Trip Series 1: A Trip To Your Heart

Trip Series 1: A Trip To Your Heart

By:  MICS ARTEMIA  Completed
Language: English
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A Trip To Your Heart (Revised Synopsis) Sweet Zhanaia Camince works as a tourist guide every vacation since her hometown is one of Switzerland's tourist attractions, and so meeting new people with different stories to tell is not new for her. One time as she walks to the cobbled street of Old Town, she accidentally met Dionysus Dausel. A tourist who happened to be her client for a month or so. As these two spent time together and as they come to know each other, an unfamiliar feeling grew inside them. Would they give these feelings of them a try if Dion has a Brain Hemorrhage and is in the condition between life and death?

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Mae Movida
loving is waiting
2021-08-27 13:52:44
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emma acolatse
Great reading but full of gràmmatical errors
2020-07-21 20:49:19
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emma acolatse
Too many jumbled tenses but interesting story
2020-07-19 06:26:02
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emma acolatse
I have already. rated this book which is full of wrong tenses. Why is it that your stories never get to the end? You might as well not post them on line.
2020-07-19 23:37:29
39 Chapters
Life is like a tourist guide. You have the chance to meet a lot of people and be friends with some of them, but not everyone will stay until the end. Because after all, they are just tourists who are having their trip for a while and, soon, they will go back wherever they came from. But surely, those people will be one of those breath-taking views you will have in your journey. As a tourist guide, this one was already proven to me base on my experiences. Every day, I would interact with different people from overseas to guide or to tour them in the whole Zurich, Switzerland. Some are friendly and talkative, a happy-go-lucky type and some are just silently appreciating the views and every stop. But in my entire life as a tourist guide, I barely hear them say, 'I will stay here for good' or what. Even if they already saw how beautiful Zurich is, it is not enough to make them stay for good. Because again, they are just tourists who are having their trip in the meantime. And they are li
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Dionysus Dausel. Silently walking at the noisy cobbled street of Old Town, my head is clouded with the name 'Dionysus Dausel'. I just signed the contract for being his personal tour guide for a month, and tomorrow, I am going to meet him and start my job as well. And guess what? Our meeting place is on Miró Coffee, nice. I was about to take another step when suddenly, I bump into someone which made me out of my balance and fall. "Ouch!" I cried when I felt my butt cheek hurts. I look up at the person standing in front of me. My eyes narrowed when I saw a tall man. He must be the someone I bumped in to. I heave a deep sigh before accepting his hand that he offered for helping me to stand up. I mentally cursed when I felt the pain on my lower back. "Miss, are you okay?" I faced him and shook my head. There's no point in saying 'I'm fine' when the pain is visible in my face. "No, I'm not." I painfully uttered. I can still feel the hard impact of the cobbled floor to my butt and
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"Zurich is Switzerland's largest city, located at the North-Central part of Switzerland, at the North-Western end of Lake Zurich. Aside from it is Switzerland's largest city, it is also the major transportation hub and the busiest place of the country due to the airports and railways. Zurich is also one of the world's financial centers for it has a lot of financial institutions and banking companies despite its small population." "It is also a top starting point for travelers for it has a variety of places and features for adventure and traveling. We have more than 50 museums, 100 art galleries, mountains for height lovers, lakes, and other bodies of water for those who love fishing, swimming, and other water activities. Our mountain tops and lakesides are perfect for camping and bonfire. We also have several shopping places for those who love shopping. One of them is Bahnhofstrasse, the finest shopping strand in Europe." Dion is silent as I explain the features of Zurich. From my pe
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"See you tomorrow, sweetheart." I heave another deep sigh when I heard Dion's voice in my head again, repeating the same words he uttered earlier like a pirated tape, and an old radio unable to reach the good signal. I am currently laying on my bed, Caroline is here with me since we decided to have a sleepover, like what we always do even on our childhood days. "That's the 13th time you sighed for the past few minutes, Zhanaia." she mumbles while still busy on her phone. And again, I sighed. "14th." She's counting. I pushes myself up and sat on the right side of the bed, it's nearing 10 pm but we are still awake. Caroline is busy with something on her phone, while I, well, I can't sleep because Dion's voice keeps on ringing in my head with the same words he uttered earlier. "See you tomorrow, sweetheart." For an unknown reason, I felt something like butterflies in my stomach. Like those that I have read on romance books, plus the abnormal beats of my heart. It so suddenly bea
