Chapter 60: A Night of Enchantment!

Blaze and Astrid found themselves on the grand balcony, overlooking the vast expanse of New York City as it sprawled beneath them like a luminous tapestry. The cityscape glittered in an array of lights, resembling a celestial display crafted by human hands.

Skyscrapers stretched towards the heavens, their architectural brilliance illuminated by a myriad of colors that painted the skyline. As they stood there, the gentle breeze waltzed through, tousling their hair.

The distant hum of traffic and the occasional sirens blended with the rhythmic beats of life pulsating through the metropolis. The air held a subtle scent, a mélange of urban fragrances, from the aroma of street vendors' offerings to the distant hint of sea salt carried from the nearby waterfront.

Astrid shifted her attention to Blaze, expressing her contemplation, "You know, Blaze, sometimes I wish I could fly. Soaring high above all this, seeing the city from the sky, the lights spreading out like constellations beneath m

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