Chapter 68: Kissed by the Vampire King!


Dexter chuckles, his lips still stained with the remnants of Blaze's blood. With a devilish grin, he remarks, "They really did that?" as he licked off the bloody traces.

"I have always wondered why you put up with them. You know how impatient I can be. If they were in my coven, they'd be history by now. If I can't control them, I'd just toss them out. The coven elders have no real influence in my kingdom, they're just there for show. Purely decorative, darling."

Blaze sighs in agreement, "You've got a point there. It's time I dealt with them, especially with their clumsy attempts to attack Astrid. They're like rebellious toddlers throwing tantrums; too stubborn and clearly unmanageable. Getting rid of them seems like the best solution."

Injecting humor into the conversation, Dexter adopted a roguish tone, "You know I'm always right. I will miss you," he taunts, poking Blaze's cheeks.

Blaze chortles, swatting Dexter's hands away, and retorts, "Will you miss
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