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Offering friendship to Dion was not in the plan. Note that it's a strong one for it is a best friend. I thought I would really just be his tour guide for a month, but you see, we're now best friends. Even I do not know why I volunteered to be his best friend. Maybe because I feel how down he was? Loneliness was visible in his voice earlier. Maybe that one triggers me to offer him friendship. But, I admit, it feels good when he smiled and accepted my offer. As of the moment, we are in the grocery store. He asked if I can accompany him here since he needed stocks in his house while he stays here in Switzerland. I'll also come with him later. "The foods we brought are very cheap," he commented. He scanned the foods in our pushcart and their price tags. He shook his head as he confirmed that they are really cheap. I chuckled. "It's a commoner food, that's why." "Aren't these expired?" he asks. "They're very cheap." Again, I chuckled. "No, they're not. They are cheap because again, t
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As the night sky with thousands of twinkling stars from afar and the golden moonlight illuminating the vast darkness below together with the artificial lights of the city, slowly turned blue and as the sun rises from the east as a start of another day and another life, I slowly open my eyes. The sunlight passing through the glass window of my room fangs my skin. I close my eyes again as hit me right to my pupils. A few moments later, I open it again, and a bright smile, as bright as the sun crept in my lips. "Good morning, the universe," I mumble. I push myself up and do my morning routine. After that, I went downstairs for breakfast. I found Zhairo sitting on one of the chairs with his omelet. He simply greets me a 'good morning' and went back on his food. I didn't bother to ask where are our parents since I already know. They probably went to their work earlier than usual. As I prepare my breakfast, the doorbell rang. My brows furrowed for neither of us are expecting visitor nor
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"That one, I want that one!" Sighs. Guess where we are right now. And I would answer the one word, four letters, one syllable. Mall. I unconditionally said 'yes' earlier when Dion asked me again if I will let Zhairo go with him because he wants to treat my brother. I was carried away by his words when he said that Zhairo is no new to him because he will be his 'brother-in-law' soon. My heart was beating really fast, like fast and furious. Plus the feeling of there is a war inside me due to the rumblings. If Dion was close enough, I bet he would hear my heart, and he would probably ask about it. And that is the last thing that I wanted to happen. As much as possible, I don't want him to know that I am having these strange feelings towards him. I am not that naive, I know what this might be, but I am trying my best not to jump into that kind of conclusion. Dion is an American. In their country, most people are liberated, and I won't be shocked if he is too. And if ever he f
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"Argh!" I again threw my phone on the bed. I am really frustrated right now. Caroline who was just sitting comfortably at the edge of my bed while surfing through her phone shook her head when she saw what I did. I called her to go here since I don't know what to do now. After I told Dion that I want us to stay in a relationship between a boss and an employee, I turned my back at him and closed the gate. And then I immediately went into my room and locked myself. My head is in turmoil. I suddenly felt that battle between my conscience and then I just said what I wanted to say. My conscience is telling me that what I did was rude, really rude, while I keep on telling myself that what I did was just right. Period. "Will you stop doing that, Zhanaia?" Caroline scolded me after rolling her eyes. "I agree with your conscience, you know. What you did was really rude. Imagine, Dion is offering you friendship and you just turned him down. Note that you are the one who offered him friendshi
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The moment I reach the hospital, I immediately run to the entrance and ask in the Nurse Station for Dion's room. The nurse who assisted me asks what's my relationship with him, and said it is for security purposes. Ironically, I introduced myself as his friend, when in fact, I turned him down last night. But this is not the time to think about that. I need to see Dion. As the nurse typed something on the computer, I can help but to tap my shoes on the tiled floor because of a mixture of worry and nervousness. And when the nurse finally told me the number and what floor Dion's room is located, I didn't waste a chance. I did a half-run since the floor is tiled and I might slip if I literally run. When the elevator opened, I hastily go in and press the number of the floor where I am about to go. Seconds of waiting, the elevator stops and the moment I got out, I searched for Dion's room. As I finally found it and when I touch the cold metal of the doorknob, my hands went cold and start
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"I think I have fallen for you, Zhanaia." "And I am still falling deeply." I failed to stop myself from screaming in so much... happiness. Yes, happiness. I don't know how and why it is hard to explain but I won't deny that what I feel right now is so much happiness. My heart is overflowing with joy and it is not impossible if any moment, my cheeks will be ripped off because of the widest smile I've ever had. I've been like this since I woke up earlier than usual, and last night, I slept with a sweet smile painted on my lips. Dion's confession was lingering in my head and until now, I can still hear his soft voice saying those words that make my heart swell. I can't believe it happened. Oh my god, is that the reason why he wants to befriend me? Because he wants us to be close even more? Is that his way of courting? Oh gosh! Again, I screamed. But this time, I used a pillow to cover my mouth and suppress the noise coming from me. Mama and papa might hear me, and they will su
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