Innocence of Love

Innocence of Love

By:  Moon Tales  Ongoing
Language: English
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After losing her parents Meera found a new family in her adoptive parents. Their son Adarsh became her best friend and then much more. But as they grew up Adarsh's love for Meera started turning into something dangerous. Will Meera be able to save her best friend and herself? And their friends Nikhil and Kabir will they be able to understand their love and accept themselves?

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
 In the dark night of thunder and storm there stood a helpless mother who at this moment wanted only one thing from her God to give her enough strength to save her only child from those dark shadows who were roaming in her house to kill her and her child. Those shadows already killed her husband in front of her eyes; now she can't let them kill her baby. She is hiding in the storeroom which is at the back most of the house, for a
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Chapter 2
Next morning,‘Businessman Sameer Ahuja’s house in Mumbai caught fire last night in which Sameer Ahuja and his wife got killed. Police are trying to find the cause of the fire. Their speculation is that it’s a case of arson. The interesting fact in all this is that Mr. and Mrs. Ahuja's one- year old daughter is missing. Police are trying to find…&h
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Chapter 3
Next morning,"Anita, today is sunday but still there is silence in our house how? Where are my little devils?" Radhika asked Anita.
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Chapter 4
Next morning,Anita and Amar woke up early and saw their children sleeping looking so cute. Placing a pillow beside Meera, Anita and Amar left for their morning routine. After some time Anita came into the room to make Adi ready for his school.
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Chapter 5
"Angel say Adi....ADI... I want to hear your beautiful voice. Please say" requested Adi to his angel. But his stubborn Angel only laughed looking at his face. 
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Chapter 6
"Commissioner Sir, why are you here?" Radhika asked Mohan when she saw them coming inside."They are here to talk to Amar Sir, Madam" Mohan informed. 
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Chapter 7
Khanna Mention was filled with hustle bustle because it’s Prince Adarsh’s birthday. Anita was busy in making sure everything is prepared for the special prayer that they do on every kid's birthday. Amar was doing his work from home today and trying to finish everything before the evening's party."Amar, can you check if all the w
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Chapter 8
3 years later,"Adi Adi....ADII" 
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Chapter 9
"Where's Meera, Anita? It's her first day of school, I prepared sweet curd for our princess" Amar asked."Meera is nervous for her school so Adi is calming her down. Since last week it's the 8th time she refused to go to school" Anita replied, taking the kids lunch boxes.
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Chapter 10
4 years later,"Adi, come with me fast," Rohan said and started pulling Adi from his chair.
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