9- "Safe haven."
Olivia smiled faintly and responded to Greg’s embrace by also wrapping her arms around his body. “Greg, you arrived on time, and you didn’t let the assault go further. You saved me, and I am so thankful because of that, Greg. You came to help me. Thank you, Greg.” Her words, her tenderness, her gratitude were all such music in his ear, and he loved them, almost obsessed with them… The truth was he had been devastated, and he had never been this afraid and angrier when he witnessed with his own two eyes that one of his men tried to hurt Olivia. He was restless when he left the building early in the morning and then actually already had an instinct that something bad might happen here, and yet he ignored it and still went out. As a man himself, he would always know it when another male would have an interest in a woman, and clearly, his worker had a crush on Olivia since she arrived in this place but he didn’t mind about that at first because he chose to trust his worker not to do an
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10- "Come with me..."
OLIVIA ordered pizza, then sat out in the room on the terrace and snacked there while looking at the lovely view. Though she didn't look back, she knew who opened the door and went inside by the sound of his footsteps and his obviously expensive scent that pleased her sense of smell. "Glad to see you are relaxing again after all the tiring sh*ts you’ve been through…" he stated and sat at the chair in front of her. She glanced at him and smiled weakly. “Yeah, thankful that the view here could calm me the most. Never knew it could actually be really relaxing to watch a mountain view." And then her eyes went back to the scenery. He nodded and then followed what she was gazing at. Silence dominated them for a few seconds until she stared at him again. An idea suddenly came to her mind. She held her phone and pointed the camera right at his handsome face. She grinned at his great register on her screen. It was as if he was really born for it! His brow raised at what she did. “What a
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