Chapter 61: Rogue attack!

Upon Astrid's admission, Blaze experienced a flutter resonating within the confines of his chest. Detecting Astrid's subtle attempt to disengage from their embrace, Blaze, ensnared in the cocoon of her words, chose to tighten his grasp.

"I mean, I do have feelings for you, but I'm not so sure if it's love. Love is supposed to take time, right?" Astrid sighs, pausing as Blaze withdrew from their hug, "But one thing is for sure I like you a lot, maybe a little more than a lot—"

Blaze cut Astrid's words with a sweet, impromptu kiss. The kiss deepened, their tongues engaging in an intoxicating dance, fueled by the passionate ardor between them.

Driven by fervor, Astrid hands encircled Blaze's neck, kissing him in a fervent manner that mirrored the ferocity of her feelings for him. Feeling the magnetic pull, Blaze responded with equal passion. His hands tightened around her waist, pulling her closer as if to bridge any remaining distance between them.

As their lips melded in the soft moonl

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Cliffhanger:) when will be the next chapter?

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